Human Nature


This world is a messed up place.  Our beliefs make us rationalize why the world is they way it is.  If you believe in yourself you will have one set of beliefs.  If you think a bearded man is running this world you are going to have some very low functioning beliefs.  Is everything about us genetic?  No!  It is all the programming in your mind.  Until people take control of their belief system and audit their own beliefs, the world will remain a scary place.  

What is it going to take to change the world?  It takes inner work for people to become conscious.  Becoming conscious involves pain.  This post will be painful and raw for most.  People do not understand human nature. Libertarians tell me I don’t take freedom far enough.  They think that governments should be abolished and we all should live free.  This is ignorance at the highest level.  The world needs governments because of human nature.  Im freeing peoples minds, so they can live their own life.  Because we live in this day and age we have no idea what true or absolute freedom really is. 

Governments were created before the war of the gods because they understood our minds and the nature of this new creation called Homo sapiens.  We are remembering and trying to see what works, but we are not taking human nature into account.  True freedom is Nature.  A wild animal has true freedom, but they have to fight for their life and survival.  Anarchists and Libertarians don’t understand this.  The reason why our ancestors built walls around cities was to keep the other humans out who wanted to conquer them.  If you just lived in a little town by yourself, it would not be long till a predator group of other people would come in and kill the men, rape the women, and enslave all they didn’t kill.  Libertarians argue that people have moral responsibilities and that would not happen.  Again this is ignorance, look at any point in history.  Humans don’t have any morals when it comes to survival. Most don’t have any morals today.  Governments are needed, but we have a long way to go.   

Every government leader wants the game rigged in their favor.  Especially in the U.S.  The collective layer of problems in this world are massive.  Ignorance is the culprit.  There is so much ignorance in politics.  All the politicians are self deceived and every voter is self deceived.  People are blind to their own selfishness.  The consciousness of the world is toxic, materialistic, ideological, dogmatic, pathological and filled with lies.  The leaders of this world are the most unconscious of all.  Deep blind selfishness and egotism rule this world.  Selfishness, fear and exploitation are societies default mode.  How can an individual raise their consciousness in this environment?  

People like my readers and I are aware and awake.  We are a nightmare to the masses when we have deep conversations with them.  Most are not ready to be shook awake.   The masses need governments!  Because of my post on Abortion and how I prove religions wrong, people try to categorize me as a leftist.  If showing people new ways to think means Im a leftist, then guilty as charged. I hate politics.  I am not left or right.  I could argue for both sides.  It is called not being polarized.  A big step in raising consciousness is to learn how to not be polarized.  

You can not be religious and expect to be conscious.    I don’t care what religion you belong to, your idealisms hold you back. This world thinks that we need to accept all religions in governments.  That is wrong.  Governments should ban all religions.  As people’s consciousness raise, they leave religions.  They become self aware.  Group think is herd mentality and it does not matter if it is left or right.  Group think is low consciousness.  Political discussions are full of selfishness, biases, ideology and corruptness.  Nonstop bickering has replaced serious discussions.  In the ancient world rhetoric, logic and philosophy were a must.  If you didn’t have all three there was no place for you in a political discussion.  Today’s politicians are selfish to the maximum degree.  All of them.  Today’s politics is all about tribalism.  

The masses are not conscious of their selfishness and narcissism.  People take first world governments for granted.  All the infrastructure, the roads, electricity, judicial system, parks, currency, laws, buildings, sewage systems, post offices, etc.   Our societies are about materialistic greed. At its very core politics is about the redistribution of power and resources.  Leaders do not care about fairness and equality, they just want to maximize their power and resources.  They just get the unconscious people to side with them.  In todays politics whoever has the most unconscious people following them wins.  The right hates the left and the left hates the right.  What people don’t understand is all the people involved are human.  Humans who beliefs and ideologies are running them.  

Every person has a selective focus.  When you value someone you will overly focus on the good things of that person.  When you lose value to someone you will focus on negative obscure things about them.  You will have a mind loop about the negativity of that person and rationalize why you don’t like them.  When you like someone you will put up with their little bad things, but when you don’t like someone you will use every little thing against them.  This is a sign of low consciousness.  Recognize this in yourself and others.  

A huge amount of your consciousness is not even you.  It is your addictions to chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline.  Your addiction to positivity.  Addiction to energies that might be something like spiritual energies.  Ever seen someone who looks like they are a robot?  People are addicted to paradigms and beliefs.  Ever talk to someone about something deep or heavy and when you are through talking they talk about something that is not even about what you just said.  Sometimes I get comments that I wont approve because the comment on my post is way out there.  I will think to myself, “I did all this work and that is what you got out of it?”  It’s all because they are not on the same conscious level.  They are coping.  It is no different than eating a Big Mac to escape or taking drugs to numb the mind.  The comment numbs the bad feeling they have from reading the post.  

Empathy is the key to getting out of this hole.  Understanding how others feel can help people create a win win for each other.  Instead of thinking “Whats in it for me?”  It needs to be “What is good for all of the parties involved?”   You understand this when you can see where the other person is coming from.  This whole world thinks that in order for someone to win someone else has to lose.  That is not a good thing.  Everyone you deal with you should try to make it a win win situation.  Until we acknowledge human behavior we can not fix anything.   Whatever it is you believe about the world, it will run you.  It will determine how you act and what you think about others.  We have to stop thinking of others as the enemy.  

Everyone thinks someone else will take car of the problems.  They think that everyone else should stop polluting, but not them.  Climate change is not their personal problem its everyone else’s problem.  We rationalize that someone else will take care of it.  We rationalize why the easier way is okay for us to do.  

As a species we are just staring to wake up.  It is what the December 21, 2012 Mayan calendar was trying to tell us.  We need to just keep from killing each other and  hitting the reset button, again.  

Most of the people on the planet are coping.  Coping means that one is not okay with themself.  They have all these things running them.  Bad beliefs, bad food they are eating, trauma, stress, etc.  They are just trying to cope with living here.  Most people drink alcohol to turn their brain off.  They are coping.  Their life is full of pain and trauma.  They are on their phone or watching television all the time.  They cant be alone with their own thoughts. They are mentally retreating.  Even when they are having fun they are arguing with others.  The average person who is coping is trying to deal with the reality of life and they cant really accomplish a lot.  They are so full of discontent.  They know something isn’t right.  They have this feeling something is not right.  In steps the politician that blames everything on the other side.  Right versus left, its all the other sides fault.  They just say that something sucks or is bad.  The person in coping rationalizes that this leader must be right and they jump in.  This also works with conspiracy websites.  The only way to get someone’s mind who is coping to engage is to use anger, rage, fear, hate, etc.  This is why the media is the way it is.  They know the masses are just coping and they know how to get them to engage and click like.  

Do an audit of your mind.  How much intelligence, focus, discipline and impulse control do you have?    If you know deep down that you don’t have impulse control, that you are lazy or you can’t make certain decisions, the types of beliefs that you have are someone else’s.  Most people will accept the path of least resistance.  

Our technology is the greatest strength of our species, but it is also are greatest weakness.  We have phones that let us talk to anyone around the world and get information at the touch of a button, but we sit on it all day looking at mind numbing garbage.   It is all part of the victim mindset.  The idea of being a victim numbs the bad feelings you have for things.  

Our society right now wants to keep people from being triggered.  You can’t say something offensive because it will hurt someones feelings.  Society needs to be triggered!  Our world is not doing good.  We must wake up!!!  Everyone needs to break out of their victim complex.  If we stay in this ‘don’t trigger people’ garbage, they will be stuck in the victim mindset forever.  I am all for love and care for a soft sensitive person, but sooner or later their beliefs need to be challenged.  I love the negative emails and comments I get.  It lets me know if Im on the right track.  Now if Ralph Ellis, Laura Bruno or someone else of their caliber got on one of my posts and told me, “Hey mate, you are simply wrong” then gave me information, not beliefs, information on what is the truth, I would pay attention.  No matter what feelings it triggered.  So hate on my posts all you want.  Just don’t bring beliefs.  We need those rejections.  It is feedback.  

Ever wonder why good looking people are stupid.  The better looking a person is the more likely they are to be dumb.  It is all because people just agree with what ever they say and do.  They are visually pleasing,  we want them in our life, so we don’t want to say anything against their thoughts.  With someone we don’t find very good looking we do the exact opposite.  Im not saying ugly people are smart, don’t do that to me.  I am showing you human nature.  This is one of the reason  I stay anonymous. I don’t want you agreeing with me just because you think Im nice to look at or disagree with me if you think Im repulsive.  This is precisely the reason why corporations want good looking people at their events and use good looking people their commercials.  They know how this works.  

We have a huge drug problem in the world.  The big one today is Meth.  In the 80’s it was cocaine.  Meth is made with drain cleaner, battery acid, lantern fuel and antifreeze.  Why the hell are people putting this in their body?   It is killing people everyday. The reason why people do these hard core drugs is that they don’t see a future. If you don’t see that you have a future or see a bigger picture for yourself, you have no problem putting these chemicals in your body.  If you are not in that mode, taking meth is inconceivable.  We as a society want to ignore it.  All it is doing is giving these people a way to cope and have relief from this world.  What is your meth?  

We have got to get people to believe in themselves.  Raising consciousness is the way to do it.  It is why I write about Magic and show the truth.  But human nature wants instant gratification.  Creating something takes a long time, destroying something is very quick.  Think of how much an athlete has to work to become world class.  Now think of a career ending injury.  It takes a long time to get very good, but a millisecond to get hurt.  Everything works this way.  Your health takes time to get healthy, but it is almost instant to make yourself sick.  People need a long term vision and this world does everything to keep you from seeing it.  This world offers people the path of least resistance. When people take the easy path and not the harder path, they will come up with mental lies too rationalize.  The reason why this world gives people the path of least resistance is because they want to make money.  The average person does not have the focus or energy to take the hard road.  

When you hear people talk about other people they are jealous of or don’t like, they are really talking about themselves.  Just here recently I have heard some female soccer players talking about Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe.  They are saying how Alex is just a pretty face and Megan has no right to stand up for what she believes.  No one understands how much time and effort these girls have put in to get where the are.  When you say things about others, you sabotage yourself.  You really don’t believe you can do the same thing, so you pull anything negative out.  When I heard these girls talking about Alex and Megan, I know that they will never put in the hard work to get to that level or they will never stand up for something they really believe in.  It is a narrative that works for them and what they want.  Don’t fall into narratives that will limit you.  Don’t fall into coping based beliefs.   Don’t have the thought that you couldn’t do that or you can’t have that.  Do it in a frame of reasonability.  

You have got to believe in yourself.  Quit doing things that harm you, like bad food, chemicals, substances and lack of sleep.  When you harm yourself you unconsciously believe you can’t accomplish higher goals.  Know your mind will make up these narrative as to why you can’t do something.  When you meet someone who is a star athlete, great author, CEO of a huge corporation, star actor or actress, star coach or any one else successful in what they wanted to do, they have steady eyes, mood control, focus, energy, ability to pay attention, social skills etc.  They are thriving.  They are not coping with the garbage that is in their head.  They are living authentically.  Just being around these people is awesome.  They have a high vibrational frequency.  It is inspiring just to be in their presents.  

We as a whole in society have low standards.  Just being around the masses puts you around low vibration, so this low vibration is everywhere.  When you are around people with high standards it raises you up.  When you get around people with higher standards you will keep up.  You will elevate to their level, but as soon as you go back to your normal group of friends you will fall back to their level.  This is why people who wake up lose their friends they have had for a long time.  They start vibrating on a higher level and want to be around others vibrating who are vibrating on their own level.  

Humans are delusional in rationalizing, very self serving and self interested in things that are self destructive.  We are full of all these things that are running us.  People are a collection of influences, chemicals running in their body, beliefs speaking into their ear and the paradigm they are in.  This is why they are called muggles.   You can build your life where it is easy to do healthy things, easy be calm in situations, easy to read books, easy to do whatever it is that you want.  People who have done this will get in bad moods if they don’t do what it is they know they need to do.  Then when they finally do it, it’s like a relief.  My daughter works out with soccer everyday.  When she doesn’t get a chance to do it, she gets in a bad mood.  But when she finally gets to work out, her great personality comes back.  She has made soccer a habit.  Only time will tell how far it takes her.  

Many people are mad that soccer and other sports has become a pay to play system.  The people who designed these systems are playing on human nature.  When humans pay for something they pay closer attention and stick with it.  By giving something you engage yourself more in the activity. When things are free you have nothing to keep you in it.  If you pay $1,000.00 for a personal trainer to train you for a month, you are going to show up for every session because you paid for it.  If it’s free, you start thinking that you are not losing anything by not going.  Very few people will stick with something if they don’t pay for it or give something for it.  With no sense of urgency you will always put it off.  It is human nature.    

When you start to believe in yourself you see the life that is in front of you.  When you believe in yourself you will do the inner work to become more conscious.  You become more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Working on yourself is not comfortable.  Like Michael Tsarion asks, “Have you bought the lie?”   This world sells lies everywhere.   It is not a matter of if you are being sold a lie, it is “Have you bought the lie?”  Im pro government, but people need to understand the bombardment of lies, consumerism and materialism that will be thrown at them.  Be aware of what is being sold to you.  Nothing ever happens as planned.  When things don’t happen as planned people just give up.  Realize a perfect life is a lie.  Understand what is running you.  Know yourself!  What are your influences?  What are the chemicals running through your body?  What beliefs are running you?  

Create a culture of what you want to do around you.  Quit thinking that if you could just have something that you don’t have, you would be happy. Understand what Happiness really is.  Get addicted to yourself.  A challenging life is more satisfying.  It helps you grow.  You have all sorts of raw potential that you don’t know you have.  Make your own good things happen.  Get away from thinking happiness is leisure.  Doing things you want to do is enriching and satisfying.  You don’t hear that in a commercial.  They all want your money, so they sell you that buying their product will make you happy.  Everything in this world is about money and we think money brings happiness.  Doctors don’t push natural health because you can’t make money off healthy people.  You can not copyright nature.  They can copyright a chemical laden pill and sell it to you.  Pharmaceuticals is sold to us as health.  Ever wonder why some famous people get caught up in drugs and ruin their life?  They have made it because of their parents name, money or persuasion.  Life has been given to them and they still are not happy.  It’s because they have had an easy life and have not had to work for it.  You will not lie to yourself.  You subconsciously know if you had to work for it.  

Here  is what will help you become more conscious… inner growth, stay in control, become more present to the moment, letting go of trauma and guilt, getting to the core of what is authentic to you, understand more of who you are, so your actions can move you towards authenticity, take on challenges and push yourself past it, create and do what you love to do,  talk to others who love to do what you love to do, speak your passion and don’t hide it.  By doing this you will find other who you can relate to.   Do stuff outside you comfort zone.  Enjoy yourself.  Find the potential that you don’t know you have.   

The two biggest things I think the world needs to do to become more conscious or wake up is get rid of religion and stop having certain bloodlines run the world.  I see religion as a security blanket or stuffed animal we grow out of.  The human race has out grown religion and is holding us back.  The blood lines that are running the world have gone stale.  They have been so inbred that they can’t make rational decisions for everyone.  What happens when a breed of dog is inbred for too long.  They become sick physically and mentally.  This is where are leaders have brought themselves too.  They have inbred for way too long and there is not fountain of youth left for them.  It is time let us mutts realize our own potential and take the reins of our own world.  

10 thoughts on “Human Nature”

  1. Hey thank you for this wonderful article. I would just love to share this with everyone I know but first I have to set all these insights in motion for myself. But I know I’m capable of that, just need to be very honest to myself. Anyhow I was wondering what your take is on Neville Goddards subject of everybody is you pushed out? Because u said in your post that like minded people attract eachother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry accidentally hit the reply button. Oops. It sounds like what Goddard is saying is that everyone around you is you. Like hangs around like. Opposites do not attract with humans. If someone’s friends are walking zombies than that person is a walking zombie. If someone is an authentic individual than their friends will be authentic individuals. You are who you hang around. Gauge yourself by looking at your friends.


  2. Wow, interesting reading. I certainly think religion is defunct. And so are the Oligarch bloodlines… Where am I? Trying to figure our how to find freedom (very difficult).
    Politics doesn’t work and neither does radicalism or rebellion (just playing at it but not breaking down barriers).
    Perhaps it is just doing what I like, ignoring all rules, but then that doesn’t allow for compassion… So that just leaves compassion and valuing life itself.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have one rule and you may like it too. Do whatever you want to do as long as you don’t harm anyone or anything. I include not harming myself in this.
      The meaning of life is for you to create your life, not let others create it for you. You are a Goddess, might as well start acting like one. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Spot on target with every bullet you fired with this post. Excellent way of describing the current mind set of the world with words. Thanks for putting it out to the uni-verse.

    Liked by 1 person

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