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The cube is a symbol that no one knows the true meaning.  Until now that is.  Every patriarch religion has the cube in their beliefs and they all have no idea what this cube is symbolizing.  What I have found is simple yet profound.  This symbol is right in the face of Masons and they have no idea about its true meaning.  The speculation about this symbol is enough to make ones head explode.   Time to illuminate.  

The cube is very close to the number 7 and there is a lot of speculation as to why that is. That will be explained shortly.  The cube has been said to represent the Kingdom of God on earth.   I agree completely because once I show you what it represents you will understand.  Islam circles a cube and all they know is its the house of Allah.  Jews will wear a cube on their head and shoulder that is called a tefillin. I did not know much about these tefillin,  but it makes perfect sense with what I have found.  Masons believe that the cube is all about stones.  Conspiracy buffs believe the cube represents Saturn.  Corporations use the cube and flaunt their cube logo and symbols in our face.  There are cube sculptures around the world.   I have even heard that the cube represents the earth.  

First the cube being associated with Saturn in pure nonsense.  The recent discovery of the hexagon on Saturn has the believers saying that is proof they were right.  There was a Saturnian cult in the ancient past because like all other planets Saturn was worshipped at one time.  Then you have people saying that Satan comes from Saturn and so the cube represents worshipping the devil.  If you have read my previous work, you know that  satan means  opposer.  So if you oppose people worshipping Saturn then Saturn is your Satan.  

Spiritualists will say the 3 (spirit, mind, and soul) descend into 4 (the world), the sum being 7 or the mystic nature of man, consisting of 3 fold spiritual body and 4 fold material form.  These are symbolized by the cube, which has 6 surfaces and a mysterious seventh point within.  In the midst of the cube stands the essence of man.  Very poetic but wrong.  

All the religions will say it represents Solomon’s temple and the Holy of Holies.  In the Holy of Holies was an Oracle.   This is getting closer to the truth, but in the next breath they will say it represents the Ark of the Covenant even though they readily admit the Ark was not a perfect cube.  Part of the problem with religion is they take a sliver of truth and say its the absolute truth.   I had known tefillin cubes as phylactery boxes, so I had to do a little research, but they are one and the same.  These boxes contain parchments with verses from the Torah and they are used to keep as a sign and remembrance of the Exodus out of Egypt.   Which makes perfect sense if you know the true history of the Jews.  

Ultimately I can thank Islam for me being able to translate the cube.  Thousands of people circle a black cube called the Ka’ba- the central cube that was supposedly built by Abraham and contains a sacred black stone.  The Ka’ba itself is a copy of the Holy of Holies from the temple of Jerusalem.  Muslims initially prayed towards this sacred cube in the Temple of Jerusalem and only change direction when Muhammed was kicked out of Mecca and fled to Medina.  To understand the rest of what Im going to say you need to have read my post Patriarch Pharaohs and realized that  Abraham, King David and King Solomon were all Pharaohs of Lower Egypt.  Once you have digested that post you will understand the symbolism I am about to reveal for the cube.  

The Israelites had a festival in Egypt where they circled the pyramids just like Muslims circle the Ka’ba.  When the Israelites were thrown out of Egypt, they built the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem.  The Israelites were circling the the Great Pyramid then going south 10 kilometers to Dahshur and circling the Bent Pyramid.  They circled the Bent Pyramids 7 times then headed back north to the Great Pyramid.  God tells Moses, “Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward”.  The circling of the pyramids and the Ka’ba is all astronomical.  They were copying the motion of the of the earthly view of the heavens.  From the pyramids it looked like the planets, constellations and stars were circling the pyramids.  The 7 comes from the 7 known planets  that circled in the heavens above.  

So why was a cube selected to take the place of the pyramids.  Look at the picture above.  Can you see the cube and the Star of David in the cube.  It may be tough to see for some, but move the pic around until you can see the cube and two pyramids making the Star of David.  If you look at it long enough you will eventually see the Star of David in three dimensional just like the cube.  The cube represents the Star of David.  The Star of David is no more than two super imposed pyramids and they represent Upper and Lower Egypt.  This is way too esoteric to let the public know.  The Israelites were the guardians of the pyramids and the Giza plateau.  They were kicked out of Egypt by the Upper Egyptian Pharaoh and had to secretly venerate the pyramids.  With most of the cubes around the world being black it confirms that the cube represent the pyramids.  Just like the black Madonna screams Mary was from Egypt, so does the black cube point back to Egypt.  Black is occult for the lands of Egypt and it referred to the fertile black lands of Egypt after the Nile floods.  The Pharaoh was god on earth and so Egypt was the Kingdom of God on earth.  It all goes back to Egypt.  

7 thoughts on “The Cube”

  1. Does this relate to the venerators of set/seth/satan/saturn as in the Hyksos of Lower worship of set? Opposer of light beings (heru).

    Set/Satan/saturn representing the physical and material world and material worship.

    The cube like the pyramids represents merkabah metatron cube with its 666 matching atomic code of man 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons. Carbon-12

    Bit of a reach, but just making some connections I’ve come across.

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  2. Thank you Gserpert, for all this information. I am not sure if what I see is a possible speculation from my end. So correct me if I am wrong. As I read this and looking into the different alphabets.

    Can a triangle also symbolise a square or even both in any writing? As I looked at the Phoenician Alphabet where I see the character as a Triangle and place in the 4 position. And in Hebrew it is also considered the #4 which is ‘Dalet’ which also means door.

    What is interesting is the 7 planets. In the Emerald of Thoth it talks about the 7 cycles naming them 3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

    Finally, I am Interested about 666, as this is what I noticed a year or more ago and perhaps hidden connection?

    I remember a clip you posted on one of your posts about Harry Potter 1: Philosophers Stone about Hermoine reads a large book about Nicholas Flamel. Where as she read Nicholas Flamel was celebrating his 665th birthday. Remembered this and double checked if this was true or fictional for the book. I discovered that Nicholas Flamel was born in 1330 and HP1 manuscript was done in 1995 = 665 years difference. Of course this might be speculation as the book was officially in the stores in 1997. J.K. Rowling said she got the idea in 1990. Perhaps I am just speculating and a movie might not be a good source but it is quite fitting. Is there perhaps a connection?

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    1. The thing with alphabets it’s the vowels that are important. The vowels give the consonants meaning. Different vowels with a consonant give it a different meaning. It’s why they only let so called enlightened men translate the texts. They were enlightened enough to put the correct vowels in. So yes with the correct vowel a triangle could symbolize a square or both.

      J.K. Rowling is definitely in the know. I have even thought about doing a series on just Harry Potter symbolism. The thing about these massive years is if the person is considered a god, Flamel was considered immortal, you must divide by 13. 665 dived by 13 is about 51. So it was his 51st birthday. In ancient Egypt a ‘year’ was a lunar month, so there was 13 ‘years’ in a solar year. I think she put 665 because 666 would let me know she was of King Solomon’s bloodline and by making it 665 it shows me she is not. Or she could have done the math like you did and that was her point.

      See this for more on 666.


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