Flaming Sword

The flaming sword is a sword glowing with flame by some super natural power.  The sword in mythology has always been phallic.  Fire in mythology has always referred to intellect.  So is the flaming sword referring to masculine intellect?  Far from it.  The flaming sword was a play on words and theologians have not understood it at all.  They even place a cherubim holding the sword to keep Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.  

To understand what this flaming sword means you have to understand that Akhenaton and Nefertiti recreated the Garden of Eden in ancient Egypt.  Ralph Ellis shows this perfectly in his book Eden in Egypt.  Akhenaton had the artists in ancient Egypt portray himself, Nefertiti and his children as very alien looking. He knew exactly what I reveal in Lemurian Magic.  He had a garden built in Egypt where him and his family walked around naked.  That is how crazy this Pharaoh was and he is one of the main heroes of religion and masonry.  We need to turn to ancient Egypt to understand what this flaming sword actually symbolizes.  

Lets take a look at the original phrase in the Bible. In Hebrew it says,  “lahat  khereb haphak shamar derek”.  The translators have come up with “flaming sword, turned to protect the road”.  That is one translation and it gives images of a flaming sword floating in the air.  The translators knew that didn’t make sense, so they put a cherub holding the sword in the story.  The writer wrote these religious texts this way because he knew it would confuse.  Only people who understood the history would know what these texts were saying.  

Lets take a closer look at the phrase.  The word lahat means ‘flame’, but it’s based on the Egyptian word rahat and means ‘fires’, ‘morning’ and ‘evening’, specifically sunset and sunrise.  The word khereb means ‘sword’ and is where they get the base for Excalibur (King Arthur) is stories of the biblical Jesus).  But khereb also means ‘Sphinx’, ‘Mt. Sinai’, ‘scarab beetle’, ‘image of lion’ and of course the ‘angelic cherub’.  The word haphak means ‘to turn’ or ‘retrace path’, but it refers to the turning of the sun at the solstice.   The word shamar means ‘to keep’ or ‘watch’ and was based on semer   which means ‘to watch’.  It specifically meant to watch the east.  Semer priests in ancient Egypt were astronomer priests who watched the movement of the stars from Giza.  The word derek means ‘tread’, ‘march’ or ‘road’.  It was based on the word djeg that means ‘tread’ or ‘march’, but it also means journey, specifically the journey of an astronomical body.  

Taking this back to Egyptian we can see that it really is more like, “a great Sphinx watches the flaming sunrise and observed the turn of the solstice traveling over Giza”.  The Great Sphinx is the greatest astronomical observer ever and that is what the Bible and Torah are telling people with eyes to see and ears to hear.  The sun in myths has always referred to masculine power and the moon has always been feminine power.  Anytime you see a flaming sword in a story they are referring to watching the sun.  The sun is what all religions are worshipping.  It is the ultimate supernatural power.  

8 thoughts on “Flaming Sword”

  1. Very interesting GS… I couldn’t watch the Youtube (because I am running out of Data, but the concept of Sun worship runs high in Akhenatin’s reign. Many recent authorities think his alien looks are attributable to Marfans syndrome (a connective tissue disorder).
    However, how Marfans makes its suffers look like aliens, also begs the question of whether people (beings) came from another planet with a much reduced gravity… Requiring a much less reduced body mass.
    Akhenatin always felt himself to be an actual God. Perhaps a hybrid?


    1. We know exactly who Akhenaton was. There are other pieces of art in Egypt that show him and his family very normal looking. He did not have a disease. He could have never been Pharaoh if he did have a disease. One could not have any blemishes in order to be a Pharaoh. It is why his older brother Tothmoses was not Pharaoh, he had a speech impediment. So it went to Akhenaton. All Pharaohs thought themselves a God on earth, Akhenaton was no different. Tothmoses was Moses in the Bible and Torah, so when Moses was talking to God he was talking to his brother Akhenaton, who in the bible is Aaron.
      We are all hybrids. So yes he was a hybrid. He was part of the bloodline that feel they have the right to rule over us for simply being from that bloodline. They are still ruling over us today. As truth is being shown more and more their hold on us is weakening. Well the hold on the people who are awakening.


      1. quote: “We are all hybrids.” That is my understanding also. It is also my contention that when (if) people reconcile this fact with their performance and learn how to “drive” their real power, that is when positive change can happen here. It will never happen before people admit who/what they are and learn to function accordingly. Unfortunately the “religion”, i.e., faith in evolution, was thrown in at the last moment to prevent a massive switch, or social change when the chimeric Hebraic god (and others!) began to lose their hold on Earthian minds. Now the sheeple are braying to pseudo-science to show them the way when that way is inside each one of us.

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      2. That’s perfect Sha’Tara. The only way is inside each and everyone of us. Problem is that it takes work and responsibility and no one wants that. We are who we have been waiting for.
        Thanks for yet another great comment.


    1. He was normal his whole life. He had the royal artists portray him as alien because he knew an alien race created us humans. They mixed us with their DNA. We are all alien.
      Showing him as alien was for people with eyes to see that he knew our true history, he was of the bloodline and he had more of the right to rule Egypt than the Upper Egyptian Pharaoh. It didn’t work. He was thrown out of Egypt and he went to Greece.
      You are welcome. Thank you Colletebytes.

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