Why Jews Don’t Eat Pork

If you are familiar with my work, you know the Jews or Israelites were pure Lower Egyptian. They were the Hyksos people of Ancient Egypt.  If you ask most people where the Jewish religion comes from, they will tell you Israel.  Israel was created May 14, 1948. The Jews have been around way longer than 71 years.  All religions are full of smoke and mirrors.  This just shows how much information has been lost in this world.  Im about to uncover the answer to one of questions that  even most Jews don’t know the answer too.  Why do Jews not eat pork? 

When I ask my Jewish friends why they don’t eat pork, they give me an answer like “Its a nasty filthy animal”, “It’s a sacrificed animal not meant for men to eat” or may favorite, a firm and resounding “I don’t know”.  One friend of mine told me that starting in the 13th century Christians would put pictures of Jews suckling the teats of a sow in churches and public places and Martin Luther preached that the pig was the source of the Jews uncanny wisdom and power.  So because infantile Christians were making fun of the Jews using a pig, Jews quit eating the animal.  That kind of made sense to me because the Torah does not have any particular aversion the the pig.  But with that kind of reasoning anytime someone was teased by being called a chicken, wouldn’t they would stop eating chicken? So I kept digging.  

I came across Gerald Massey and he wrote about how ancient people had totem animals.  These totem animals were very sacred to people and this is how people would not eat certain animals.  The pig represented fertility and the Jews used the zootype of the pig as their totem animal.  Manly P Hall even used this as his reason why Jews don’t eat pork.  I thought this was going to be the best answer I could get.  But then I came crossed this:

And Ra cursed the pig because of Set, and said, “Let the pig be an abomination to Horus.”

This was a coffin text.  Gerald Massey wrote that it was a black pig and it represented dark and  evil power.  So I had to get my hands on this coffin text to find out for myself.  Here it is: 

Coffin Text: The Tale of Horus and the Pig, (c. 1900 B.C.): Why the Egyptians did not eat pork: “O Batit of the evening, you swamp-dwellers, you of Mendes, ye of Buto, you of the shade of Re which knows not praise, you who brew stoppered beer—do you know why Rekhyt [Lower Egypt] was given to Horus? It was Re who gave it to him in recompense for the injury in his eye. It was Re–he said to Horus: “Pray, let me see your eye since this has happened to it” [injured in the fight with Seth]. [Source: A. de Buck, “The Egyptian Coffin Texts,” (Chicago, 1918), p. 326, Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Egypt, Fordham University]

Then Re saw it. Re said: “Pray, look at that injury in your eye, while your hand is a covering over the good eye which is there.” Then Horus looked at that injury. It assumed the form of a black pig. Thereupon Horus shrieked because of the state of his eye, which was stormy [inflamed]. Horus said: “Behold, my eye is as at that first blow which Seth made against my eye!” Thereupon Horus swallowed his heart before him [lost consciousness].

Then Re said: “Put him upon his bed until he has recovered.” It was Seth—he has assumed form against him as a black pig; thereupon he shot a blow into his eye. Then Re said: “The pig is an abomination to Horus.” “Would that he might recover,” said the gods. That is how the pig became an abomination to the gods, as well as men, for Horus’ sake…”

At last the reason why Jews do not eat pork.  In their forgotten or hidden history of being Lower Egyptian, they have lost the reasoning.  Pulled out of a text from 1900 B.C.  is the true reason for not eating pork.  If you still worship Horus, then by all means keep your dietary restriction, but if you do not worship Horus then what’s the use?  

I know some of my readers are probably saying this is trivial, but if a group of religious people are doing things for reasons they don’t know or understand, what else are they doing for reasons they don’t know or understand?  This has been a custom for almost 4,000 years and people follow it without question.  It all goes back to Egypt. 

For more on Set and Horus, see Gods of Egypt and Evil Eye.  For more on how the Jews are the Hyksos Lower Egyptians , see Patriarch Pharaohs.

5 thoughts on “Why Jews Don’t Eat Pork”

  1. Just to offer another reason why Jewish people learned to avoid pork: in ancient times people did not bother to cook their food, or they would only singe it. Pork meat was the main carrier of the trichinella spirala larvae, which were killed by cooking the meat thoroughly. Eating the uncooked or undercooked meat caused a disease we know today as trichinosis. Today it is not fatal, but it does make those who contract it quite sick. It is quite easy to relate the eating of pork to sickness. The best way to avoid getting sick in ancient times, when people did not understand they had to cook the meat thoroughly, was to stop eating pork altogether. This is the most logical reason for not eating pork, and I got it from a Jewish rabbi I used to know. I wonder why those Jews you talked to did not mention it.


    1. We actually had several conversations about diseases and food poisoning, but Jews still avoid it today. Most will avoid a food if it makes them sick or if they cant cook it the right way. But when it was discovered how to cook it properly why didn’t the Jews start to eat it. I needed to find something that targeted just this group of people. Something that effects the heart and mind of a nation. The ancient Upper Egyptians had no problem eating pork. If I went further with this Coffin Text, it talks about how even pig farmers were cast out of society in Lower Egypt. The farmers were not allowed to enter the temples of the Gods ever and their children could not marry with the worshippers of the Gods.


      1. Like I said previously, I’m not out to prove you wrong. We are talking about an ancient group of people, so unknowable to us that all we can do is speculate.
        The thing to do, in my mind, is to not overthink it. The simplest answer is usually the right one, though not always. Once the religion banned pork, and separated themselves from everyone else, it made them unique. Religions love to be unique, to have something that distinguishes their members from the members of other religions. Nowadays, as far as abrahamic religions go, that uniqueness is generally based in beliefs, in how they interpret various parts of the bible. Jews don’t eat pork, and have a lot of dietary and health laws. The fact they do not believe in a saviour is secondary to the diet. Christians accepted a saviour, and got rid of dietary restrictions in that order. Stopping circumcision was a way to differentiate between them and jews physically, easier for the inquisition to find the jew in a stack of christians. Muslims came along much later, but probably they had already formed their dietary laws based on kosher habits of their nearest neighbours. Islam changed some things, dropped others, and called it halal. Again, a differentiation, a distinguishing factor. Yet, in many areas of the world, if halal foods are unavailable muslims will eat kosher before they eat christian.
        These are my opinions, of course, I am not out to prove anything. You seem to want to prove things, I wish you well.


      2. You are taking me the wrong way. Im not trying to argue with you. Yes, I am trying to prove things. Mainly to show how ridiculous beliefs are. Bring some sense to nonsense. Its all nonsense. Once the truth is exposed people can make an individual choice on whether to follow it or not. Instead of saying like my Catholic friends say “We are just being good little Catholics”.
        Im well versed on why Christians and Muslims do what they do. I have studied Religion on my own for almost 15 years now. With the original writings.
        Christians dropped the strict rules because Joseph Flavius was having a hard time recruiting people to the Jewish religion. He went to the biblical Jesus’ brother who was the real leader of the family until he was murdered and this was his response, “James answered saying, brethren, listen unto me: Wherefore my advice is, that we do not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to God: But that we write to them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood. (Act 15:13-20)” Josephus writes about this in Antiquities of the Jews as well.
        All the Mosaic law rules and regulations of Judaism brought down to 4 simple rules. It is Mosaic because it is Moses law. Moses was a high priest to Akhenaton and also his brother. His real name, Tothmoses. Gentiles hated circumcision and Josephus knew he couldn’t recruit people with it. Josephus created Christianity not Jesus. Josephus knew how much money religion made and wanted to create one for himself.
        The Koran has so much hatred towards Jews and Christians, mainly because it was written in a time of war, but they still abide too Moses and Abraham. The real reason Muslims don’t eat pork is because Muhammed was killed by a boar and eaten. You wont hear that from any Muslim because it is just said he died of an illness.
        Im just trying to get people to quit taking what has been indoctrinated into them and find out for themselves. But its hidden and hard to find. I know you think its a waste of time, but I get a lot of thank yous for wasting my time from quite a few people. If I wasn’t wasting my time in ancient texts I would be wasting my time messing around with cars and making them go faster. lol
        I don’t think you are out to prove me wrong and Im not trying to argue with you. The truth can stand up for itself.


      3. Guess it wss me being too sensitive this time, lol. It is a bunch of nonsense, and a huge waste of time. I already said that, so did not want to repeat myself by saying it again.
        But why making cars go faster? We don’t need cars going faster unless we can guarantee better drivers, which we cannot. To me that would also be a waste of time.
        If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion, I would love to see you wasting your time talking about what is good about the world, as unrealistic as that is at this particular time in our soon-to-be-history. Many people don’t seem to want to be good as much as they want to force their beliefs down other people’s throats. That too is another waste of time, in my mind.


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