Inner Work


We think that we are way more advanced than the ancient civilizations from long ago.  Just because we have technology we feel we are smarter than they were.  We don’t know anything compared to what the ancients from long ago knew.  The ancients knew about creation.  About our capacity to bring into being what was not there before.  Our roles as co-creators of the universe.  I call them Witches and Wizards, but it is anyone who has done the inner work and returned.  

Today we are magicians in a material sense.   We are masters of technology and think we are masters over Nature.  The ancients were magicians of the inner world.  Their minds.  The ventured into the world of ideas.  They became a student of knowledge.  Initiations was the best way to pass this on.  With initiation they were students and masters at the same time.   The ancient magician energy is almost nonexistent in todays world.  Other than the fake initiation ceremonies of todays Mason’s and the garbage initiations of fraternities and sororities who have no understanding of what initiation really is, todays world has none.  When you see or hear the craziness of initiations today it is because people with no brain cells are trying to copy ancient initiations.  Like everything else they are taking  the ceremonies literally.  With this journey of mine I can start seeing why information is hidden from the masses.   Information needs to be learned in a certain order.  

The ancients had sacred spaces. This sacred space had nothing to do with religion.   Their sacred spaces were places in Nature.  In todays industrial society there are no sacred spaces.  A sacred space was a place to center yourself and ground yourself.  Nature is the only power that you can tap into for social, spiritual and personal regeneration.  It is a source for personal growth and healing.  The ancients had a deep connection to the forest, fields, mountains, or any other type of Nature.  Nature is a network of energy in itself.  The earth and all that is Nature has a consciousness.  It vibrates on a much higher level than we humans do.  Being around Nature and grounding with the earth helps us vibrate higher.  

People today do not understand this energy.  They have no way to center or ground themselves.  Their sacred space is artificial.  Things like television and video games have taken the place of Nature.  Modern people have lost the true spiritual understanding.  It was replaced with a bearded man, computers, televisions and phones.  The sacred spaces in todays society are only on a personal level.   They hold special meaning to an individual and can have some centering power, but they are distant relics of what the ancients had.  This is why Im so adamant about getting out in Nature to see and feel her.  Just being in Nature will calm your mind.  

The presents of Witches and Wizards in todays world is needed now more than ever.  They are required to keep the powers of sacred space.  Without them our spaces are momentary vacations from the real world.  Everything we have today is pseudo initiation, like military.  The military will turn boys and girls into fighters, but it fails at making them complete.  They break any individualism the person had and make them become part of the herd.  They return home broken or an egotistical machine.  Which fits right in to our society of my way is the right way.  The leaders of today manipulate and belittle others.  They are envious of those who have freed their minds and raised their consciousness.  

The most important thing for you when you start to learn magic is the deconstruction of the ego.  Keep your grandiosity in check. Keep your emotions in balance.  Have thoughtfulness and awareness.  Inner reflection and insight.  Witches and Wizards can see into the depths of human beings and have the capacity to deflate people’s arrogance.  They can call people out when they act in denial or pretense.  This is why I will answer comments in a certain way.  A Witch or Wizard is a steward of the psyche.  They understand the seasonal cycle of the collective psyche.  The seasonal cycle of the collective psyche is what Im referring to in my post about going into Aquarius.  

One of the main reason I don’t get into politics is I recognize that people need to take their own journey in order to learn and live. Social change comes when people learn. It is one of the major reasons why religion needs to go.  Religion has people running their life on false beliefs for control.  With religion people can not take their own journey.  They are taking a guilt filled journey someone else has created for them.   The most important things I can teach you is to connect with the fabric of Nature and bring the ego to submission.  Only then can we live a life of purpose.  Living like this helps us unite humans. Which in turn helps us live a life in unity with the process of Nature.  

You must have a willingness to learn deep hidden knowledge. Silencing the ego will bring hidden knowledge to you.  Witches and Wizards have a deep curiosity for everything in life.  They want to uncover and understand how things work and they want to create something with what they have learned.  They usually become mentors for the masses.  A relationship is very important between mentor and student and that is gone in today’s world.  The reason for that is lack of wisdom.  There  is no lack of information.  There is a lack of wisdom.  What one does not know they don’t see. If you jump into the deep end you will not see the missing pieces.  This is why there needs to be a relationship between mentor and student.  

The modern world has lost true Witches and Wizards.  It takes someone  going to the brink of insanity and bringing back wisdom.  Today’s society thinks that feeling uncomfortable is bad, so they go get pharmaceuticals to fix it.  We are too addicted to comforts.  I have been labeled as crazy and mad.  People run from me when they get into a deep conversation.  This is exactly why true Witches and Wizards will no come forward.  But because I have came forward I have met some of the most amazing people on the planet.  

One who goes into the depth of the mind understands that what they find there is constructed from the outside world.  Their sense of the world and self dissolve.  But the one who comes back from that has many gifts to give to this world that are very important.  It is so hard to make sense of things because there is so many lies out there.  The world is scared of sacred knowledge.  People become suspicious of Witches and Wizards. 

Most who come back from this type of journey charge for the information and don’t give all the information. They want to separate you from your money.   A true Witch or Wizard want to elevate people to the same level as themselves.  Sharing, teaching and guiding people is a big responsibility of a Witch or Wizard.  Most want the status and power of a Witch or Wizard, but do not want the responsibility.  It takes a lot of effort to become a Witch or Wizard.  

To the ancients things that sustained life were sacred.  Nature, reproduction, food, etc.  Today religion, culture, society and nationalism are sacred.  Witches and Wizards will see through these structures and call them out.  They reveal the truth and are not afraid to speak about it.  When one has taken the inner journey societal norms become trivial.   You will live by your own set of rules not the ones society shames you into following.  You are not dark and twisted.  It is okay to be different.  

11 thoughts on “Inner Work”

  1. Loved your thoughts here on this post.. Picking up on Natures sacred places, ley lines and energy points, it’s interesting when research how the Military have now built bases upon these points around the world..
    And I agree with you about Politics and Religion.
    Nature is our temple.
    I know something of being labelled crazy and mad, and my own psychic abilities in mediumship I used to practice in the SNU Spiritual National Union Spiritual centres did not sit well with all whom I met.
    Most of our Intuition and senses have been squashed by the History of Witch Hunts, to which was done to stop that natural connection of our inbuilt true abilities to connect with our sixth sense and natural methods of healing etc.
    Great post and yes embrace your uniqueness ..

    🙂 Sue 💜

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    1. Thanks Sue. Yes military has picked up on what religion and governments have done for a long time, build on the ley lines.
      Witch Hunts are one of the reasons why I have no sympathy for religion. I will do what I can to bankrupt religion. You are right it was done to stop us from realizing our true power. You can’t control or make money off a person who realizes their own power. Thanks for the great comment. I am honored to someone with your abilities reading my post.

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      1. Believe me, I am but just an ordinary woman who woke up to her abilities many years ago and who has been digging deeper into self ever since.. 😀 It takes courage to stand up and be counted for who your true self is.. I admire you for being YOU. and look forward when I have more time next week to delve deeper into your blog.. I have my Granddaughter stay as from tomorrow for a few days so time on the net will take a back seat.. Look forward to more conversations 🙂

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  2. Thanks gs, I really can relate to this. Sometimes, I feel so cut off and misunderstood (I am the crazy woman). I feel when nature screams, when it is struggling, yet to all others, everything looks normal. I can walk into a building, and immediately walk out again because it doesn’t feel right. I can not want to do something because it feels like a bad choice (even when logic says something else). I can touch a plant, tree, bush, animal and feel love flowing out of it, which I immediately return my own.
    This does not happen with people so much… They don’t get it, and actually I am unwilling to share my energy with such people. So my world is silent. Reverie for the good. Sadness for the bad. But all the while, feeling set apart and protected (if that makes sense?).

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    1. It makes total sense. You are not crazy. You feel all that because you are connected to you subconscious. Both sides of the mind are working together. You are vibrating higher than most and I don’t blame you for not wanting to share your energy. You are in-tune with the Sacred Feminine. Most of the world is only in-tune with the ego side of the masculine. You may find that people who are searching gravitate towards you if only to be in your vibration.


      1. Yes, I do find that. I used to do energy healing (which I still do, but on a smaller scale and more with nature and animals than people) … And people whom I don’t know really, have said that they see white light around me. I think I mentioned on another of your posts about energy vampires, that I have attracted them to me subconsciously… I think that I have been too open. An aura reader told me 20 years ago that I give too much and everyone takes my energy leaving me weak. I don’t think that I do that so much now. But I feel isolated and unable to shine as much as I would like. Not sure if that is good for me or not. I feel as though I am being held back for some reason that I cannot see.

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      2. I understand completely about feeling isolated. I have felt it too and still feel it to an extent. I was told I needed to fall in love with the word “no”. Meaning that if it didn’t feel right to me, don’t do it or say no. I had to quit feeling that I would hurt someone else’s feelings or that I had to please them. You must be true to yourself. I went into deep isolation and would not express myself. You must engage the world. When I started engaging people with who I really am, it was like a weight came off my shoulders. When someone is talking to me and brings some kind of religious nonsense into the conversation I will actually say ” I don’t do religion you just lost me”. I have found that this actually makes them curious. They want to know more. I isolated myself because I had some zealots attack me and berate me when I first started digging. Now I can make their head spin by the knowledge I know. When I first started making heads spin I felt empathy for them because I knew what I went through, so isolated again thinking I was hurting them not helping them. Then one person who I had made their head spin said it was exactly what they needed to break the chains. I have been engaging ever since. I figured out I was the only one holding myself back.

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