Killing the First Born Sons


There is so much speculation as to why an all loving god would kill the first born of all the people in the land.  Unless you are familiar with my work, none of it makes sense.  Why the hell would a god kill the first born of the cattle out in the fields?  What kind of sick god kills people and cows for pleasure?  You are about to find out why he cared about cattle and why the first born sons were killed.  First born sons have been killed many times in history and the lord ordered it to happen every time.  

First and foremost you must understand that Moses is not speaking to a god, he is speaking to a Pharaoh.  Moses was the high priest to his brother Aaron who was the Pharaoh Akhenaton.  They were demanding that Aaron was the true Pharaoh of Egypt.  I show in Patriarch Pharaohs how Egypt was split into Upper and Lower Egypt.  Upper Egypt was a matriarch and Lower Egypt was a patriarch.  Aaron was the Pharaoh of Lower Egypt.  He was leading the people who were followers of Aries and was fighting the Pharaoh who was the leader of the followers of Taurus.  Being the one true Pharaoh meant they were god on earth, the messiah and Lord.  The people who were followers of Aries were called sheep and the people who were followers of Taurus were called cattle.  

Aaron and the sheep were fighting with the Upper Egyptian Pharaoh and the cattle.  Moses being the high priest of his own brother would have called him “My Lord”.  Now that you understand what it going on, this verse will make sense:  

…So Moses declared, “This is what the LORD says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt, and every firstborn son in the land of Egypt will die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sits on his throne, to the firstborn of the servant girl behind the hand mill, as well as the firstborn of all the cattle. Then a great cry will go out over all the land of Egypt, such as never has been heard before, and never will be heard again.…

Exodus 11:5

This is nothing more than a battle of royal families fighting over who should rule.  The Upper Egyptian Pharaoh probably provoked Aaron by saying his bastard sons had more of a right to rule than Aaron.  Kings, Lords, Pharaohs, etc. all screwed anything that walked.  In today’s day people masturbate almost on a daily basis.  Pharaohs and Kings screwed a different woman almost everyday. There was no shortage of women who would love the King.   Aaron was killing the seeds of the Pharaoh, so there would be no son of this Pharaoh growing up and laying a claim to his crown.  So Aaron ordered the killing of the Pharaohs first born son with all women including servant girls and all the common people or cattle.  This Pharaoh must have loved the common women.  

Every King who has been put on the throne in controversy has set out to kill the first born of the land.  Kings screwed every girl he could get his hands on.  Lots of women became pregnant because of this.  The controversial King would kill all first born sons of the other King to not have one grow up and challenge him or his own sons to the throne.  This style of massacre was so important to royals that it was mentioned a second time in the bible.  King Herod was called the King of the Jews, but a family was coming out of Persia with an even greater claim to his throne.  This family was Egyptian, Greek and Persian royalty. They  were laying claim to the star prophecy of a new King of the Jews in the age of Pisces(see His Royal Jesus).  King Herod knowing how Kings act decided to kill the biblical Joseph’s sons.  Although I think 14,000 is an exaggeration, it is showing that Mary’s husband loved to screw a lot of women.  It is said that Herod even killed one of his own sons that was under the age of two.  In truth Herod probably had Joseph over a few times to his kingdom and knew how much he liked women. They were royal friends after all.  He couldn’t take a chance  that one of his wives might have had sex with Joseph in the past.  So he calculated what was the last time Joseph visited, which was about two years, and killed the two and under in his own kingdom.  

It is debated on whether this story is true or not.  Macrobius wrote about it because he knew the truth of what I just told you.  

“When he [emperor Augustus] heard that among the boys in Syria under two years old whom Herod, king of the Jews, had ordered killed, his own son was also killed, he said: it is better to be Herod’s pig, than his son.  


There is nothing divine about these texts.  Just men wanting to rule the ignorant masses.  The ignorance stops now.  Why do we let bloodlines rule us?  For that answer you must read Lemurian Magic.  

8 thoughts on “Killing the First Born Sons”

  1. The really bad things, that have been in the making since Europeans landed here, are speeding up, my friend. I don’t see anyone stopping it. Word is 2030 will be the end of what we know of any freedom in the world and it will be a slave state run by the masters. They want to reduce the population by 80% and there’s no question that that is one reason we are always at war. 1984 will look good by comparison to what’s coming. i think the things that live under ground and have been jerking powerful people around for a long time, trading tech for us, are going to make themselves known too. Bleak doesn’t cover it.

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      1. GSerpent thanks for this post that enlightens the hidden agenda. Hitandrun I’m also grateful for your comment which also mirrors my current concern and Paradox within, which I’m daily working to blend to come to clearer vision of my mission as its unfolding. GSerpent could you please cover and advise from your point of view how/what we as Serpents are meant to contribute/do with this 5G technology. We have dug deep into this, and understand its the cherry on the cake, connecting all dots of this insidious post-human plan. We’ve tried to open the masses minds to become aware. Yet, this medicine is too bitter for them, whilst I understand the inherent split/denial about the terror of this technology, when they have been pruned and programmed to depend on technology and are now addicted to it. Whilst devoting my time and energy to collate scientific evidence as one stop place where to find this info… I have also felt deeply consumed by this same energy I’m dedicated to resist. What can one do as masters? Ignore it all, and focus on building the alternative Natural Reality… Where people will find nurturance /healing when they will finally realise the physical /DNA damage done? Maybe we all need to burn before we learn our lessons…and we can save no one but ourselves. Or, continue planting seeds of awareness, hoping that this collective effort, will draw some true magic, from forces beyond ourselves that will truly change things? Do we fight a battle that we feel is already won in today’s capitalistic A.I. World? Or Do we sacrifice our well-being, in pure warrior spirit to help the others that want to listen? Or does this dependance on A. I. reflect on some level, that we’re truly making a quantum leap in our consciousness as we access the technology of “more evolved civilisations” to access Supramental Mind? God is Number. PS it’s worth noting that whilst I’ve been devoted to studying Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah, blessed with the Taroscope teachings of Michael Tsarion, unearthing ancient Goddess wisdom… I have also greatly studied and practice daily The Tzolkin Sacred Calendar, Synchrontron (Book of the cube – direct transmissions from Sirius through Jose Arguelles, visionary of the Mayan Thirteen Moon Calendar… Together with The Gene Keys another great transmission by another great brother Richard Rudd… On reactivating our DNA, and the original Divine Blueprint. I know the combination of all the above may sound like a cacophony to some more specialised ears, whilst I’ve slowly and painfully, learnt to hold the Paradox of Ancient Intuitive Wisdom, with Future Mathematical Cosmic Science, constantly swinging like a pendulum between the right and left brain to blend and come to synthesis, balance and marriage within. Also, as we know Astrology and Magic has been hijacked and corrupted throughout the ages.. And Galactic Cosmic Archetypes, as per Mayan teachings (Asura Maya (Blavatsky also recognises Him) , and Pacal Votan – travellers from the future to our past) have left us some precious gems with which to educate the young ones of future generations, as we move from Heliocentric consciousness, to Soverign Galactic Consciousness. (More info on this on stating here that Time is the Fourth Dimension, and that it is the current distorted Gregorian calendar that keeps the matrix in place – which is obviously not aligned with Higher Galactic cycles, as the Mayan Science knew – related to Hunab Ku. Pardon me, I know that that was a lot to digest at once… Whilst I feel that only here, can I possibly find some other Master who can understand this conundrum inside “me” as we’re all Dreaming our Ancient Future….re-membering the Supernatural powers we once had, as we plant seeds for the New Golden Age for all future Generations that are arriving with much upgraded DNA /software in this Biocomputer we call our Skinsuits/Earthly bodies. Thank you for your “time” having read this far. In Lak’Esh

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      2. First of all you are absolutely right in the future generations arriving with DNA upgrades. It started on Dec 21, 2012. The Mayans were great astronomers and knew the real power of the sun. The sun controls everything. Remember they called this the end of the world. Well it was the end of the old DNA. The sun was building up to that point for several years, so DNA was starting to change and it completely changed on that date. We are slowly going to remember as a human race the powers we once had and maybe get them back. That is still a ways off in the future.
        We are infants still. Technology is growing faster than our minds. When you see a baby playing with a phone or tablet, that is the symbol of the human race. Regardless of what we are told, the people who are so-called in charge are no smarter than most everyone else. They are just good at manipulating. If history tells us anything, it tells us we do not learn from history. We will never learn our lesson. Everything about this world is to keep us in check. Time and the calendar are part of that.
        The main reason they are pushing technology is to get off this planet. If you have read Lemurian Magic, you know the Atlanteans did not see this planet as home, but the Lemurians did. The Atlanteans are who control this world. You can’t cause the War of the Gods and cause the destruction that was caused in this galaxy without consequences. We are locked in until we grow up, mentally. When will we grow up? Idk. I have hope in meeting people like you that we are slowly growing up. I believe the race of technology is to some how break the lock before its time. It is our DNA that keeps us in here and if they can make us mostly a machine, they might get past the lock.
        That said, if technology is used right, it can be used for good. So I try not to be polarized by technology. I could argue for it or against it. I use is for my purposes and try to educate others, but ultimately it is up to the other individuals to want the shackles on them to be unlocked. We can not unlock the shackles for them. Balance is the key here.
        I love the arts of Kabbalah, Tarot and Astrology! They are ancient arts to help individuals release the shackles, but they have been hijacked. Not many know these arts and fewer know the true art.
        We as Serpents live by example, meet and attract other Serpents to work with. When others are ready they will seek and we will be here for them. You have it right. Balance. Balance of everything. We are just so far out of balance in this world. The generations with unlocking DNA will grow up. I already see changes happening. Spread the seeds of wisdom and they will grow. We are Huinik ‘lil.
        Lak’ech Ala K’

        Thanks for such great comments and questions. 😊

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