We all worry.  Why do we worry all the time?  Getting this under control is one of the greatest things Magic does.  We as a human race are constantly looking for problems and danger.  We look for something to happen.  No matter how good things get, we constantly play out worst case scenarios in our mind.   Most people think this is a good thing.  They are simply wrong.  It fills us with anxiety and we get addicted to the anxiety.  You will never eliminate worrying, but you can understand that worrying is worthless.   

When you worry you don’t get good results in your life and it makes you not feel good.  It makes you feel frantic and anxious.  It causes you to self sabotage.  You focus on something and you actually attract it to you.  What you think about you bring about.  I just got back from a vacation.  We flew out to Phoenix and my mind wanted to get me to think about the bad things that could happen.  What if the flight has a mechanical delay?  What if our rental car breaks down?  What if our reservations were messed up at the resort?  What if, what if, what if.  If I focused on these worries, I would not have had a good time.  What most do is they focus on the bad that pops into their mind and it makes their motivation go way down.  

The ancients called this the troll or gremlin in the mind. It is the troll or gremlin in your mind that is doing this.  People will worry so much and cause the thing to happen that they worry about and then they will say their worrying was justified.  When if fact they brought it upon themselves.  The thing with worrying is that is spikes the emotion of anxiety and fear.  When you set things in your mind with emotion it makes them stronger.  Your mind thinks that’s what you want so it brings it to you.  Then your mind gets into a vicious loop.  

First you need to understand that worrying is not your fault.  If you have read Lemurian Magic, you understand that chaos has been with the human race from the beginning.  Our race has had catastrophic things happen from the very beginning.   It is why the human race is how it is.  When things get good we worry about bad things happening.  When bad things don’t happen we make bad things happen because we are addicted to the feeling.   Our mind wants to bring bad things to the fore front.  We live in a world of duality.  Bad things will happen, but we as a human race keep thinking about bad things and actually bring on bad things because we are addicted to it.  It is just like a new born who’s mother was addicted to a drug while she was pregnant.  That new born will be addicted to that drug and will probably seek that drug out their whole life.  This is the human race!  We were born addicted to the drug of chaos.  Our mind seeks it out!   We are addicted to fear and anxiety and we want that drug.  

Worrying is useless.  You will never eliminate them, but you can reduce the worrying or make them not as bad.  Worrying drains your energy. It drains you psychic energy and mental resources.  When you focus on the worrying you start to worry more.  Your vibration starts to change and your mind brings in more negative worrying(see Are Your Thoughts Your Own?).  When you start to worry, catch yourself and ask your mind, why are you doing this?  What is the purpose of this negative worrying?  Let the ego side of you mind know that you are in charge now and you will focus on all the cool, fun, good things that will happen instead of the bad.  That is exactly what I do anytime I get caught into a worry spiral.   This process can be rather amusing if you listen to yourself argue with your own ego.  It is what Gollum in Lord of the Rings was based on.  

The ego is the infantile side of the mind.  If you yell at yourself and talk down to yourself in your own head, it will just feed the tantrums and worrying that your ego will do in the future.  You need to be gentle with your own ego.  Just like a child will not respond well to negative motivation, neither will your ego.  Negative motivation will work, but it’s not high quality and will not last for long.  Besides why would you want to motivate yourself with pain when you can motivate yourself with ambitions, pleasure and desire.  Become aware of yourself by monitoring your own thoughts.  Be honest with yourself.  If you are a constant worrier and all you do is think negative thoughts all the time,  make a catastrophe about situations,  worry about stuff that is out of your control or if you worry about things and stuff does not work out for you then you need to admit to yourself that the infant ego is in control.  This is valuable insight to have about yourself.  With this you can bring awareness to your worrying.   

Your thoughts create your feelings and emotions.  If you are anxious and low energy all the time then its your thoughts that’s doing it to you.  It creates frustration and negative feelings.  Try to focus on the positive outcomes when you catch yourself worrying.  When I catch myself worrying about the negativity I will get with what I say on my blog, I switch that to focusing on all the people I will help by releasing info that is very hard to find.  I focus on the chains that I break others from.  How breaking the chains made my life better and how it will help others who want to break the chains too.  Even if you have done the rejecting thoughts and accepting thoughts exercise I show in Magic, this exercise on focusing on the positive outcomes will help you too.  

This is the beginning of inner work and understanding yourself.  Im not telling you that all your fear is bad.  There is such a thing as realistic fear.  You would not be alive without realistic fear, but worrying brings on unrealistic fear.  So other people will tell you that you have to get rid of all your fear.  Realistic fear is necessary.  It keeps you from doing stupid things that will get you hurt or killed.  Unrealistic fear is when you experience fear or anxiety when there is no real threat.  It’s all in your head.   It is all the ego doing it.  I can not stress this enough, it’s not your fault.  Our minds are addicted to anxiety because of our history.   Here are three more things that will help you get the worrying under control. 

  1. Put yourself in new situations.  Experience the world.  Learn things for yourself.  Part of the reason a lot of people worry is they live a sheltered life.  Remember back the first time you started something new like your job.  You worried about every last little thing until you got used to doing it and it became routine.  All the unrealistic fears you had caused anxiety.  When you get out and do new things your mind will worry, but do the exercise I just showed you.  Then when you go do the new things you like again, there will be less anxiety and you will have learned new things.  
  2. Break the feedback loop of your mind.  Whatever your internal state is, your emotional state or your regular state, it will be how you perceive the world.  We all live in this world but perceive it different.  It is our relativity.  We will all tune in to things that keep that inner state alive.  When you start to get into a worry spiral, you will look for things to reinforce your worrying.  Then you worry more and look for more reinforcement.  Break that loop.  Make yourself focus on the positive outcomes.  This is why I say cut out the news.  All of the news is to keep you in a negative feedback loop.  Change your influences.  
  3. Re-own what you have disowned about yourself.  Think of a time in your life where you were made fun of or shamed for something you did that was outside the norm of the masses.  Maybe you had an outfit you loved and wore it to school and got made fun of, so you never wore it again and started wearing what everyone else was wearing.  Maybe you spoke up about something and were shamed by a teacher for not going with what’s in the text book.  It may not sound like much, but to a kid it is traumatic and overwhelming.  As a kid, your world is all you knew.  To not fit in literally feels like you will die to a kid.   When you were shamed or ridiculed your survival instinct kicked in and disowned certain parts of yourself, so you could fit in.  You have lived your life that way ever since.  When certain things come up in your life today that trigger you, it makes you feel like you did when you were a kid.  Realistically being different is not dangerous, but our mind makes it out to be dangerous.  Re-own who you are and validate who you really are.  Look for things that trigger you, the things make your mind start to worry and give you anxiety.   Those are things you have disowned about yourself.  People try to stay out of situations that trigger them, but if you let yourself be triggered it brings it out so you can bring awareness to it.  

Apply all of this to your life and it will help slow the worrying down.  These are what helped me.  No one knows you better than yourself.  Magicians, Witches and Wizards use the subconscious side of the mind to help them think.  It is the part of the mind that has been around since the beginning.  Using it will not eliminate worrying, but it will help bring the worrying ego under control.  

28 thoughts on “Worrying”

  1. “We are born addicted to the drug of chaos.”
    Chaos can be a bad thing for some, assuredly. I prefer to look at the good side of chaos. Anything is possible! Chaos brings change. Chaos brings renewal. Chaos opens doors that might otherwise remain closed. Chaos teaches resilience. Chaos teaches strength.

    Worrying is a downer. And a lot of people are addicted to it. Worry at its worst is worrying about not having anything to worry about. Self-talk IS a great way to combat it. But also talk about what is good for you at the same time as what is bad for you. Boy scouts say, “Be prepared,” to which I add, for anything. Douglas Adams wrote, “Don’t panic!” If you are prepared for anything, you never have to panic. You never have to worry…

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    1. I agree 100% about chaos. It does bring change. Our minds seem to crave it. We are addicted to the feeling of having anxiety.

      Worrying is a downer. People will worry about worrying. It’s a viscous loop.
      Be prepared and don’t panic is great advice.

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  2. I love this post 😍
    It says so much about who we are and what we must do to break the negative.
    I am doing a short series of posts on self analysis, using Graphology techniques, and this would be a perfect summation piece at the end… I am asking for your permission to reprint it in its entirety (with link back to your blog, of course)? Please though, I ask you to read my Graphology posts, in their entirety (probably 2 more to come, making 5 in total), before you grant permission, so that you also see it as a logical follow on post. I like to think of my posts as a collaboration of ideas, and wouldn’t want to misrepresent your intentions. 😊

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    1. Thanks Colettebytes. 😊 I have no problem with you reposting anything of mine. I will definitely check out all of your Graphology posts. I find it very interesting as my hand writing is very messy. Found out in your post that it means I’m very private and hard to read. That hits the nail right on the head. I look forward to the next posts.


      1. Thank you.🤗

        Er… Although I can read your posts in my WordPress App, I cannot go to your Web page… I tried two browsers (Firefox and Google) and I get a message that your content is blocked. I have never seen this before… And can access other blogs no problem. Each time, I am redirected to my provider… They deem your material as adult in nature. I have put in a request to take the block off, but what are you posting, that had triggered a block?


      2. My phone Sim has an adult content block in place, so something small may have triggered it. I basically keep the block in place, because I know a lot of hacks, and viruses come in on adult Web sites


      3. The only thing I can think of is I had a link to David Whitehead’s site in the friends of the serpent button. His site was hacked and when people tried to go to his sight it was redirected to some unfavorable sites. I had to erase him from the button. That was about 4 months ago. I have some posts about temple prostitutes, but nothing graphic. It is the reason the biblical scribes call Mary Magdalene a prostitute. I also have posts on eunuchs and pedophilia that could have triggered it. These posts were showing where things in religions come from.


      4. I switched to my WiFi provider (rather the phone) and it is not blocked there, so I think it might just be a bot that has identified certain words as ‘adult only’ content. I wouldn’t worry too much. 😊❤️

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  3. Quote: “Your thoughts create your feelings and emotions.” In my world (er,hum…) there are no “feelings and emotions” as such. Emotions always result from, and follow feelings. Emotions are easily dealt with if the manufacturing feelings are. It begins with the thinking process (except for those feelings that erupt from physical contact, like smashing a thumb, banging one’s head or cutting a finger, or some temp sickness like what’s called ‘the flu’) and it’s at the thinking level that all is taken care of. Thoughts will be thoughts, arising on their own, for whatever reason, but they need to be examined to be owned or disowned. If they are seriously disowned they will not have the power to engender feelings which in turn engender emotions. In my world (er… hum…) all emotions are negative. I call that the exhaust of feelings. Just as one would not pipe one’s car exhaust back into the gas tank, or into the cab of the vehicle, one cannot play with emotions. Emotions can only be exhausted (sic) or the one playing with them will be exhausted and quickly overcome. No wonder so many are emotionally drained and physically exhausted, never getting a chance to engage life on a healthy and wholesome level.

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  4. I’m a worrier…not excessive but if I have an ache, I’m sure it’s cancer type of worrier. I seem to think of the worst that can happen and somewhat dwell.

    But an odd thing Ive always done and felt, is that if I do worry about something bad happening, it won’t. It’s like I feel the act of worrying the worst will ensure it won’t happen and if I’m positive about it, it will.
    Seems weird I know, but I’ve always been this way and so far, so good for the most part.

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    1. I used to tell my daughter, “Keep worrying because nothing ever happens, so it’s working”. Until I found Magic. Colettebytes is right, something in your psyche is keeping it from happening. However, you have gotten addicted to it. The more you do that, the more your subconscious will bring things to you to make you worry because it thinks you want to worry. Does that make sense? This stuff is sometimes so hard to explain. If you get addicted to worrying about small stuff that makes you blow things out of proportion, your subconscious won’t necessarily bring the event but it will bring things to make you worry. That is what it thinks you want, to worry. If it made the event happen, you wouldn’t worry about it anymore.
      Sounds like your trigger to make things happen is positive thoughts, which is great. 😊


  5. What I meant by positive, I stated wrong. If I have a persistent ache. I worry to some degree that it’s cancer because that way it won’t be.
    But if I think positively about the ache and tell myself it’s only muscle strain or some inflammation that will go away, it’ll be cancer. I do the opposite of what you’d think would be a normal response.
    In all this, I’m not an overly worried and as I get older I worry more about little things than I did when I was young. Then I worried about the big things in life…not so much now because I’ve been there done that…
    Overall I worry less, but I just use that strategy.

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    1. Ok I got you. Trick of the mind sort of thing. Everyones strategy is different. Use what works for you. If you are happy with the results, that’s all you can ask for. That is the great thing about Magic, there is no absolute right way.
      Been there done that does help to keep the mind at ease. One of the perks of getting older.
      Thanks for sharing.

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  6. It took me such a long time to understand the uselessness of worrying, though we cannot help it creep back in every now and again.. But understanding how it can affect one’s body and health pulls me back on track..
    What will be will BE regardless if I have worried over it or not.
    Many thanks for a great read I came via Colettes reblog of your post
    Kind regards, Sue 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Sue Dreamwalker. Thank you reading and leaving a great comment. I agree, we need to flow. It is all how we react to things on whether it is positive or negative. Our minds are so addicted to worrying that it is very hard to stop. When the mind is silenced answers come. That is one of the main goals I try to relay to my readers. I will have to thank Colette for brining me such high conscious readers and fellow writers. Vibration in motion. 😊

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  7. Ever since the 60’s, visiting my grandparent’s home, my uncle was then reading Mad Magazine. It was then, I was first introduced to one of my childhood heroes, Alfred E. Newman. His motto has stuck with me for many years, “What, Me Worry?” I guess this was the first axiom I could remember and for the most part, it has served me well over the years.

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