Electric Universe


Science you are wrong yet again.  We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in science and no one is talking about it.  Im talking a shift as ground breaking as knowing the sun is the center of our solar system and not the earth.  The foundation of science is crumbling before us.  Gravity is an exhausted and bankrupt concept.  We can go no further with our obsolete thinking.  It is time for the truth to come out.  We live in an electric universe.  

The people you see on science shows, I won’t name anyone, are just evangelists of science.  They want you to believe!  I understand that science gives us stability, but when you try to keep that stability at all costs you are no better than religion.  The Thunderbolts Project has proved science wrong time after time, but mainstream science does not want to hear it.  Newton, Einstein and Hawking were all wrong.  Get over it! We can not further the human race without a new way of thinking.  Im tired of listening to these wore out ideas that the masses can’t understand, but keeps certain people in charge.   

In the Native American legends it says that the Grand Canyon was formed very quickly, but science says it took millions of years of moving water to erode rock away thus making a canyon.  With electromagnetic energy it can be done very quickly.  It has been proved several times in labs how it can be done.  When they decided to hit an asteroid for an attempt to mine it, Thunderbolts Project said there would be an electrical discharge when they hit the asteroid.  Guess what?  It did just that.  Not a peep about it to the masses.  

Einstein removed the measurements of time and distance and when you do that you can prove whatever it is you want.  All you have to do is get the angle or distance you want to prove your theory.   With this way of thinking one can run the 100 meter dash in record breaking time  because time and distance don’t count.     All I would have to do is video tape myself running the 100 meter dash then speed the film up until I break the record with a normal running timer.  This is essentially what science has done to prove whatever it is they want to prove.  Which is fundamentally and physically meaningless.  In order for science to be true it must be consistent on all levels and be in accord with reality.  

The sun is electric.  It is an electrical ball of plasma.  Science tells you it’s a nuclear reactor fire ball.  Science will tell you that it will burn out some day.  Well if the universe is electric and the sun is electric, then there will always be energy for the sun to use.  We must get out of this fear based system sold to the world.  This is what Tesla was working on and our governments made him out to be crazy.  The main reason why this world does not like the electric universe model is because it proves that electrical energy is everywhere and can be harnessed.  They don’t like the fact that free energy can be given to everyone.  Money can not be made from the masses if this was found out.  Christopher Dunn has an excellent book called Giza Power Plant.  He shows how the Great Pyramid produced electricity for everyone within its range.  If he is correct, which I think he is, then we can understand why so many pyramids were built around the globe.  The Thunderbolts  Project is trying to bring this technology back.  

I have said over and over that the simple solution is always the answer.  Science loves to put mathematicians in front of a huge chalk board to show people how complex everything is.  They do this to make people think its way to hard for the common man to figure out.  The people in science are no smarter than you.  They are just good at making themselves look smart.  When science says something is “not completely understood”.  It means they have no idea.  Their latest thing is to have shows with computer simulations of how the universe works.  A computer will only do what you tell it to do!  It is a made up simulation.  

It is time for a paradigm shift.  Check out The Thunderbolts project.  You will not be sorry.  You will find that the speed of light is slow.  The cosmos will make sense.  It is time to take back your personal power.  I don’t agree with them 100%, but they are very close to the truth.  The human race has been led by ignorance and greed for too long. It is time for truth to be truth and not politics.  Enjoy moving up the conscious pyramid.  


14 thoughts on “Electric Universe”

  1. Unlimited free energy is of course the only way to understand how life, the universe and or multiverses can function. We’ve been had, conned, robbed, swindled, lied to, raped, pillaged, destroyed and murdered since the Patriarchy took over. I know that any official system regardless of claims performs according to the dictates of the masters. Science so-called is mostly hocus-pocus, increasingly so as it fights over the contents of the capitalist trough for the drippings.

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    1. You are absolutely right ShaTara. Unlimited free energy may never be a reality again on this planet because the masters can’t make money off of it. Right now no matter how bad things get they can keep printing money for themselves and their buddies. Free energy would not only be a big hit to the pocket book, but people would also be a step closer to self sufficient and we can’t have that.


      1. The utterly oppressive patriarchal structure must maintain the ‘fake news’ that everything has to have limits, and of course within their control sphere that is exactly what happens. Take sports, there’s a common example, the stupidity is “played” within boundaries, lines, boards, nets, whatever, and is replete with asinine “rules” by which the sheeple “win” or “lose” depending if they break these anal, artificial rules. But more, these “games” never change their predetermined boundaries or their rules. The same number plays against each other, the same moves are repeated ad nauseam, yet the sheeple/muggles flock to these displays of irrational stupidity, pay real money to be entertained by the same mindless, often violent, crap their grandparents were entertained with and will even come to blows over who wins/loses as if it mattered in the least. That’s how life on earth is lived: by predetermined stricture and that is how the energy producers are milked of their power and it passes on to the elites who can no longer manufacture any of their own. The elites are blood sucking vampires and the muggles are programmed to love them even while they claim to hate them, and to die for them by command. Everyday it’s the same refrain: “Let’s go to the ball game!” where the few prey, the many pray and predictably the home team loses.

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      2. Yes we are programmed in so many ways to obey the rules, stay in the lines don’t be different or difficult. People worship athletes and celebrities all because it’s what they wanted to become but couldn’t. Easier to just grab a beer and hotdog, sit on the couch and live their life through others. Their lives go up and down depending on whether other people win or lose in their lives. Our orthodox, stagnant, stale, old, brittle way of thinking needs to go to the nursing home to be laid to rest. A new way of thinking needs to emerge. I don’t know if that will ever happen.


  2. I will have to look at the videos later… No data left this month, but do agree with the principles here.

    I used to belong to a forum discussing future technology and artificial general intelligence. I once sent in a personal theory to one of the team developing AGI, expecting a response but getting stony silence instead. My post disappeared a day later. I never understood why?

    Basically (trying to put it in a nutshell), I said what if actual ‘time’ did not exist at all? I explained that perhaps all life just lived at different speeds in space… Things like trees living at a slow speed, and small creatures like bees living at high speeds (with us somewhere in between), but that we all manifested sort of simultaneously as our speeding paths through the universe crossed. I expounded more on this theory to explain why we could not see properly when a particle comes into existence for a split second, and then seemingly snuffs out again (quantum physics). It is just travelling at such a fast speed that our slower mortality cannot see it except with special equipment and calculated with a lot of laborious mathematical equations. Our Earth revolves around the sun, not with time, but at a set speed… As does the whole universe. Everything happens simultaneously, everywhere, but our eyes, and our false sense of time, deceive us. I wish I were younger, perhaps a scientist… I would love to explore this concept of mine. 😉

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    1. That is beautiful Colette. It makes a lot of sense.
      That is the reason I don’t post on forums or comment on many of them. They have a narrative and if you try to give people something to think about outside the narrative, it’s erased. Never happened. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “Thanks, but no thanks”. Lol.

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    2. Do not be surprised when expressed thoughts that challenge DOGMA are mocked, ignored or “deleted” by those the threaten with new concepts.
      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer
      The problem however is not thereby solved. This ‘self evident’ truth immediately becomes the property of the dogmatists and when a new concept is proposed, it runs into the same wall of denial.
      Dogma: “Our way or the highway”… or the pillory, or the cross…

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  3. Great post GSerpent, one of my favorite topics. Nikola Tesla, genius. He once said, “We are all one. Only egos, beliefs, and fears separate us.” There is a great book by Michael Talbot titled: ‘The Holographic Universe’ that dove-tails right into the theme of your post. Talbot viewed that the whole of the universe was, “one giant inseparable organism.” He uses the work by David Boham, Ph.D. a physicist and Karl Pribram, Ph.D. a neuroscientist both coming to the same conclusions on consciousness and reality but through different fields of study in this book. Worthy of a good read.

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  4. The Human Heart has an eletro-magnetic field which can be measured at around 4.5 metres out from the heart by an Electro-magnetic cardiogram. See Heart math institute in America. It is thought that its power goes into ”infinity”, but we don’t yet have the measuring tool to measure this. It is far greater than the human brain. I can describe the 7 layers of the spirally arranged muscle fibres of the heart-that the heart is not a pump-read Branko Furst. That the heart is thought to train the brain of the fetus, that the blood leaving the heart in its spiral transmits electrical energy into the emotional areas of the brain. The spiral of blood going ”back” to the heart rotates differently to the blood coming ”out” of the heart. It is likely that the umbilical cord should not be cut if this can be helped as the blood spiralling from Mum to Fetus will rotate in a specific way-optimally ”lifting” the blood from the vein system up through the heart and this shapes the body like a sculptor shapes rock-this is factual to me as I have felt it many times. The Red Blood cells flow through the centre of the blood vessels and the lighter elements more peripheral. I have found that if the Red cells are not in the centre then one gets a ”feel” that the man/woman/baby is not ”in their body”-one gets a kind of division. Everything is very specific for optimum function or else we live in an undercharged state. Such things happen with many forms of ”shock”.

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