This post will come as a surprise to a lot of people.  Even ‘awake’ people don’t know very much about Shakespeare.  His writings are taught in school as one of the greatest works ever in human history.  While manuscripts of the most important writers in the history of the world have made their way to museums, not one of Shakespeares has made it in any museum, ever. The father of english literature and not one original manuscript can be found.  This post is to show that history is not all that it seems.  Most things we are taught are not entirely the truth.  

Many people goto Stratford every year to see the home of Shakespeare.  They are given a nice little story of his life.  That is all it is, a story.  In 1770, James Wilmot went to Stratford to collect stories about Shakespeare, only to discover there were none to be found.  He then tried to locate  the books of such a worldly intelligent man.  Again he could nothing.  All Wilmot could find was that Shakespeare was a butcher’s son who took up acting.  Wilmot determined that the stories of Shakespeare were made up by the locals to help the local cottage industry.  Tourism is profitable.  

What has survived is Shakespeares real signature on various documents he was known to have signed.  He could barely write his own name.  Would a prolific author barely be able to write his own name?  Shakespeares own daughters were illiterate. They could not even sign their own name.  If you were one of the greatest writers ever in the history of the world, would your kids be illiterate?  Shakespeare’s Will left no literature, no books, no stories, no plays or nothing even unfinished.  There is no evidence that Shakespeare ever left Stratford.  He definitely never spent time in a royal court.  His real profession was a wool trader.  

Who was the real Shakespeare?  Some have said it was Queen Elizabeth her self, but I find this unlikely because in Richard II the divine right of royalty is questioned. Another was Edward de Vere, but he fell out of favor with Queen Elizabeth and he died a very broke man.  So we are looking for someone who was secretly against Queen Elizabeth but had her favor.  That man was Sir Francis Bacon.  Sir Francis Bacon was very high in the Masonic groups of The Order of the Quest and the Invisible College.  Bacon had the worldly intelligence and the knowledge of the royal court.  To hide something this big it would take a small group of secretive men.  

Bacon’s very close friend was Henry Wriothesley,  the Earl of South Hampton.  Wriothesley is a know patron of Shakespeare’s work.  He let the Earl of Essex  perform the play Richard II.  The Earl of Essex and Wriothesley were then arrested by Queen Elizabeth because it questioned the divine right of royalty.  She saw it as starting a rebellion.  Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Bacon were both forced to choose sides.  They chose the Queen.  This is the reason for the concealment of the true author of the manuscripts.  

Bacon was without a doubt one of the hands behind colonizing the Americas.  He believed in the ideal of a New World.  Bacon and his circle of friends in the Elizabethan court ended up receiving and owning land in the Americas.  Bacon had one foot in the visible world and one foot in the invisible world.  He had beliefs that challenged the rights of royalty, betrayed friends to save his own neck,  he took bribes which he was convicted of, he was part of a group that wanted academic freedom and because science was decreed heresy and witchcraft the group communicated with each other out of reach of the watchful eye of the church.  These men knew how to do secrecy right.  

The list of people who know the truth about Shakespeare consists of people like Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, John Greenleaf Whittier, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.  Now you can add your name to that list.   There are many theories as to who wrote all of Shakespeare’s works, but one thing is for sure it was not William Shakespeare.  Even American Historian Alexander Brown wrote “May not Bacon have aided Shakespeare in compiling some of his plays?”

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    1. I think that the work was so good that it became popular quickly. Once a lie is sold for some reason it has to keep being sold no matter who uncovers the truth. It can’t be admitted that royalty was fooled.

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    1. You are absolutely right. He did write the King James Version. As far as a Rosicrucian, he had a lot of people in that order around him, all the secret societies work together. It would not surprise me if he was.

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      1. Bacon was out for himself first and foremost. I am a big Tony Bushby fan and love his books. Bacon new exactly who wrote the original version of the bible and he knew he could spin it in any direction he wanted too, just like Josephus Flavius did with the original. With the new version it would keep the Protestants under control. It gave more freedom for thinking and individuality, but still kept them under control. Which is ultimately what the secret societies want, people who just barely think for themselves, but remain under their control in order to make money off of them. It is why they keep reminding people, especially in the U. S., that they are free. If people are so free, why do they have to be told they are? As long as religion and the lies of this world keep minds small, there will never be freedom in the true sense. Bacon knew this and he has played his cards very well.

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      2. Which is why King James I “knighted” him upon ascension.

        No ordinary man, prior to that he served Elizabeth I as legal advisor.

        It’s so crazy nobody can see it. Or if they do, they explain it away as the truth is ever so inconvenient…

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      3. It is all ego based. There is no change without humility. People cant admit they are wrong. When people think they are right they stop learning. The ego wants to be comfortable and admitting you were wrong is not comfortable. We are creatures of comfort.

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    1. That is awesome! I didn’t realize they were making a movie about it. I will definitely be watching that. Thanks Pythia. 😊 I’m curious as to who they say wrote it.
      “We’ve all been played”. Now if they would only do a movie like that on Religion. Lol.


      1. Gserpent I won’t spoil the fun of your curiosity and inquisitive mind… You may already know the Score!

        As for the Religious “We’ve all been played” I have personally found Michael Tsarion’s Astrotheology, Ancient Origins, and Taroscopes, Path of the Fool series, the greatest evidence on that. It’s a real pity that Path of the Fool series isn’t yet available on youtube after the thought-police closed his channel, before I managed to get through the whole series. And this being can’t afford to pay for watching them on his private Unslaved channel …until now. That series was amazing, with layers upon layers, of pearls of wisdom unfolding…..same as this channel you have Created here….all coming from the same Source!

        PS I AM also wondering, (unless you already have it created somewhere on this Great Space, and I haven’t discovered it yet), whether there is a list of great movies with great underlying messages, which can be grasped with an open mind, compiled in one place here, i.e. one list. And which we could possibly also contribute to, as we cannot all have seen the most significant movies that help us grasp this grand Cosmic Play! If you already have this compiled this list, then I wish to be advised of this relative link on your blog/space. Bee always blessed!

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      2. I love Tsarion’s work. It was him who actually woke me up. You can not go wrong with any of his work.

        I don’t have a list of movies written down, but that is a good idea. I will see if I can put one together.


  1. Now this one hit me like a ton of bricks! Was so enamored with good old Shakespeare!
    What’s the real story with Stone Hedge in England, do you have any information?
    Man not Shakespeare! Shakespeare an illiterate!!

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    1. First and foremost, Stonehenge is real. It is showing us the mathematics that was used in all the megaliths around the world. That math is Pi. It is also much older than we are told. Using the star method to date it puts it at 11,600 BCE. Stonehenge screams precession. It is literally showing how the movements of the earth work. Why we have a zodiac and how it seems to move through the sky. The ancients had a 19 year celebration at Stonehenge because of the movement of the stars. Stonehenge is a precession clock.

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      1. My daughter was there last week and she did not want to leave! She said that she could have stayed there forever!
        Now I understand why! You know that one can no longer go close to the stones and touch them!?!
        Some nonsense about killing the grass. Smh

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      2. Yes l know. The actual reason is because idiots were chipping pieces of the stones off for a souvenir. That will make you shake your head even more.

        That is great your daughter had a connection there. I think it’s great how the younger generation is feeling the energies.


  2. Ah, this makes so much sense to me. I have never thought ‘Shakespeare Plays,’ anything more than dreary dogma. I have never understood the mentality behind ‘the play’s the thing! ‘ We have been hoodwinked, usurped and tricked into believing all sorts of rubbish.

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