Before I go in depth here I want to say that I know there are people who can see things, know things, predict the future or other gifts, but Nostradamus was not one of them.  Nostradamus is mired in hordes of conspiracy theorists, New Age peddlers, devotes who call him ‘Nosty’.  In truth most people are just taking the very badly translated lines and recycling them. The so called authoritative sources are not much better.  They have wrong dates or unknown dates.  They don’t even know the exact date of his birth. Very few detail of his life are available.  It also claims that his books were banned by the Roman Catholic church, which they never were.   Nostradamus is a religion in itself and my readers know how much a like religions. Let’s see if we can bring a little truth to Nostradamus.  

Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in St. Remy-de-Provence as Michel de Nostradame. His family was originally Jewish, but converted to Catholicism.  No biggie here because Judaism and Catholicism are the same thing in different disguises.  As President Obama once famously said, “You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig”.  What got my attention is the name change from Venguessonne to Gassonet.  I’m positive the family was trying to eliminate any suggestion of the Hebrew ‘Ven’.  Hebrew simply translates to ‘people of the river’ and that river was the Nile.  The family had to hide all connection to Lower Egypt.  Why?  You will have to read my previous work to figure that one out.  To hide even further they changed the Gassonet name to Pierre de Sainte-Marie in 1455, and then once more to Pierre de Nostradame.  Michael would Latinize his surname to Nostradamus in 1550 when he started writing to suggest erudition.  

Nostradamus entered University of Avignon as a teenager in 1519.  So he is not only educated, he is very well educated by the time he is 16.  You could not get an education in that day unless your family was very rich and important.  Spare me the stories of a poor child beating the odds.  I have heard them all.  The town was stricken by the plague and everyone fled to the country side.  Nostradamus wrote that he was occupied with “the study of natural remedies across various lands and countries, constantly on the move to hear and find out the source and origins of plants and other natural remedies involved in the purpose of the healing art.”  He returned to school again in 1529 at Montpellier, but was quickly expelled as an “apothecary and quack”. What was Nostradamus being ridiculed for?   He was trying to become the first pharmacist or drug dealer.  He was selling drugs on the promise it would keep them safe from the plague.  

Nostradamus settled in Agen, where he married and fathered two children.  During these years he perfected rose lozenges to keep the plague away.  He boiled down cypress shavings, iris root, cloves, sweet calamus, and aloe then tossed in “three or four hundred infolded  roses, fresh and perfect clean, and gathered before dewfall.”  He did this because it was thought that the plague was spread by ‘miasma’ or bad air.  The remedy of the day was to fill the air with sweet smells. This is where the beak of the plague mask comes from.  Most have seen pictures of a doctor wearing that looks like a bird mask.  The beak was filled with herbs and flower petals to keep the air pure.  This was the true science back then.  People give me a hard time for questioning science.  If science wasn’t questioned doctors would still be wearing that goofy bird mask.  In 1534 Nostradamus’ wife and two children were killed by the plague.  

The time of the plague is Nostradamus best writing.  He described the plague as so swift that “Even with gold and silver in their hands, people often died for a want of a glass of water.”  He also wrote about a women who still had her sewing supplies in her hands as they came to take her body away and bury it.  His writings gave us a first hand account on the front lines of the plague.   He wrote “The plague killed an extraordinary number of ordinary, eating, drinking people of all ages.  It was so terrifying that “Fathers took no care of their sons, and many abandoned their wives and children as soon as they realized they had been infected”.   He described the church yards as “Full of dead bodies that nobody knew of any further consecrated ground on which to bury them.”   After a while the plague in his area ran its course and died out.  Nostradamus could claim success in treating the plague simply because he was still alive.  As far as I can tell he was a respected physician, but for some reason he gave it up, left France and went to Italy, but eventually returned to France.

1550 was a time of global cooling and it was the beginning of an age known as the Little Ice Age. The weather was causing constant anxiety and speculation among people.  Almanacs flooded the market with weather predictions like “fire will fall from the sky, hail and thunder, a chosen noble shall be born.”  This was a time when people were following the Ptolemaic belief that the planets and moon controlled the weather.  Astrology was used for everything and this is when Nostradamus started writing predictions even though he had no known training in real or fake astrology.  His first writings were very vague and generic using words like certain people or certain uprisings.  He wrote like someone not wanting to be wrong, so he wrote about the weather.  It was this year he wrote his first almanac.   Anything you can dream up with the weather he wrote about.  Then when the weather happened it was prophetic. Nostradamus had become the man when it came to weather proficiency.  Seeing how people reacted to this he decided to start making predictions using specific allegorical figures.  This made his apocalyptic predictions sound like solid facts that had not been decoded.  Nostradamus found it way easier to predict all the apocalypses then fighting it.   

In 1555 he published The Prophecies organized into quatrains that didn’t have an expiration date.  This is where he perfected his style of writing.  But it was his weather almanac that caught the attention of Alexander de la Tourette, who was the President of the Masters General of the Ministers of France.  Right after that he was summoned by the Queen of France, Catherine de Medici.  Catherine was a superstitious Queen and Nostradamus joined her long list of  charlatan astrologers on the payroll.  Her son Henry exclaimed that he was “tired of seeing his mother cheated by false magicians who got a great deal of money out of her and didn’t do anything.”  

Then on June 30, 1559, Henry II jousted against Gabriel Montgomery.  Montgomery broke his lance on Henry’s shield, and a sliver of the wood shot up in Henry’s helmet and lodged above his eye in his brain.  Henry died ten days later.  People looking for answers looked in Nostradamus’ Prophecies and found:

The young lion will overcome the old

On the field of battle in single combat:

He put out his eye in a cage of gold:

Two fleets one then two die a cruel death.  

Montgomery was only 6 years younger than Henry, Henry’s helmet was not made of gold, the splinter never entered Henry’s eye and no fleets were involved.  None of that mattered because Queen Catherine was convinced, so the people were convinced.  This was the beginning of people taking what Nostradamus wrote and trying to make sense of the world.  

When Napoleon came to power people took his quatrain that began with, “Pau, Nay, Loron more fire than blood shall be” and rearranged the name of those three towns in southwestern France into Roy Napaulon.  This is how Napoleon became the ‘Antichrist’.  The popular quatrain of taking Hister and making it Hitler is just as nonsensical.  Hister was an archaic name for the Danube River and people took it as Hitler born near the Danube river.  As you will see there was a reason behind getting people to believe this ‘Hister’ thing.  

After World War 1 books started popping up with all sorts of mistranslations of Nostradamus.  The word ‘franche’ which translates to ‘free’ was translated to ‘French’ as in the french people.  

It also took Bastarnian which is a reference to Greek as a reference to the people of Ukraine and Poland.  All this added up to Britain, France, Germany and Poland using Nostradamus writings predictions to show who would rule the world, especially Germany.  Germany used Nostradamus’ writings to show everyone that the Third Reich’s ruling of the world was preordained.  Britain, France, Poland and Germany all got in on the Nostradamus effect with shameless mistranslations for who would win the war.  That being WW2 because all of the mistranslations getting published pissed off the other countries and the race was on to see who could mistranslate the most on who would win the war.  This is how Hister became Hitler, it was a British concoction.    After the U. S. entered WW2, Hollywood got in on the act by making films mistranslating Nostradamus.  One of the films was called Nostradamus Says So.  From this point on everyone starting using Nostradamus writings to see what they wanted to see.  Whatever political agenda was needed to be predicted, it was mistranslated and used.  

So why would Nostradamus’ work being used over other people? Many people in history have had true sight and never became famous.  Why him?   His writings have been used since the 16th century to exercise a powerful force on the political destiny of the world.   His writings have been mistranslated and translated in just about every language.  All for political purposes.  That is where the answers lies.  Nostradamus had Masons and Rosicrucians all around him. Nostradamus was well versed in all the secret lore disclosed to those who have bound themselves with an oath.   Religion had a hold of the worlds monarchies and governments.  They needed a way to get an audience with Catherine.  You can’t just walk off the street and have an audience with a powerful monarch.  Do you think you could walk into the household of any leader today by writing a book on weather and predictions?  Of course not.  You would have to have someone on the inside vouch for you or come from a powerful family.  

Truth is that Masons knew this epigram: “We give our own when we give the false, for it is ours to be false.  And when we give the false, we give nothing but our own.”  In other words, to look at Nostradamus writings is to give one’s own, one sees what one wants to see.  Comte de St. Germain was a powerful illuminist and he taught Nostradamus the quatrain writing style and how to write in a way people will see what they want to see.  It worked so well on Queen Catherine that it has been used ever since.  This type of writing has been used to deceive since writing was invented.  It is even used in all religious books, just not in quatrain style.  It uses verses instead of quatrains.  All the so called  religious books have been mistranslated and changed to support an agenda.  Nostradamus’ writings is no different.  

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    1. Thanks, Jessica. ❤️ You have a pure eye for the future which resonates with intuition. Nostradamus didn’t have intuition, he had deception. Like resonates with like and that’s why you never felt any for him. 😉 I’ll take a a true Witches abilities over his any day.


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