Why Jews Don’t Eat Pork

If you are familiar with my work, you know the Jews or Israelites were pure Lower Egyptian. They were the Hyksos people of Ancient Egypt.  If you ask most people where the Jewish religion comes from, they will tell you Israel.  Israel was created May 14, 1948. The Jews have been around way longer than 71 years.  All religions are full of smoke and mirrors.  This just shows how much information has been lost in this world.  Im about to uncover the answer to one of questions that  even most Jews don’t know the answer too.  Why do Jews not eat pork?  Continue reading “Why Jews Don’t Eat Pork”



Relativity is how things have significance to you in relation to what you know or how you think.   Relativity goes way beyond physics and is a big factor in Magic.   Everything you know and understand is all relative.  This physical world is not the same for everyone.  How you have been brought up, where you live, and your beliefs are all relative.  You only know things compared to other things.  You can not know things without being intimately involved.  When you were a kid you did not know the difference between hot and cold or big and small?  You had to experience it.  Everything is relative.  Continue reading “Relativity”

Sacred Masculine




What does it mean to have the sacred masculine? Since my work is mostly the sacred feminine, I have had several readers ask me to write something on the sacred masculine.   The sacred masculine is a must for men and women to be well rounded, mature human beings.  I see very little of it left in the world.  It is a primal energy.  Kings had to develop it before they could be crowned king.  Today our leaders are supposedly elected.  So we just have the most popular person leading.  Pythagorus hated democracy for this reason.  Fully accessing the sacred masculine and sacred feminine is the closet a person can come to godhood.   Continue reading “Sacred Masculine”


Before I go in depth here I want to say that I know there are people who can see things, know things, predict the future or other gifts, but Nostradamus was not one of them.  Nostradamus is mired in hordes of conspiracy theorists, New Age peddlers, devotes who call him ‘Nosty’.  In truth most people are just taking the very badly translated lines and recycling them. The so called authoritative sources are not much better.  They have wrong dates or unknown dates.  They don’t even know the exact date of his birth. Very few detail of his life are available.  It also claims that his books were banned by the Roman Catholic church, which they never were.   Nostradamus is a religion in itself and my readers know how much a like religions. Let’s see if we can bring a little truth to Nostradamus.   Continue reading “Nostradamus”

Killing the First Born Sons


There is so much speculation as to why an all loving god would kill the first born of all the people in the land.  Unless you are familiar with my work, none of it makes sense.  Why the hell would a god kill the first born of the cattle out in the fields?  What kind of sick god kills people and cows for pleasure?  You are about to find out why he cared about cattle and why the first born sons were killed.  First born sons have been killed many times in history and the lord ordered it to happen every time.   Continue reading “Killing the First Born Sons”