A Coping Mind


Are you one of those people who is always thinking about themselves all the time or do you try to give value to other people?  Do people feel you sucking their energy or are you a person where energy is in abundance and is flowing through you?  The average person is in scarcity mindset and make everything about themselves.  They are literally coping in this world.  When you are coping and in scarcity you try to make everything about yourself.  You are literally an energy vampire.  

When an energy vampire is interacting with others they typically are thinking these 4 things.  

  1. How does this relate to me?  If you say something that does not relate to them they will block you out.  They start thinking when are they going to switch to something that pertains to me?  When do we talk about my favorite topic, me?  
  2. Do I get it?  If someone tells them something they already know they just tune out the rest.  
  3. When is it my turn to speak?  They can’t wait for the person to stop talking so they can start talking about whatever it is that they want to talk about.  
  4. Am I being tested?  They start thinking that other people have an agenda.  Which they are just projecting because an energy vampire always has a selfish agenda.  

Higher conscious people can pick up on these 4 things.  Energy vampires always interact with people through these filters.  They don’t add energy or value to people they are interacting with.  

When someone is coping they don’t understand how someone can be thriving.  They are literally not on the same vibration. They will try to spin the conversation back to themselves. They will try to drag other people down into their world.  Let’s just say you get a new car.  You are showing it to people and someone asks how much you paid for the car.  You tell them twenty thousand dollars. They immediately start saying that car is not worth it or I would never pay that for that car.  At this point it is not about the car, it is about themselves.  They are not feeling good about themselves, so they want to drag you into their low world.  

Coping people judge others and think about the outcome constantly.  They are always thinking they need something more to make them happy.  They always focus on what they don’t have.  They compare themselves to others.  They watch the news and buy into how screwed up the world is and that is what energizes them.  They love seeing the misfortune of others because it makes them feel better about themselves.  

If you see this in yourself the way to reverse it is to focus on and be grateful for what you already have.  Quit focusing on what you don’t have.  If you are in a conversation and people tune you out realize you are making the conversation about yourself.  Bring awareness to what you are saying.  Are you saying it to impress, saying it to reinforce the story of me, saying something just to hear yourself talk?  Coping people get set off about the smallest things.  If they miss their flight, it’s the employees fault.  If the smallest thing is wrong with their order at a restaurant they immediately go off.  

Coping people are just looking for someone to stroke their ego.  They are very easily manipulated.  Most people are in coping.  All it takes is someone to stroke their ego and they are putty in that person’s hands.  All it takes is flattery to control you.  The bigger the ego the harder you will fall for flattery.  The favorite two words of the masses is you and their own name.  Im bringing this to your attention because if you are in coping someone is probably controlling you.  All it takes is flattery and you subconsciously will like the person and will be willing to do what they want.  You don’t hear it in your head so when it comes from an outside source it makes you feel wanted.  

We have set out lives up where we cant be alone with ourselves.  Any alone time we jump on the phone, turn on the television,  get online or turn on some music.  Anything to keep us distracted.  We want to escape ourselves.  If you sat at home doing nothing, no computer, no phone, no television what kind of place would your head be?  For most of us it would not be a very good place to be.  Ask yourself how you can change it?  This is the exact reason why people love to gossip.  Bad things are going on in the head and they are addicted to it.  They may not like it, but they are addicted to it.   When they gossip they are bringing out what is inside.   People who gossip light up when when others start gossiping.  They are addicted to it.  

Coping people need to have something happen to make them feel better.  If they don’t like someone they need to have something bad happen to them.  They will tell people how bad this person is, find away to get them in trouble at work etc. They find pleasure in other peoples misery.  If the person they dislike moves away or quits the coping person will find someone else to hate on.  They are not happy unless they are unhappy.  

It does not matter what a persons social status is, what their age or their location.  Where ever you go, there you are.  Nothing outside  of you will change you.  A person in coping, negativity or victim mindset could be given a new car and within a short amount of time they will start complaining about something they don’t like about the car, the traffic, the insurance or gas they have to pay, etc.  They can’t be thankful for what they have.  Negative vibration is their default mode.  A poor person who wins the lottery will always go back to their default state, which is poor, because they are not happy unless they are poor.  A person who ruins every relationship they have ever been in could meet their dream guy or girl and they will ruin it because ruining relationships makes them happy.  This is all happening subconsciously without the person knowing it.  

Here is a big one that I had to overcome myself.  Most Witches and Wizards are introverts.  They get into a competitive, animosity based, no collaborative based relationship with the whole world because every time they talk people reject them.   Your ideas are so advanced that people just can’t comprehend what you are talking about.  You may like things that society says is taboo, so you bury what you like deep inside you.  Quit caring what others think and bring out what you have inside.  Caring what others think is a form of coping.  

We are addicted to our thinking and emotions.  The thoughts and emotions we have on a daily basis.   You must break this in order for your vibration to go up.  Your mind is your self fulfilling prophecy.  This is what the Ouroboros is telling us.  Because you are negative, filled with anxiety and are angry and worrisome you will see it everywhere.  You will look for evidence for your default state.  You want validation for your thoughts.  It is a feedback loop that needs to be broken.  What thoughts and emotions are you addicted to?  Brining awareness to what’s in your head is the first step.   

Im going to go deep here.   If you have read my Lemurian Magic post, you understand humans of today were the second race created.  The first race was very smart.  Our alien creators dumbed us down and gave us these minds.  They knew they had made a mistake with the first race by making them smart.  One of the ways to make sure we didn’t get to that level again was by putting this negative voice in our heads.  These thought patterns and dialogue patterns they will keep us from becoming like the first race.  If you became too smart or too high status you were beaten or killed.    The last thing they wanted was another race that rebel again.  It is why everything today is to keep reinforcing what is in your head.  This awareness Im showing you was shared with very few people.  There were probably others who figured it out on their own, but didn’t really understand it.  Our minds did not evolve to make us think negative and narcissistic thoughts.  They were put there!  The sooner you accept that we as a human race were created to do someone or something else’s dirty work, the better off you will be.  You must overcome the programming.  The ego was put there to make us submissive and destroy ourselves, but it can be unlocked to do your own bidding.  I can’t stress this enough, its not your fault!  After the war of the gods we were left to figure this out on our own.  

A person who is in a negative coping mindset will speak in stories instead of facts.  They will say things like, “that is the worst thing that ever happened to me” , “this is the worst day ever”, “What a nightmare”, etc.  We use negative stories to bring us back to our emotional addictions.  Things happen to them all the time.  The thought loop will magnify itself.  What ever your vibration, that will be the level of your thoughts and emotions.  

Coping people act out in a reactive state.  Ever been mad at someone and lashed out at them then felt bad later for what you said or did?  Never write that bad comment or argue with someone when you feel reactive.  When you get reactive and triggered you  are not yourself.  Get out of the competitive mindset.  When things happen to you try to see the opportunity or lesson.  When ever you get triggered try to see what is internally causing you to be triggered.  Being triggered is all about yourself and not the person or thing triggering you.  What is inside you causing you to get upset?  Be aware of it and deal with it.  

When you come to an end of a chapter in your life something big will happen.  You may think it’s bad or negative, but bad is in the eye of the beholder.   Things like that will shake your life up and keep you from stagnating.  If you look back at the moments that you thought disrupted your life and made you take a turn, I bet you will find that most of it turned out pretty good.  I call them 2 X 4 across the face from your Higher Self.  Have a solution mindset instead of a problem mindset.  

All of us will go into a coping or negative mindset.  The trick is to not stay in it.  Be aware of it.  Most people are doing it all the time.  It has become a habit to them.  The more you become aware of how your mind is working the less time you will spend in the negative mindsets and the less often you will go into them.  The more that happens the more your vibration goes up.  When you start vibrating higher you see all of this that I have shown you in others.  Especially if you have seen it in yourself and dealt with it. How do you think I am able to bring this to you?  I have dealt with it in myself.   High vibration attracts high vibration.  When you get around low vibrating people it will be like they haven’t taken a shower in weeks to you.  That is how fast you will want to get away from them.  We are human.  We have a light side and a dark side.  When you push the darker aspects of yourself down and bury them, they come out subconsciously without you even knowing it.  Bring them to the surface and deal with them.  Then you can make your darker aspects work for you.  Im giving you the key.  Take it and unlock your mind.  

16 thoughts on “A Coping Mind”

    1. It is hard to do when they are everywhere. It’s why I like to show my readers how to strengthen their minds. I like to repel them. Great comment Hitandrun. 😊


  1. Great, insighful post. Thank you for reminding me of what I was not “seeing”. It came on the right moment. Blessed be!🌟 S*


  2. Two things that I really like about your words here
    1. “A person who is in a negative coping mindset will speak in stories instead of facts.” –ABSOLUTELY. It’s the turning attention to themselves, like you mentioned..the need to please a narcissistic mindset.
    2.”High vibration attracts high vibration.” 🙌 So much truth to this statement! Surrounding ourselves with those that inspire us is one of the greatest things we can do mentally for ourselves.
    I love your perspective on this topic!🖤 So beautifully said. ✨✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Stephanie 😊
      High vibration will definitely attract other high vibration individuals. If we put ourselves around other higher vibrating individuals we are pulled up by them. We in a sense keep up. If we put ourselves around lower vibrating individuals they will try to pull us down. A person like you, me and my readers can fight this off. We usually feel drained after being around them.
      My daughter plays soccer and I try to keep high vibration soccer players and high vibration strong women around her.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel this on every level. I’m having a similar situation play out in my life…needing to break away from low vibrating individuals before it takes a serious toll on me, mentally. Definitely feeling extra drained lately. Also, I do the same thing with my daughter! Gotta teach them about the inner SHE goddess while they’re young!!😉Love your words here!❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Definitely teach her she is a Goddess. With a capital G. Get it ingrained in her mind now. The subconscious will do the rest. By time I’m done with my daughter she will be the most powerful woman in the world. 😉
        I am the same way with the low vibration people. They drain me. Spending time with my daughter helps bring me back.
        Thank you. It really is nice to know and chat with people who get it. ❤️


  3. This is definitely something that affects me. I am on the second partner who has turned out to be an energy vampire… He is not a happy bunny because I have stopped giving my energy over to him.
    GS, do you have any idea why I have attracted energy vampires into my life? It certainly wasn’t conscious as a choice, but what about subconscious (and if so, why)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My guess is that you have had energy vampires in your life and it is your default mode. The subconscious gives you what it thinks you want. If you parents were that way or you were with you first partner for a long time, then its a habit you must break. All things in the subconscious are habits. Were a lot of your friends growing up energy vampires? Looking in and seeing why is the biggest and first step. Once you deal with why your subconscious wants to pull them towards you, then you can work on changing the programming in your subconscious. If that makes sense.


      1. Yes, it makes sense. Historically, there have been more vampires. I see them all now and have withdrawn, but still live with one. He is a bit low because he is not able to live off my energy (I won’t allow it) but it has made him quick tempered, judgemental and belligerent. I am no longer running away as I have done in the past (only to fall prey of another vampire) but looking at the situation full on.
        I am happy to share my energy, but will not allow myself to be robbed of it.

        I actually see energy vampires in a good proportion of the population now, including in my family and some of my friends. This has been a recent revelation in just the last few months. It is why I also see civilisation collapse coming soon. These forces and shifts in the energy field are exposing all sorts of phenomenon. The grid is breaking down and the life force is ebbing away from many animals and people. Political systems are destabilising, and our physical world is changing. Lower vibration people will annihilate each other and the higher vibration people will struggle to make the transition to a new state. I feel this happening and no one is in for an easy ride. The vampires will become desperate and it will be necessary to steel one’s heart against them.

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      2. Everything is not as it seems is very true. Things come to you because it’s what you need to wake up. Everything is happening to everyone individually because that is what they need. Are the people you have compassion for capable of helping themselves? Are they helping themselves or do they have a victim mindset?
        Your subconscious is only bringing to you what it thinks you want. Yes being careful who you show your compassion to will help.
        If you dwell on energy vampires your subconscious thinks you want more energy vampires in your life. This world does not have a shortage of energy vampires. Having an emotion while dwelling on them makes it manifest in your life stronger. Start thinking about high vibration people and they will come into your life.
        Reject the thoughts of energy vampires.
        Check out my post on Magic.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Most of the population are energy vampires. That is perfect to not let your energy be robbed from you. I still find myself needing time alone to recharge.
        You are right times are changing. You can not change other people, they have to change themselves. All we can do is live by example.

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