Relativity is how things have significance to you in relation to what you know or how you think.   Relativity goes way beyond physics and is a big factor in Magic.   Everything you know and understand is all relative.  This physical world is not the same for everyone.  How you have been brought up, where you live, and your beliefs are all relative.  You only know things compared to other things.  You can not know things without being intimately involved.  When you were a kid you did not know the difference between hot and cold or big and small?  You had to experience it.  Everything is relative. 

Relativity is not easily understood and is not easy to explain.  Everything outside of you is a symbolic representation of what’s going on inside of you.  This is how you get omens, especially if it keeps happening over and over again.  You will only communicate with yourself  what is relative to you.  This is why you have to figure out what is going on with yourself.  It is all relative to you and your life or experiences.  No one can figure it out for you.  The subconscious has the ability too manifest things into your conscious reality, but it will only do it with what is relative to you.   The language of the subconscious is images, symbols, patterns, metaphors and pictures.  You are a bio feedback loop for yourself.  

The reason you can not see what your Higher Self is trying to tell you is because you are cluttered.  You are holding on to things from the past or you have so many limiting beliefs in your life that there is no room for other things to come into your life.  Take a look around you.  A cluttered disorganized environment is proof of a cluttered disorganized mind.  The most powerful magic you can do right now is clean up your mind by getting rid of limiting beliefs.  

Most people are just wanting to escape reality.  Your subconscious or your Higher Self knows what you are doing.  If you can’t deal with this world, then why would your Higher Self give you messages.  You are either going to attack them or run from them.  If you think you are better than Nature and want to dominate her, when your Higher Self brings a message through Nature, you will kill it.  If you think people who are different are scary, then if a message comes through someone different you will run and not get the message.  That is relativity.  

Where you draw the line in relativity depends on you, your beliefs and upbringing.  There is no line in reality.  It is all you.  A glass is half full or half empty according to you.  Both are right.  How the world effects us is not how the world actually is, but how you perceive it.  Everything is how it looks to you depending on your perspective.  

This is why I question science.  All my atheist readers give me a hard way to go with my stance on science.  Science is only true compared to the past.  Todays science is true compared to 12th century science, but 12th century science was considered true at one time.  Todays science will be wrong and primitive in a couple hundred years from now. Science gets reality wrong! Science does not take quantum physics into account, so it will be wrong until it does so.  Science is not the only way to understand the world.  

Do you have a favorite food?  That favorite food is not everyone else’s favorite.  It has to do with individual taste.  Our reality is relativistic.  Call me crazy all you want, but that is an example of your relativity.  You will never open your mind and learn what Im trying to show and teach because you are closed to it with your limiting beliefs.  Ego minds are absolutists.  

In ancient Egypt and Greece, philosophy and science were one and the same.  They knew the world was a sphere.  They also knew the earth and all planets floated in space because they are pulled in all directions with the same force.  The ancients knew up and down was relative.  Up and down is opposite on the poles of the earth.  They described it as the planets falling in all directions at the same time.  Up and down are relative to living on this planet. Is up on the north pole the same as up on the south pole?  It might be daylight where you are, but it is nighttime for someone else.  You must step outside of your own self centered reality to understand.  Your reality is only what is relative to you.  Standing on the earth makes it feel like you are standing still and everything else is moving.  When in actuality we are moving very fast.  

How do you get rid of your limiting beliefs?  Open your mind. Question what you have been taught.  Your beliefs are not your own.  They are someone else’s beliefs planted in your mind.  I have said before that once you realize the people who molded your mind did not know what they were doing, it will become much easier for you to be you.  The real you.  Step outside of your perspective and see a universal perspective.  Get rid of your personal judgements.  Everything is undefined.  It is only defined by your perspective.  Everything is relative.  A skillful person will live by Natures rules.  

Religious people are absolutistic.  All religions are deluded.  Every  religion is an absolutist.  You can not be enlightened if you are an absolutistic.  As Obi-wan said in Star Wars, “Only Siths deal in absolutes”.  It is only absolute because it is the view of your ego.  Once you figure out that everything is relative to each individuals reality, you will jump leaps and bounds in your enlightenment.  As long as you think in absolutes, you will be stunted.  You don’t just have views, you are your views.  

Quantum physics has shown us that measuring something is relative to the instrument measuring it.  You are not some materialistic impartial observer.  You can not say exactly how something appears.  You can only say how it appears to you.  You create your reality with your method of measuring and observing.  That is exactly what true magic has been saying for centuries.  You are not independent of the world and the world is not independent of you. Your experience is not the same for others.  

Every culture is different.  People go to other places in the world and they experience culture shock.  When you really see other peoples culture and reality, you will start questioning your own reality.   The relativity of their culture and reality is completely different from your own culture and reality.  When you think you are right and they are wrong, that is how the world gets into the shape it is in.  Every religion, government, corporation and science are all absolutists.  Einstein even said that time, space, motion and length are all relative. The ego exploded with patriarchy and is the reason for absolutism.   

Every observer sees a different reality. In order for science to move forward it needs to get rid of its materialistic and absolute views.  Reality can be experienced, but can not be expressed completely with language.  Reality has infinite sides.  You can only see a very tiny portion of one side of reality.  People debate and argue their own stance from a limited view.  Every person, every category of science, every religion, every government and every culture is seeing their little sliver of reality and claiming it is the absolute truth.  

Im not telling you to look at the world as everyone is right or everyone is wrong.  This world is full of egos that scream they are right. Then you have the other egos screaming they are wrong.   All I am doing is bring some sense in a world full of nonsense.  We need rules or the world would be even more chaotic.  This is what the square and triangle stood for in alchemy.  Triangle is things you can change and square is things you can’t change.  Alchemy has always had to do with the mind.  Changing lead into gold is simply changing your mind.  Changing something that was useless into something with a lot of worth. Understanding how relativity molds your world and the world of others is a nugget that is worth its weight in gold, if used correctly.  

Don’t be polarized because its all relative.  When you realize its all relative than you will not be moved by issues that are thrown out there to divide people.  All decisions are ultimately up to you.  This absolute world thrives on divided and conquer. The way to making this world better is not one person or one groups ideas being absolute, it is people working together and sharing individual qualities. 


When you understand that everything is relative you can start understanding who you are behind the thoughts, the social conditioning, the cultural conditioning, the biological drives and the ego.  You will understand what you are beyond all of the relativity.  By doing this you will understand others too.  What is your programmed ego doing to you?  Understand what your ego is doing to you and you will understand what others egos are doing to them.  The conditioning of this world puts people in a trance.  People’s value in this world is compared to others.  No one understands what I have just showed you about relativity.  They don’t understand the paradigms they are in.  Because people are in their own relative paradigms, they create their own problems.   Knowing everything is relative helps you get out of your own way, but it also helps you deal with other people.  

Who are you?  What are you?  Depolarize yourself. The people who rule this world know they can run you with tribalism.  Take a look at your tribe and see what is running you.  It is all relative!!!  Look at your beliefs and see how much they are controlling you. Upgrade your mind and understand relativity.  How much of your life has been sold to you? How much of your life has been programmed into you?  Understanding relativity will help you understand the weapon of your mind.  It is a very powerful weapon.  Start using it! 

17 thoughts on “Relativity”

  1. Regarding our last conversation, can you please stop making blanket authoritatve statements. When you say “No one” knows or does something, you are not being totally honest. Other people do know. They might not use your terms, and they might have a different point of view, but they know. This should actually help you in reaching others, because they will not be outcasts from all of society, not “different!” By considering what you have to say, and by understanding others are already there, it means it is doable.
    I know what it is like to want to teach others, I’ve been there. Once you find a way to do or understand something, you want others to know and understand it too. But please watch the language you use. These things are for anyone and everyone to know.
    I am very glad you are willing to give this informatkon away for free, because it is not anything anyone should have to pay for. It already belongs to everyone. By giving it away, really you are only helping spread it.


    1. I should probably say no one really understands. When people question me and I give answers, their reactions show me they don’t really know or they start to understand it. Knowing or understanding this information, they will be different. It changes them. They may not be outcasts but it will feel like it until they find others on the same vibrations.
      I know there are others who know this info. Most of them try to make money off of it or they take oaths not to tell the ignorant masses.
      You are right, wisdom is for everyone. It belongs to everyone. That is exactly why I don’t charge for it. We are not discovering anything, we are remembering.


      1. Even “no one really understands” is too blanket. You are right that knowing and understanding are two different things, and few really understand the free part, but there are those who do. I don’t know many who do, but they are there. Please note I do not question you, but I do question how you say things.
        There are many places in the universe you go that I do not. I don’t feel the need. Everything I need is already within me, which you obviously know too about yourself. And we both know it is in everyone, it just needs to be rediscovered. I do not say this lightly. They will. Whether you help them or not, they will. Be gentle, please.
        If you want to edit my comments out, please feel free. They are intended more for you anyway. We can continue a conversation by email, if you like, just let me know. That is up to you. But please don’t take me for a troll. That is not my purpose.


      2. I have studied Zen and have talk to a couple of Zen masters in my time. There is a method to my madness. You say they will get it. Zen says even if they want to get it, it is very hard to grasp. It needs to be communicated in an effective way so it takes root. Emotional triggers are what plant it and wake people up. This is what is taught in NLP also.
        If you sooth someone’s ego, no matter how many times you tell them, they won’t get it. Most of the world is asleep and they don’t know they are asleep. When someone is lost and confused, I use a total different approach. You are neither lost and confused or asleep. No method will work for you because you get it.
        People think Magic is full of grey areas. I try to give Magic boundaries. Magic can not be your own Magic if one is asleep. If my approach is wrong or if I say things the wrong way, I’m sorry. I’m learning to teach Magic as I go.

        I don’t think you are a troll. 😉

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      3. I won’t go into this any deeper here. If my belief in spiritual evolution has any merit to it, you will figure it out on your own. I will try to stop interfering in what you are trying to do, give you free reign to do it your way. It will be a learning experience.


    2. I don’t want to interfere in your discussion, but something struck me as important to say about gifts given freely.

      The best gifts in life are those given freely, without ego, without recompense and without judgement. This is the philosophy of energy healers (people like Edgar Casey).
      We can only give… What another does with that gift depends on how open they can be to receiving it.

      The reason that energy healers cannot be quantified completely by science, is that it is a connected transfer. It takes both sides for the result to look the same (the intention of the giver, and the openness of the receiver (only requires non judgement) for the gift of an energy healer to work.
      This is the magic of life and it cannot be bought or sold and it is a personal transaction between two beings and cannot be observed or measured by a non-connected third.

      Edgar Casey could not profit from his work (monetarily) . The minute he would try, it devalued his work to worthless, because then openness without judgment was tainted by the energy of false expectation and disbelief. The energy contract broken by a false perspective.

      Discussion itself is a gift. 🤗

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      1. Speaking of gifts, that is why I practice and promote compassion. Compassion, being non-reciprocal, is not only always a good gift, but IMO the ultimate gift. Discussion (that is real discussion that puts an idea on the table and leaves it open) because it promotes thought is also a gift and should always be encouraged, never put down.

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  2. Hey, SOTS, got news for you…:)
    That glass cannot be either half full or half empty! If it is being filled, it’s half full. If it is being emptied, it’s half empty. If you don’t know whether it’s being filled or emptied, then the analogy is meaningless unless one uses “faith” as determinent. That’s my take on that one anyway. All kidding aside though, you are correct, all is relative – no “absolute” values can exist in duality without destroying it and swallowing it without trace. Hence, the Christian god cannot exist as stated by its believers without creating an endless and growing list of contradictions.
    I agree with you on your comments about science. Science does not give answers. At best it demonstrates that everything is in flux and “the one constant in the universe is change.” Pity those who have replace their faith in some religious god for faith in science, the latter may well turn out to be even more deadly than the first.
    Thanks for your thought provoking posts!


    1. That’s right Sha’Tara. Couldn’t have said it better. Great comment.
      The Patriarch god at its beginning is nothing more than some person or persons who was a Pharaoh of Egypt. Every religious text are stories of battles between Pharaohs. Pharaohs were absolutely right. That is why there are so many contradictions.
      Science’s contradictions come from whoever is funding the study is absolutely right. It’s the same thing.
      You are welcome. Thank you Sha’Tara. 😊


  3. I think I understand the premise, though the words are a little confusing. It’s not that I am dumb, but there might be easier ways to say things.

    Everything is relative to experience. Reality occurs because we observe it. What people observe will look different from each viewpoint.

    We can create our own world, but somehow, we have become conditioned not to see it as real unless others see it too. Then, all becomes hidden.

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