The Goddess Within


For every person who has their mind and life under control their are millions of others who are unthinking.  The masses want a cheap and easy life.  They don’t care who gets hurt, just keep giving them their cheap easy life.  In this post Im going to show you why the horse is the symbol of the Sacred Feminine.  It will go very deep and will be a 2X4 across the face for some.  This world has masculinized the horse symbol by calling men studs and stallions.  It is time to bring the horse back to the Goddess.  

The horse was a symbol of power to the Native Americans.  They were a matriarch group and knew the power the Sacred Feminine.  Many ancient cultures saw the horse as a symbol of freedom. This was not because people felt they had more freedom riding a horse.  It was from awakening to the Sacred Feminine that gave you the power and freedom to move your own life.    Christians see the white horse as a symbol of death.    The reason being that when you find the Sacred Feminine the patriarch religions will die in your life.  That is a very good thing.  

To understand this you must realize that before we were given the ego part of our mind, we were hominids. Science calls it the reptilian part of the mind.  It is the hominid part of your mind.  For millions of years our minds reacted instantaneously with fight or flight. There  was no separations between thought and action.  Just like all animals today, we felt fear, anger, sadness, happiness, or any other emotions for a brief time.  Then it was gone.  Everything was instinctual.  Life was about survival and reproduction.  Our ego mind did not evolve.  Sorry science take your fairytales elsewhere. When something evolves it thrives in it’s environment.  The hominids evolved and they were thriving.  When something does not belong to an environment, it destroys the environment. That is what humans do, destroy.   This ego mind was put into the hominid (see Lumurian Magic).   This mind came with no instruction manual, no teacher, no nothin.  Until now. 

With this ego mind we started to dwell on thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It gave us the capability to understand and to see that our emotions effect our thinking.   In Lemuria they taught how to get the ego and the Sacred Feminine mind to work together, but the war of the gods ended all that.  From this point on we were stuck with this new ego mind fending for ourselves.  Chaos all around us, literally.  We have been used to do the dirty work to for other peoples goals.  It’s time to start living for your own goals.  

The ancients knew exactly what the horse symbolized and used the metaphor of a rider and horse.  The horse is the subconscious mind or the Sacred Feminine.   We all have her within us.  This horse has tremendous energy and power.  She is wild, rugged, brutal and raw yet at the same time she is delicate, beautiful, serene and creative.  She does not care about what humans think is wrong or right, she is the Goddess.  The rider of the horse is you or your ego mind.  Through training and practice you can work with her to transform this powerful energy to create an awesome life.  You will never fully control her.  If you try she will buck you off.  You must work with her.  

Most people never get on their horse.  Their ego is walking in front of the horse and they use a whip to try to control her and make her do what they want.  She is not being guided, she is being abused.  This is just as much in women as it is in men.  Without the rider she has no direct purposeful movement.  Without being on the horse the rider is slow, weak, tired and coping.  Without the rider and horse working together the ego and horse react in their own way.   The horse reacts instantaneously to outside forces while the rider on the ground tries to whip and yell at the horse to submit and obey. Unless your rider is on the horse working with her your life will be chaotic and filled with anxiety.  But sadly most will build a pen around their horse to try to control her.  

When you decide to try to rider her. She will not trust you.  She is from here and your ego is not.  The stronger the Goddess is within you the harder she will be to tame.  Ladies you have the strongest Goddesses of all in this world.  This world does not want you to tame her.   You must get her trust before you try to ride her.  Once she lets you mount her you will see things you never could from the ground.  You have to work together with her.  In the beginning she may buck you off, but you need to get back on.  You must befriend her not train her.  Learn to trust her and she will learn to trust you.  Don’t hold the reins too tight or try to strong arm her.  Don’t be afraid to let her gallop and run.  She will take you to places you have never been.  Keep yourself in balance with her and ride her with the sense of spirt and adventure.  Listen to her and she will listen to you.  This is when serenity and genius in your life will begin.  

11 thoughts on “The Goddess Within”

    1. Thanks, Hitandrun. 😊
      I agree, but it shows how 99% of the world treats Nature. Hopefully people will take the hint that Nature will not be treated like that and work with us. We must respect her.


      1. Much Gratitude for sharing this today gserpent. I had never made the Horse Divine Feminine connection before today. Whilst I’ve always felt that The Horse was my Spirit Animal, glorious in its wild beauty, whose strength (chaotic wildness in me) needed to be tamed. With your four wheel drive comment, you have surely helped me makes this most obvious connection. As I know that I shine at my most radiance when I’m wild, unfettered, bold, free, unpredictable… Then I truly create pure unpremeditated Magic at its finest. I also realise now this ego was trying to tame this Horse from the ground, as you rightly conveyed. 🐎

        Am also making connection with the Celts, the Celtiberians, the Horse People, whose memories are also rising in our subconscious/awareness.
        I would also like to share this Magnificent Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. Both the potent rising ecstatic composition, and visuals, always excite and arouse all my Being.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are welcome Pythia. I’m glad I could help. It makes my day when I can help others connect the dots. 😊

        Thank you for sharing this video soundtrack. I will definitely enjoy it and I hope my readers will too.


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