Our society and culture is how we are socially conditioned.  This social conditioning is negative.  Society is a system of control. It is low vibration and based on unconsciousness, overstimulation and fear.  These three are the main things used to control you and keep society going.   We used to have monarchs that would get you to work your ass off to benefit their system.  This was an awful system, but the system we have  now is just as awful.  Knock knock let the devil in.  It’s time for a new world order.  Your new world order.  

The western world, mainly the United States, was founded on the idea that if one works for themselves and was their own monarch they would work much harder, become more efficient and society would be more powerful because of it.   This was a great advancement in history.  Problem is that one has to have a vision and be willing to work for what they want.  The masses love to blame others for what is going on in the world, but ultimately we have to blame ourselves. As you will see this system of control is completely voluntary.   Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of sinister people at the helm of space ship earth, but we also have some with good intentions that are just plain ignorant.  

The human mind, our minds, will not engage anymore than it has too.  People think they want to know the truth, but in reality they only want to know enough for them to have a happy life.  Monarchs had a bunch of ‘yes men’ around them and now that you are your own monarch you have a bunch of ‘yes men’ around you. You want to be  that happy, lazy emotional king or queen.  Congratulations you are the monarch of your own little world.  You get to elect a government based on your votes and vote with your money which businesses will succeed.  You are in control.  The very best government is the one elected and the very best business are the ones that give you what you want as easily as possible.  That’s how it’s suppose to work right?  In truth politicians and corporations have people who sit around all day long and figure out how to control your mind.  They do this by telling you what you want to hear.  

How do people reward the system?  If a politician came out and told the masses what is actually going on or tried to explain the complex realities of the system of control, there would be too much of a potential for you to disagree with them and they could not get voted in. So politicians in fear of not getting voted in stay on the narrative.  If a product came out that was actually exceptional it would break the reality of of too many people because it would demand that people actually think in order to utilize it.  People won’t buy it because it’s too expensive at first, no matter how good of a product it is. So corporations in fear of not making a profit for their upper management don’t develop anything exceptional. The mediocre and simple rises to the top in both government and corporations.  All because the masses don’t want to think!  

Do people actually want to get in shape or do they just want to buy the 5 min workout?  Do people really want to improve the world or do they just want to latch on to ‘Make America Great Again’, ‘Hope and Change’, #(anything you can think of here), ‘Yes We Can’, or anything they can get behind?  In truth, people support the crap, so crap is what they get in politics and products.  The government and corporations know the masses are unconscious.  The masses sit and watch television for hours, they get on the internet for hours, they eat unhealthy diet that causes them to be tired and sick and doing all this while drinking sodas.  People want to be unconscious.  They are over worked and in debt. They just want an escape.  They whole thing is designed to keep society working.  To keep the system working we need repetitive jobs that make us unconscious.  When we stay unconscious we get depressed.  Not because we hate our jobs, but because we don’t follow our passions.  Then we take antidepressants that keep people even more unconscious.  

Over stimulation is why social media sites are such a success.  People put stuff out on social media and others respond with a like or comment and one gets a spike to their ego.  On social media  and other media there is nonstop information.  They use words like breaking now, catastrophic, severe, rampage, secret life, scandal, meltdown, etc.  People want to see the bad stuff, so they can make themselves feel good by comparison.  Media doesn’t put as much emphasis on the good stuff because it’s not stimulating.  People don’t care about the good stuff, it doesn’t get subscribers or viewers.  The reason why this is happening is because our minds have fallen into unconsciousness and they crave to be awake.  We don’t know how to be present in our own lives anymore.  Something easy that gives some stimulation or a few seconds of awakening is very appealing.  You see this in energy drinks, diet pills and pharmaceuticals.  Our diets make us tired and overweight.  Why work on it when you have drinks and diet pills to fix it?  Why would doctors tell you the truth about what you need to do like changing your diet, exercise and get more sleep when patients just get made about the truth?  So doctors just give a pill to mask the problems.  It does not matter how I live, the medical industry has a magic pill for me.  

The fast food companies create cheap food with no nutrition and slather it with high fructose corn syrup then put up stimulating commercials and menus so you want to eat it.  Companies create cheap energy drinks with a huge mark up then use the money to get athletes and celebrities to advertise the product which stimulates people even more.  How could juice be better than an energy drink when a world class athlete or celebrity is marketing the energy drink?  We must understand that we are constantly being driven to be unconscious or over stimulated.  All of these shows and products are just pushing you around.  

Most of society is based in fear because of the disaster that happened in our past.  This disaster effected us so deeply that it is passed on in our DNA. Survival mode gets passed down from generation to generation.  Because of this disaster we are in survival mode most of the time.  Im talking subconsciously here because it runs on autopilot without us even knowing it.  Science will say we are in survival mode because of our “cave man” days.  They are just ignorant of the truth or they are hiding it.  For more on the disaster see Lemurian Magic.

Our society or our system we live in promotes violence and uncertainty.  It is a system where confusion and self centered beliefs are the norm.  This system always has to have a boogie man.  It tells us everything is scarce from food, to money, to energy.  All this to keep us in survival mode. All of these characteristics of society are based in fear.  

We are conditioned to be afraid of expressing strong emotional energies.  We try to control our emotions, which is wrong.  That emotional energy just gets bottled up then explodes to the surface in harmful or ineffective ways.  This cycle makes us gravitate towards addictive behaviors.  These addictive behaviors could be a substance or process.  Drinking, drugs, gambling, porn, working all the time, video games, bing watching television etc.  They are an attempt to control the self.  It’s all a way to avoid dealing with thoughts and feelings.  These behaviors expand in attempts to control what others are thinking, feeling and doing.  Bottling up these emotions just gives us the illusion of control.  Then we try to force this illusion of control on others.  You are not in control, are just suppressing your true self.  

Many people are crisis oriented.  Being crisis oriented is viewing every minor event or issue in your life as major life shattering turning point.  Usually one crisis ends just as another one is beginning.  They are living from crisis to crisis to crisis.  This also feeds are illusion of control.  We created the crisis, it’s out of control but we created it and that gives us satisfaction.  This is why people become very skilled at creating problems where there are none.  Everything in their life has to be a problem.  They have to be miserable or they are not happy.  Crisis in society, whether they are real or made up, make people feel better.  It keeps the masses believing the governments are doing something to keep them safe.  The governments know exactly how the masses minds work.  

Dishonesty, abnormal thinking processes, denial, dependency, negativity, defensiveness, irrationality, gossip, etc. are all based in fear.  When we don’t know our own boundaries, perceive the world as for or against us, when we never have enough of something, we can’t help but to feel scared or fearful.  So we think that the only way to survive is controlling what others think, do or say.  By controlling others it minimizes their effect on us.  Fear makes us dependent on our addictions that stem from us hiding from ourselves.  In a system full of fear that always has a boogie man present, a threat of armageddon always present, a threat of a Rapture always present, etc.  addicted substances and behaviors help us block this fearful reality.  Add to that we keep inventing these crisis in our own lives and it ensures a constant threat to our survival.  These threats further strengthen our dependents on our addictions and fixes that give us the illusion we are in control of our lives.  

People in this system are always fearful because they can’t exist without validation or approval from others.  When you believe you are not an important human being and being important is predicated on outside validation and approval, you will be in a state of fear.  All because you can’t trust your own perception and feelings because there is always a chance that they will differ from the outside sources that give you legitimacy.   When your feelings and emotions actually do differentiate from them, it feels like psychological annihilation.  Fear is what holds this system together.  Without fear the system would fall apart.  

What people need to understand is this system, our society, is illusionary.  The system you grew up in and are currently in defines itself as reality.  It defines everything else as nonexistent.  It requires you to ignore your own reality and experience.  It wants to you deny what you see and what you know.  You must define the world according to the system’s terms.  Since this system is an illusion, it defines everything illusionary as real and everything real as illusionary.  The system is based on the illusion of control, the illusion of not being perfect, twisting reality, dishonesty and denial.  The belief that this system is the only reality is an illusion in itself.  This is how those goofy scientists are saying there is no reality at all.  There is a reality!  The observer is just as important as the observed.  We can know reality through our participation in our own clear process and experience.  We live in a reality of living process.  

The system of fear and control is a dead system.  The suicide rate is so high they are going to schools and talking to the kids about it.  It can’t be this shitty system, it has to be the kids!  Something is wrong with the kids not the system.  It can’t be that the younger generations are more sensitive to the fear and control and our checking out.  How about we change the system and not the kids!!!!  Trust your own experience and perceptions.  Be in your reality of your own living process.  We have moved away from our own living knowledge.  We discard our perceptions and feelings to fit in.  In order to maintain the illusionary system we have to shut off reality.  Our own reality.  That is why all the addictions are essential.  They can kick and scream about how bad addictions have gotten but they don’t care.  They keep making money off of them.  Suicide is a different story.  They can’t make anymore money once someone is gone.  Addictions keep society going.  Addictions keep you from seeing what you see and knowing what you know.  They enable us to fit into a society that is nonliving and actively destructive.  

What is your addiction?  The first step is to admit that you are actively participating in this system.  Become aware without judgement and guilt.  Explore and replace fear in your life. 

Get a clean focus. Read, exercise, challenge yourself, eat healthier, follow your passion and do anything that expands your mind.  Walk around feeling naturally yourself.   You don’t need to escape yourself.  Become present in your own life.  Get away from wanting to be instantly gratified.   Do things that take time and patience.  Get in Nature.  Get conscious of your behavior.  What influences you and what are you influencing?  You are what you eat.  When you eat healthy you are taking in healthy energy.  Eating an animal that was farmed its whole life for fast-food, you are taking in the energy of that animal. The fear that animal lived in is being transferred to you.  Take in inspiring views.  Things that wake you up.  Doing this will get you out of the habit of being unconscious.  

Once you get your natural state back, the over stimulation makes you sick.  You literally want to throw up.  Unconscious people look like zombies to you.  You look in their eyes and you ask yourself,  “Is this actually a person I’m talking to?”  I think to myself, “Why can’t they wake up?”  Forget societal norms!  Create your own norms.  Focus on what you want to focus on and not what society wants you to focus on.  Once you get used to being present in your life you will want more and more of it.  The masses don’t know what they are missing.  Get the fake out of your life and get the real in.  Every journey starts with the first step.  Becoming aware of what’s going on is the first step.  It’s time to make this system obsolete.  

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  1. I agree with this. We all have to wake up out of the falsehoods of our life. Addiction is blinding. If we withdraw from the lies, we can see the real beauty and potential of a life that is fully lived and experienced. The ‘system’ binds us to ignorance and addiction. Self reliance provides a window onto a whole new existence.

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