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What does it mean to have the sacred masculine? Since my work is mostly the sacred feminine, I have had several readers ask me to write something on the sacred masculine.   The sacred masculine is a must for men and women to be well rounded, mature human beings.  I see very little of it left in the world.  It is a primal energy.  Kings had to develop it before they could be crowned king.  Today our leaders are supposedly elected.  So we just have the most popular person leading.  Pythagorus hated democracy for this reason.  Fully accessing the sacred masculine and sacred feminine is the closet a person can come to godhood.  

The Sacred Masculine like all things came out of Egypt. It actually came out of Lemuria, but this world has done its best to hide the history of Lemuria. After the war of the gods it was reestablished in Egypt and all other matriarchies around the world.   The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine go together.  They attract each other.  Upper Egypt was a matriarch and since the time of Lower Egypt the Sacred Masculine has been squashed.  Sacred masculine focuses on challenges.  It focuses on the challenge of life and it is focused on being whole or wholly.  Wholly means to be complete and lack nothing.

A male leader is suppose to channel the sacred masculine to his people.  With no sacred masculine left in the world, no wonder our leadership is a circus.  Men in this world can’t even rule their own world, the world within,  and they are ruling our whole world!  A person should have order in his or her life before they can order people around.  A person with sacred masculine has their life in order.  This gives them the authority to put what they rule in natural order.  Natural order is putting things in divine order which is the principals of the universe or nature.  A man with the sacred masculine will put things around him in natural or universal order.   He embodies the sacred masculine within his own life.  If he embodies the sacred masculine, everything under him will flourish.  

Mother earth is the primary source for fertility in humans, crops, animals and all the natural world.  A man with sacred masculine knows that if mother earth is healthy, he is righteous towards her and his life lived in the true embodiment of the natural order, his life and all around him will be fertile and prosperous.  A man with sacred masculine affirms the goodness and virtue around him.  He acknowledges people in their true worth.  There is an emptiness in all of us and that can only be filled with the sacred masculine energy.  The sacred masculine listens and honors other people.  

We have the exact opposite in this world and have had it for a very long time.  Our leaders fear, hate and envy new light and life.  They see it as a threat.  We have war after war because our leaders are not centered in themselves and lack inner structure.  They are passively insecure.  All beauty, light, and life is an assault on them personally.  They are irrational, abusive and paranoid to others.  Todays men try to identify themselves with the sacred masculine energy, but he is his own priority.  Todays men have to be seen and admired.  They have to put down other people and rule what they think they should rule or they feel they are nothing.  They have self serving ambitions that lead to paranoia and madness.  They project what is inside them on the world.  Its is all a weakness, but they won’t admit it.  

A man with sacred masculine disconnects his ego and his own desires when building his life.  Having the sacred masculine separates infantile grandiosity from maturity and greatness.  He knows he is a mortal man, a temporary steward of the sacred masculine.  Just like a sun keeps its planets in their orbit with universal principals and nourishes the life on them, a man with sacred masculine will keep things orderly and nourished in his life. It does no matter if he is head of his household or head of a country.   He knows that someday he will die and new life will take his place.  He may have personal feelings and selfish desires, but the sacred masculine acts out of the responsibly to the people in his life.  He has a devotion beyond himself and beyond his own ego.  He knows he is a servant to Nature.  Just look at Mother Nature today.  Do you see anyone being a servant to Nature?  She is sick and dying because the sacred masculine has died.  

Using the sacred masculine energy to its fullest will bring qualities of calm, centeredness integrity and life force to himself and the people around him.  With this world being out of touch with this energy, it has led to catastrophic consequences.  We have put leaders in the leading role and all they do is  abuse others, are full of greed and cause madness and death.  When you have the sacred masculine you will hear yourself speak with an inner authority.  You will recognize others as whole persons and have the capacity to care for them genuinely.  A man with sacred masculine will inspire others and recognizes their fears and struggles.  He tells them its okay and not their fault.  It is the father who will do anything not just for is sons, but for his daughters too.   The man who will make life better for his kids no matter what.  A man who is calm when everyone and everything is going crazy.  A man who stands for peace in a time of violence.    A man who minimizes punishment and who praises others.  He has a voice that affirms clearly and calmly with authority the human rights of all on this planet. 

Even though the sacred masculine stands for peace he will not be bullied.  He knows the difference between a real threat and an instigator.  He will know if aggression is needed because he knows how to focus his mind.  He rouses energizes and motivates us to take offense and face the challenges that life gives us.  He learns trust his own truth and act on it.  Because of this they take responsibly for their own lives.  They know they are responsible for what happens here and try to make the world a better place for all.  They do not act like victims.  They effect and transform the world in their own way.  The sacred masculine is not a walking zombie sleeping through life.  They are strong psychologically and physically.  They work on their skills, intellect and self discipline.  They push themselves so they can discover their own limits.  They know who they are and what they are fighting for.  They do not rely on external achievements to define them. The sacred masculine understands the world is full of ideals, causes and beliefs and this is a relativistic world.  They will fight against fear driven ignorance and not impose our differences of good and bad.  Conflicting views are invited because they can offer a greater understanding.  Differences are embraced because it can help people build wholeness.  

The sacred masculine is not just in men, it is in women too. There is very little sacred masculine on this planet.  In  matriarchy the sacred masculine flourished along with the sacred feminine.  They are energies that go together.  If you know one you will know the other.  The main thing that keeps these energies away from our lives is ignorance.  There is no sacred masculine in any of the patriarch religions.   The masculine can not be sacred without the feminine and the feminine can not be sacred without the masculine.  


12 thoughts on “Sacred Masculine”

  1. Much much gratitude for this superb, practical and down to earth post on behalf of all our brethren. I have posted it to facebook page Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy Awakening Community. What I have noted by sitting in circle with, or having deep conversations with men, is that because Power as we have traditionally known it, as it has been abused, especially by the Patriarchy (and also, maybe, way back towards the end of the Matriarchal times). Hence our precious brothers, with great hearts (which they’re still trusting that it’s safe and perfectly OK to access), after suffering much trauma over so long, and seeing Power in the 3D world, as it has been so abused……Have a deep fear of stepping into their True Authentic Power. And to get to this, we have to go through layers, upon layers, first of (righteous) anger, to then touch a host of other deeper emotions. Some truly determined and gallant men are daring visit these ‘shadow’ spaces to discover their polished pearls. Some are feeling this calling whether through Men’s circles, shamanic ceremonies, or at times entheogens, or just daring to be nakedly vulnerable practising Radical Honesty, no matter how broken they may feel, or how deeply they’ve been hurt. And maybe noone has given them permission to do this before this time.

    On the other hand, many, i feel until now, still have not contemplated the word Power enough, to realise that there are Ancient Authentic Ways of tapping into this ingrained Source-given Power of the Authentic Male. I’ve seen many giants with great hearts, that somehow still feel uncomfortable daring to jump into the Abyss and claim their Authentic Power, fully grounded in all of their being, firmly grounded in the earth, and fanning the fire in their bellies/hara. Maybe fire, ceremony, rituals, vision quests, are what’s needed from the Shamanic point of view. For thousands of years, boys at puberty left the security of their tribe, and survived alone in the forest for days, and returned home as Men. We are surely lacking ceremonies, initiations and rituals in our culture. We as women call out to, and hold the vision and the space for our courageous warriors to step forward fearlessly….knowing that we need them to support us, our children, the next generations, and all the planet. The Time is NOW. May the Blessings of this Solstice stoke more Fire in all our Brothers and Sisters at this auspicious and yet challenging time!

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    1. Thanks, Pythia. I appreciate the reposting on facebook. I hope I can resonate with your readers. That is great you are having deep conversations with men. I find most men to be unable to have deep conversations. I see it in women too just not as much. Men want to be right and any information outside of their world views is a threat. It is good to hear some are answering the call.
      Yes, right of passage ceremonies and initiations have all but disappeared. We have been led to believe that these ancient ceremonies are the devils work, all while religions, governments, secret societies and corporations all do it in secret. Then they laugh at the people who discover what they are doing and tell others they are devil worshippers. Can’t have people understanding what these ceremonies are all about.
      It is a very challenging time. Hopefully the sacred masculine and sacred feminine will make a reappearance on this world some day.


  2. You tell a wonderful tale, gs, but what was its purpose? No one person should be able to tell anyone else what to do. Give others a chance to learn their capabilities, instead of blocking them from discovering themselves. Life lives on life, but that should not involve life using life. I live to do no harm. This I believe is a good way to pass through life. It does not mean skulking from one moment to the next, or staying out of harm’s way, but it doesn’t mean proclaiming my presence either.
    Sacred masculine or self-actualized, it does not matter what you call it. Just do it. I live the best way I know how. In my spirit I take responsibility for my life, though my ego will often try to duck that responsibility. The ego is only a tool to help negotiate my way through life, not the commander of my mind or spirit.
    But where does that leave me. A man who walks apart from society, powerless to right the wrongs I see, because power corrupts. And those who do wrong need the chance to do so, for that is how they learn it is wrong.
    Life is far more complex than being sacred masculine, or sacred feminine. Life is knowing I am alive, and still knowing how to stand back and let others discover, or not, that they too are alive. They will eventually, even as I did. Life is being a role model, not a leader, or a dictator. Masculine and feminine are different sides of the same coin, the one called life. I try to live it.


    1. That is great. Live it. Some have other callings or purposes they want to live that is different from yours. Im not telling people to tell others what to do. There will always be leaders and followers. If you’re going to lead people do it justly. If you are going to follow, know what a just leader is.
      You say that no one should be able to tell others what to do, yet you are getting on here and telling people your opinion. Is that not your ego telling others to be like yourself? Are you not telling me my writings are pointless and a waste of energy? That is very ego centered and sounds like more than a tool to me. Kind of commandeering. Fact is your wrong may not be wrong to someone else, so saying that people will learn right from wrong is all based on where they have the experience. I have a post coming up on relativity that will explain more. Though in your eyes it will be a waste of time to write , too me its not a wast of time. That is relativity. Right and wrong are relative. Leading, following or just doing nothing is relative.


      1. You misread me, but that’s okay. I asked you a question, what was the purpose of explaining Sacred Masculine? You told what it can do, but you you never once said what it is, or where it comes from. The rest was just commentary, my reaction to your words.
        I guess I best unfollow you. You have some hidden gems in your posts, but you don’t seem to like being questioned to go deeper. So I’ll just go away. No problem.


      2. Im sorry if I did take you the wrong way. I state that it is from Lemuria and I thought if was implied that this energy would make the world a better place. I don’t mind being questioned at all. I get bombarded with comments I don’t approve and emails that most would blush at. Forgive me for spouting venom in the wrong direction. There are days when I wonder why I even write because it seems the world will never get it. There is no need for you to go away. You ask me several times what the purpose of my writing is, that it seems like a lot of wasted energy. I guess it is wasted energy, but if I can plant one seed for the future, get one mind to be their own, then its worth it to me. Your mind is already your own so my work is probably nonsense to you. But to others just waking or questioning their reality, it has worth. At least I have been told it does, to them personally.


      3. Apology accepted, and given in return. Many people think I have an abrasive approach, but to me it is just requesting information at the level I operate at. Most of my good internet friendships start with conflict, but if they survive that they become quite meaningful.
        You certainly have beliefs I cannot grasp, like Lemuria. Like Atlantis, I am not saying either existed or not, but I can only accept them as myth, like I accept all religions ss myth. Everyone has a different interpretation, but everyone talks like they are an expert. So I just tune it all out. It has no bearing on my present incarnation that I am aware of. Thus I ignore it.
        This doesn’t mean I ignore everyone’s truths, for truth can be found in many ways. But anytime I read Truth being preached, that does rile me a bit as no one on Earth has Truth, everything is relative to one’s own experience and background. I try to keep my beliefs and truth relative to me, using the “I” pronoun as much as I can. But I slip up. That gets me into trouble. I don’t want anyone believing what I say unless they have arrived at the same truths as I have on their own. I do wish other people would see that statement the way I do, as an invitation to consider something different, but I do hope their truth will be relevant to them.
        I’m probably babbling now, so I’ll let you go. Again, I am sorry for upsetting you. That is definitely not my intention. But I do like to delve deeper than most. I want to understand, though at times I don’t even know what it is I want to undrrstand. It is just my gut telling me there is more there than meets the eye.


      4. I was the exact same way and is why I jump into the ancient texts. You are right everyone thinks they are an expert on any and everything. None really are. I wanted to see first hand what was written and translate the meaning myself. I stay away from all the fluff and nonsense about Atlantis and Lemuria. It is just new age nonsense. James Churchward wrote about Lemuria but in order to get the real story you have to get into the Native American Histories. I spent a couple of days with a Mayan Queen down in Cancun. I know a couple of days is not much, but she was very open to teaching me what I wanted to know. She was actually happy that a white man was willing to listen to her story. She was very impressed by my knowledge of Atlantis and Lemuria. She even taught me quite a few things I did not know. She told me to keep my attention on Mexico because in the next few years information will be pouring out about its true history. I already know how advanced the Mayans were, hopefully the world will discover how advance they were. The Mayans and many others were from Lemuria or Mu. The Aztecs said they came from Azlan or Atlantis. Very interesting stuff to me.
        Apology accepted. You didn’t really upset me, I just have my defenses up because of getting attacked from all sides. Im working on letting the defenses down. Thanks.


      5. Good to hear.
        Yes, the Mayans and Aztecs were very advanced for the time, as were many Asian nations. They all have something we can learn from, but in my opinion we have to look ahead more than we look behind. People were very different then, though such cultures were more spiritually advanced than were cultures based on Classic Greece. So-called Caucasians turned to science and man-made religions, which damaged spirit. Now we are paying for that damage.
        If we can survive climate disasters and nuclear war, we will have a chance to set things right. But that is a big IF.


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