Why do we Make Life so Hard?


Ever get stuck in traffic or have a late flight that gets you upset?  How often do you get upset in a day?  People get upset over little things all day long.  The internet does not work, wrong order of food, having to wait in line for something, someone is talking bad about us, etc.  Today, especially in the western world, we act like a bunch of spoiled little royal brats.  Something small goes bad and it ruins our whole day.  Here is another little secret, life has endless things to piss you off.  

You must realize life moves on.  When something small happens and someone gets very upset, they are just letting negativity and heaviness overtake their life.  We think that stressing out about something makes it better or will change it.  There is nothing you can do.  Flowing with what’s going on is one of the hardest things to do.  With any situation you can see it as yourself being a victim or you can grow.  Life does not always give you what you want, sometimes it gives you what you need.  Which is a chance to grow.  

Have you acknowledged that you are not really happy?  You are making your own life hard.  Do you really want to be happy?  Ask yourself that.  Everyone thinks that if everything goes their way they will be happy.  Then when things don’t go your way you get upset.  

People freak out because life doesn’t go according to their own plan.  You are the greatest architect of your own discontent.  We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.  We project ourselves on others and other things.  Your mind will manufacture problems.  Ninety nine percent of the universe is unobservable, the key is in the discoverer.  There is no division of ourselves and the universe.  Be positive but don’t expect a reward.  Life happens.  Your fate is from your base nature.   The human race has a strange inability to learn from our past.  Learn from the past, so you won’t do the same thing again.   

If you knew everything you wouldn’t be alive. There are infinite things to know, you won’t learn all in this one lifetime.  Learn from your experiences.  Have emotional fitness.  The beauty of life is the entire journey.  You can either make it hard, difficult and frustrating or you can choose to focus on the entire journey itself.  The only constant in your life is you.  

We feel life must have significance.  For some reason the only way for it to have significance is it has to be hard.  If you are going through adversity, how do you know its bad?  Realize we know nothing.  Just because someone said it was bad, is it bad?  You can think you know more than Nature or you can think Nature has your back.  Stop focusing on what happened or looking to blame instead look for the lesson. 

Ive been told that Im not compassionate or I am arrogant because I don’t try to keep helping others that I see as a lost cause.  What other people who call me this don’t see is Im trying to get others to help themselves and if one is not willing to help themselves they will never get it.  Never.   

We never looked to help others in our interactions.  Most people are just coping in this world.  They don’t know it but they are just coping.  If we would just look to have a win win situation with others instead of trying to cheat and get the most out of everything for ourselves this world would be a better place.  What you put out there returns.  This is what the Ouroboros is telling us.  Humans operate on their fears, beliefs and paradigms.   The mind works on what’s in it for me.  

Quit being addicted to negative thinking.  If you are resisting this post, then you are one of the people addicted to negativity.  I know a lot of open minded people who are addicted to negativity.  You are addicted to your thoughts and emotions.  We judge drug addicts because we see they are just like us and we don’t like it.  The greatest addiction in the world is the addiction to thinking.  Being aware of something is the first step to changing it.  We are all trying to fill our emptiness with something from outside us. The same need to put drugs in our body is the same need to start thinking negative or go into a victim mindset.  Your mind is running you!  It is fueled by consumer culture, others who are stuck in negativity and a society that wants you in negative thinking because our so called leaders have an agenda.  How does addiction to thinking, addiction to reactiveness and addiction to having enemies run your life?  How is that different than a drug addict?  

As most know Im not a fan of self help and new age spirituality.  People use self help and new age as something else to hate themselves.  We all have these barriers or this list of things as excuses not to love our selves.  This is the greatest time in the history of the world to be alive and most can’t live in peace or in self love.  Any advice can be used to help you or hurt you.  Get out of self help and the new age spiritually.  They just keep giving you things to do because they know it will not help and you will keep coming back for more.  You will just add things to your list of what you have to do to start loving yourself.  It’s an endless cycle.  All self help and new age are reinforcing that you are broken.  The more you need self help, the more you are reinforcing that you need improved.  The more you need spirituality the more you reinforce you don’t have it.  If I have said it once Ive said it a million times.  You are perfect.  

Only someone who is not good enough is trying to be good enough.  Only someone who is broken is trying to be fixed.  The only way to love yourself and become who you really are is to let go of all the garbage that is telling you that you are not perfect.  Here is a perfect quote by Thomas Cooley on how everyone thinks:

“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am;  I am who I think you think I am. “

Most people who are not awake will try to pull others down to their level.  Then when someone out grows that they will say they need to be like other people they think are better than them, so they try to get to their level.  This needs to stop in order for you to keep growing.  Ask yourself, why you are not good enough?  What if you were good enough to start with?  What are all the things that keep the lie alive that you are not perfect?  Now let go of them!  Know you are perfect just because you are you.  That is core confidence because it does not depend on anything.  

This world keeps you destination focused.  Everything is always in the future.  When will I have made it?  So we are looking for a destination  for being perfect.  When you stop asking when will I be enough, you will be enough.  The underlying assumption is you are not enough and you are trying to get somewhere else to be enough.  The more you let go, the more you heal, the less resistance there is to being you, then there is no need to be somewhere else.  Right here, right now you are perfect, so you are enough.  Let go of the lies, the conditioning and the trauma.  Realize you are perfect.  

Things change, nothing is permanent.  Flow with it.  You can try as hard as you want to not change, but then you will stagnate.  If you accept everything that is you, you are going to change.  By accepting yourself you change and that is perfect.  What you resists persists.  Because you accept you are perfect, you are no longer spending a bunch of energy resisting yourself and hating yourself.  The masses spend a ton of energy on resisting and hating themselves.  Once you see yourself as enough you will have energy for other things.  People are tired all the time because of the battle inside going on all the time.  The war within.  When you see yourself as perfect you will be able to relax and feel at home in your own body.  

Decondition yourself from making life hard.  Stop putting everything in the future.  You could die today.  Do what you want too!  Become present.  Anything genius that you do will come from a present state of awareness.  Great decisions, great humor, great mood, being happy and enjoying the beauty of life all comes from the present moment.  Being present in the moment gets you to stop thinking.  

Admit you are an addict.  You are addicted to making life hard.  We think everyday is a new day, but for most every day is like the movie Groundhog Day.  Every thought you had yesterday, last week and last month is the same thoughts you will have today, tomorrow, next week and next month.  Same with emotions.  You will have the same anxiety and tiredness.  Intellectuals Im talking to you too.  It applies especially to you.  When you see all this in yourself you are not addicted to it anymore.  It is tough.  People love getting mad at their enemies and love having their enemies mad at them because it gives the ego an identity.  Having an addiction to negativity will always give you something to complain about and be pissed off about.  

Look at your core identity.  What do you keep reinforcing to keep your identity alive.  What rationalizing is going on in your head to keep your identity.  Who in your life keeps you in a negative mindset.  They are in your life to feed that addiction.  It’s always the people who are most addicted to their thoughts who are the most reactive to being shown this.  Understand human nature.  If you can get out of this, your life and consciousness will go higher.  Put your drug down.  The smarter the person is, the more likely they are to be stuck in their own head.   Free yourself from your own mind and live life.  Use the method I show in Magic with this post, realize you are perfect and admit you are addicted to your own thoughts.  Now you are on your way to freedom.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

Everyone takes their own path to waking up.  There is no right direction.  Take your own direction.  The view from the top will be the same.  



9 thoughts on “Why do we Make Life so Hard?”

  1. While reading your post, the words of Bob Marley popped in my mind ’emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.’ Great and insightful post, as always Gserpent 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I saved this post some time ago without reading it, saving it for “later”.
    One hour prior to actually reading it I was saying to myself: “I’m trapped in the same thoughts about how to improve myself over and over again and the thinking never stops, it makes me tired and blocks my potential”
    I sat down to clean up amongst my 100 saved “windows” at my phones browser.
    And found this saved one.
    Read it.

    THANK YOU and your genius brain 🙏🏻 It really resonates with me and I realize that only reading this and taking it in doesn’t change anything.
    Now is the time to take action instead of contemplating!

    Keep up the great work, you are really helping people with your insights (those who are ready for it) 🤗

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    1. Thank you Aurelia. Im glad it resonates with you. Understanding that you are trapped in your thoughts is the first step. Now you can take action. I will be glad to help you in any way I can. Even though you have already taken the hardest step it helps to have someone who has gone through it to talk too.
      You are very welcome. 😊


  3. How true. I love that bit that says…
    “I am what I think, you think I am,” (or something like that).

    I am really nothing like that.
    There is a saying… “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes…” I think that is my philosophy. Life changes our thoughts every minute… It is only us who wants to snatch a thought and proselytise upon its significance. Usually, it means nothing!

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