Native American Truth


We are taught that the Native Americans were hunter gathers, savages who sacrificed children, that they were illiterate and  uncultured.  This is the furthest thing from the truth.  The Bering Strait theory that Natives walked across from Siberia to Alaska was thought up in 1964 and the theory came unglued in 1997.  Findings in southern Chile made archeologists publicly concede they were wrong.  Yet this theory is still taught and forced down our throats.  Archeologist Stuart Fiedel even stated. “Everything we knew is now supposed to be wrong.  We’re in a state of turmoil”.  The only reason why the Bering Strait and human origin stories are the way they are is because it keeps the lies of the Bible intact.  So much for science and religion being separate.  

First of all the history that has been forced upon us is to ease the guilt of what happened in the Americas.  One professor told me that he believed that the inhabitants of of the Americas was only 1 to 2 million people.  Cities are being found in Central and South America that housed five hundred thousand to six hundred thousand people. The first Europeans repeatedly described the indigenous America as a crowded jostling place- “a beehive of people”.  It is well know today that Central America itself had 25 million people at the time of the Conquistadors.  My estimates is that there were 150 million to 200 million people in North, Central and South America.  The taking of the Americas was genocide.  

Human sacrifice of little children is a huge lie.  The only reason why this lie was made up was to make western governments and religions to feel better about the rampant pedophilia in their own organizations.  There was no pedophilia in the Americas.  Though the Natives did think that sacrifice kept the sun working, they only sacrificed criminals and enemies who were hostages from war.  Cortes stated that they sacrificed 3 to 4 thousand a year.  In Europe their enemies were impaled on city walls, bodies dangled from trees, criminals were beheaded and the head was put on a stake, heretics were burned alive all to show warnings from crown and religion.  If that wasn’t enough Europeans flocked to public executions held in most cities eight times a year.  Crowds of 14,000 people love to watch the victim beg for mercy.  Just with the public executions Europe watched 7,500 people a year get sacrificed.  These numbers don’t include the battles prisoners made to fight for entertainment of the crown and masses.  These fights  only ended after one participate was killed.  Who are the savages now?  

There were huge cities in all the Americas.  In one text I found how Tenochtitlan dazzled its invaders.  It was bigger than Paris, which was Europe’s greatest metropolis.  The Spaniards gawped like yokels at the wide streets, ornately carved buildings and markets bright with goods from thousands of miles away.   Boats flitted like butterflies and hummingbirds in the causeways.  There were botanical gardens throughout the city – none existed in Europe.  The buildings had plumbing and sewers.  The streets were not ankle deep in sewage like Europe was.  The cities had government buildings, schools and universities, libraries, sports complexes, hospitals, markets and restaurants.  I hope the reader is beginning to understand why the Europeans destroyed everything and spread the lie that they were nomadic hunter gathers.  

I can not put 100% of the blame on the Europeans for the destruction of the Americas.  Cities were everywhere in North, Central and South America.  Each of these cities had ruling dynasties.  Some of these dynasties were just as greedy as the dynasties on the other side of the world.  The stories I read of dynasties conquering other dynasties  would make Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Napoleon proud.  The Conquistadors used this to their advantage.  At one time Cortes had an army of 200,000 Natives.  With this army he was attacking another dynasty.  It was mainly Natives who conquered Tenochtitlan, but Cortes is identified as the conquerer of the city because he simply promised the city to a certain dynasty that wanted it.  Not matter what race we breed, humans are made of greed.  

Even with all the fighting going on it did not bring the Natives to almost extinction. The Natives laughed at the Europeans because their aim with their guns was very bad.  What was it that made the population of the Natives dwindle to almost nothing?  In a word, disease.  Most who agree with me about the population numbers will say that the Europeans brought diseases like small pox over by mistake and it just took hold.  Give me a break.  Europeans understood infections diseases.  During the black plague European armies would catapult dead bodies that died from infection into cities they were attacking.  This deliberately created an epidemic inside the walls of the besieged cities.  I have no doubt European governments and religions sent small pox and measles to the Americas knowing exactly what was going to happen.  If you think I am way out of line on this, ask yourself why there wasn’t a plague for the Europeans? When ever one heads down to Mexico or South America the governments tell you to get vaccinations  before you go, so you don’t catch anything. There were very few reports of the Europeans catching anything. Europeans were not immune to the diseases of the new world.  Why  so much hatred towards the Native Americans?  Those that have read my work understand where the hatred comes from.  

Every city throughout the Americas had monumental architecture, carved stelae, earthworks, pyramids, pottery, writing, calendars, mathematics that included the number zero and fine artwork.  All the Natives were sister cultures.  Lands were farmed outside of the cities.  They genetically modified maize.  How they did it is still a mystery to science today.  Statues were naturalistically carved and amazingly expressive.  They had drawings of human fetuses. The first known in Europe were done by Da Vinci.  The elites wore jewelry.  They had religious centers that would make the Vatican look like a doll house.  All the civilizations influenced each other by trade, violence, each one developing new technique, exporting unique goods and swapping ideas.  In these competitive interactions trade in goods was important, but trade in ideas is what mattered.  

The Natives recorded time. They developed 3 calendars.  A 365 day calendar exactly like today’s, a 260 day sacred calendar that is like nothing else, and the equally unique Long Count calendar that tally days from a certain starting point from thousands of years ago.  They had all of these calendars synchronized.  To create correct calendars it takes advance knowledge of math and astronomy.  They had done this sooner and faster than the Sumerians.  The writing of the Natives used both hieroglyphs and letters.  Millions, if not billions, of writings were destroyed by the Spaniards and Europeans.  How many of my readers know there is a great wall of Peru down in the Andes mountains?  Everyone admits the Chinese were advanced, probably because they demand it, but no one is stepping up for the Native Americans.  

Researchers recently have discovered that the Native Americans were in the Americas as early as 11,000 BCE.  They are trying to say the Natives are the reason for the extinction of the mastodons, mammoths, rhinos, great dire wolves and sabertooth cats.  There were several other species on the list but it makes no sense.  The theory is laughable.  Why would a race of people who lived so in-tune with nature hunt several animals to extinction?!  Again readers who have read my work know the truth behind the extinction of these animals.  For those who don’t know, read Lemurian Magic.  

The Americas were full of mounds, pyramids, earthworks and roads.  Everything was destroyed on a massive scale.  All the stones and material for these things were taken and used in churches, homes, government buildings, public buildings, roads, bridges, and land fills.  The ones that are left give archeologists problems because hunter gathers do not build mounds, earthworks and pyramids.  All of these take time and workers.  They scream stable civilizations.  

Why would we keep hanging on to the lies of hunter gathers?  There are 2 reasons for this.  First, most of the sister societies in the Americas were matriarchs.  Matriarchs did not have prisons.  If a person did something against the laws, but it was not bad enough to be put to death, they were put out in exile.  Families could choose to go with the exiles.  These families became exiles and forcibly became hunter gatherers.  Second, small pox was swift and rapid.  As the infections spread and grew people left the populated areas to keep from getting sick. Those that stayed behind became ill and died.  The small pox and measles killed the Natives at close to a 90% rate.  As more Europeans came over they discovered these cities and villages that were abandoned, so they destroyed and built over the cities.  This was not the reason for the Mayan civilization.  Their cities had been empty so long the jungle overtook them.  To see the reason for the Mayans leaving their cities read Mayans and Mayans 2.  

When it comes to taking up for the Native Americans this world is silent.  Silence is a killer of truth and moving forward.  Silence is like small pox itself, it will grow until it runs its course.  Well the course is finally ending.   In order for the new to take hold the old has to be put to rest.  Lets put to rest the lies of American history.  Let the light into the darkness.  Let your voice sing the truth of this world. 

12 thoughts on “Native American Truth”

  1. There is vast evidence around the world that the people who built pyramids are connected, intelligent, intellectual and had great social structure. The pyramids follow a trajectory around the circumference of the planet, wavering rarely more than more 200 miles but most following Golden Ratio theory (as do the pyramids). I am sure these peoples knew far more about the universe than we do now. We have held up the slave as our ideal. We are slaves. I wonder why?

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    1. All the pyramids around the world incorporated the Golden Ratio. The Great Pyramid is 40 X Pi fractional of 22:7. This is why so much in the Bible refers to 40, 40 days, 40 nights, 40 years etc. It all refers to people who were in on the secrets the Great Pyramid.
      The builders definitely knew exactly what they were doing and knew far more about the cosmos and nature.
      For the answer on why we are slaves see my Lemurian Magic post.

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    1. Thanks, Sue. 😊💕 I think most really don’t know. When I tell people who are interested they are astounded. Whether they think Im full of it or not, I don’t know. But at least I rattled the chains a bit. lol Much love to you too.

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      1. Yes When we truly Wake up to the truth of our history and our ‘origins’ many think we have two heads!… But once you really wake up to this reality there is no going back, we need plenty of water to digest the Red Pill.. But once swallowed, it changes everything we have been taught!.. And you have to learn to alter your perspective on many things in this world..
        Keep Rattling those chains.. Too many are stuck in their cages fast asleep.. ❤
        Much love ❤

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