Trojan War


The story of the Trojan War shows just how much we don’t know of our history.  We take the word of these historians and archeologist without questioning.  The world needs to admit that historians and archeologists have a narrative to follow and they will not stray.  In truth not one historian knows where the city of Troy was or when and where the Trojan War was fought.  The current popular location is Anatolia in modern Turkey.  Thanks to Ralph Ellis, you are about to know the true location of Troy and what the Trojan Horse actually was.  

I can not give Ralph Ellis enough praise for all that he has uncovered.   He is an insane talent when it comes to uncovering the lies of history.  Ellis will bring the human race away from the fake promise land.  He uncovers the truth about Troy and the Trojan Horse in his book Eden in Egypt.  I will also add my own insights that I have uncovered to this historical fairy tale.  

There is no concrete evidence that links Anatolia with Troy.  So again, historians and archeologists are guessing and calling it fact.  Fist thing the readers must understand is that most ancient writings did not use vowels, especially when it came to Ancient Egyptian writings.   If there were no vowels, how did scribes and historians translate them?  They guessed.  They inserted whatever vowel they thought made sense.  When I first found out this information, I couldn’t believe it.  It was because of this that I started reading as many ancient texts as I could.  If these scribes were making up letters than they were probably  making up translations too.  

If you are familiar with my work, you know I say everything started in Egypt.  I get a lot of resistance on this, but here is yet another example that proves me right.  Whether the Greeks want to admit it or not, they are an offshoot of Ancient Egypt.  To put it mildly, if a person of the royal bloodline didn’t agree with how things were run in Egypt, they threw a temper tantrum and either left or were kicked out of Egypt.  This is how Greece, Rome, Judea, and all civilizations near the Mediterranean were started. Well it goes way beyond the Mediterranean, but you get my point(see Tower of Babel).   

It is very well known that the Greeks and Egyptians fought with each other quite often.  There is an account by Rameses III in the temple at Medinet Habu that dove tails nicely with the Trojan War story in the Iliad and Odyssey.  The account refers to a Sea People who were Greek attacking what is known as Tanis, but the name for this same city around 1100 BCE was Thray.  The Greek scribes didn’t like the use of an ‘a’ so they changed it to an ‘o’ and created Throy or Troy.  

The Trojan Horse story has always been debated if it was actually true.  Finding this story in Egypt means that it may actually have happened.  I have shown in my work that all the fighting started with a change in the sky.  The sun was leaving Taurus and entering Aries.  The Upper Egyptians did not want to stop venerating the Bull, but the Lower Egyptians wanted everyone to venerate the Ram. While horses were valuable in the ancient world, they were not venerated as divine.  Bulls were considered gods or of the gods.  It’s why we have bull fighting, bull jumping, running with the bulls, the cow jumps over the moon, cowboys and cowgirls, etc. The Bull was even buried with some Pharaohs.   In one of Erich Von Daniken’s books he writes how when he was in India and some women would go up to a Bull statue and start, lets just say, dancing on it. The Bull is very important in our human history.    

The Egyptians or Trojans would have accepted a Bull very easily.  The Greeks did not worship the Bull, but they would have built it knowing that it was sacred to the Trojans.  The Greeks would have understood that the Trojans would have pulled a Bull into the safety of  the fortress because it was sacred and had to be protected. Readers need to understand that the Iliad was an oral history until Homer wrote in down in about the 7th century BCE.  The ancient word for horse in Greek is ‘Ippos’ and the ancient term for bull is ‘appis’.  There were no vowels until scribes inserted them into the written word. The Bull was central to Egyptian theology not the horse.   The siege of Troy was the battle at Thray and the Trojan Horse was the Trojan Bull.  

Lastly, lets find out Helen of Troy’s true identity.  It is said that Helen means ‘the face’, so she is known as the face that launched a thousand ships.  Since we have taken this back to Egypt where it belongs, we need to see what Helen means in Egyptian.  Helen was considered semi divine just like all queens in Egypt.  They called her Helen for the same reason the Virgin Mary’s real name was Helene(see His Royal Jesus).  In Egyptian Helen is another name for Isis and Nephthys.  Isis was the Virgin or Gods wife.  She had transcendental beauty that no mortal could achieve.  Helen was a princess from Egypt or of the bloodline of Egypt.  I show in Patriarch Pharaohs how they have fought from the beginning over a girl who is the bloodline.  In the bible it is Sarah and Sarah simply means princess.  Paris abducting Helen is another hint to who she really was.  We get the name Paris from the Egyptian Per-aa and it means great house.  It is based on the word Pharaoh.  

So here is yet another princess from Egypt that the patriarchs knew they needed to continue a bloodline and control the world.  I have shown that the legends of the fountain of youth are actually searches for Native princesses over here in the Americas.   My work shows how the patriarchs fight over little girls and the story of Helen of Troy or Helen of Sparta is no different.  The Helen that the Trojans took back to Egypt and the Helen the Greeks wanted back was a young girl.  How do I know this?  Because the story says it was the image of Helen they were fighting over.  Many researchers have said this refers to a statue or a painting of Helen.  Though religious minds will go to war over very stupid reasons, I don’t think a statue or painting would be one of them.  But a virgin princess is well worth fighting for.  The term ‘spitting image’ means a child that is in the exact likeness of their parents.  Spitting image was not used until the 19th century.  Image was used for kids that looked like their parents.  The image is the young daughter of an Egyptian royal line.  This line was probably Nefertiti’s.  

Here at last is the truth of the reason for the Trojan War.  Just like most of the wars in the bible, it was over a very young girl who,when she became pregnant, would have the next Pharaoh or ruler.  The bloodline runs through the female and every royal family knows this.  The masses think it runs through the male.  The males needed a royal princess in order to rule, if they did not have her, their family could not rule.  This is why wars are fought over princesses and not princes.  It all goes back to Egypt.  

“The Egyptian women were entrusted with the civilization. The woman (princess), and not the male, was the legal heir to the throne, and the man she chose to marry, would become the ruling Pharaoh.”  – Moustafa Gadalla(Historical Deception)

“A man may not become king without a queen, and a queen must be of royal blood.”  -A.M. Hocart (Kingship)

9 thoughts on “Trojan War”

  1. I am not about to question anything you say, BUT, does it really matter anymore? We all know history lies, but it is history, and has little effect on populism, climate disaster denial, or whether the world will end by natural cataclysm or nuclear winter. There are enough problems today, and while their origins might be hidden in the lies of the past, they are not going to be solved by rewriting history.
    I don’t mean to stop you from doing what you obviously love to do, but I do hate to see all that energy going to waste on fixing the past when the future might not exist. This is only my opinion, of course, but I thought I would share it with you anyway.


    1. We are a species with amnesia. We can’t go forward without knowing our history. Imagine you woke up tomorrow and could not remember a thing about your history. You didn’t know who you were or where you came from. Would you not need people to tell you your history and who you were? Anyone could lie to you about everything in your life just so they could manipulate you in to doing what they want. That is exactly where the human race is at. So yes, true history is important. We can’t go forward without it. I’m doing something about changing the world. What exactly are you doing other than going around telling people they are wrong and the world is hopeless? Seems to be wasted energy to me. 😉


      1. If that is your opinion, that’s okay. You are who you are, I am who I am. I asked a question, I got an answer. Fair enough.


      2. So my opinion is if you woke up with amnesia tomorrow you would need help. I guess your opinion is you would not need help and not be vulnerable to liars and thieves. Well I hope you never wake up with amnesia. Wait you are part of the human race, so that means you do have amnesia, but that’s just my opinion. Ignorance is bliss or maybe amnesia is bliss. Happy bliss because none of it really matters.
        I think I will open up another book and see what opinion I can come up with.
        Starting to see why zealots hate me? 😉
        I don’t do opinions. I’ve been told I’m arrogant, but I can backup my arrogance. If it takes arrogance to kill the lies of the world, that is what I will do. I am who I am. 😉


      3. My opinionis that I was not trying to be argumentative, and I see no relationship between an individual’s memory and a racial memory so old it no longer has reference intoday’s set of life problems. End of story.
        I don’t hate you, I said I don’t disbelive what you are saying. We have a lot of the same thought processes, we just assign different values to things that are important to us. I offered you my opinion that killing dead lies makes no difference to today’s reality. You told me you thoughtit does. Nothing more needed to be said. And nothing more needs to be said now.


  2. I have a sort of similar “problem” G and I understand how necessary it is to be whom we have made ourselves become; to use our knowledge first and foremost, then to spread it as far and wide as we possibly can. I know there are many people who read this blog who came to realize how hungry they had been to come to a smorgasbord of truths. What if your table was filled with the usual junk food found everywhere else? What good would that have been? Thanks for not becoming a New Age junk food peddler, G.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome Sha’Tara. That right there is part of the problem. People are so hungry for truth that when they find the junk food they take it as truth. Then go out and blog or vlog about the junk food they take as truth. It is because of the junk food the world is what it is, a matrix of lies. Im touching the world in a place it has never been touched before. Right in the truth. lol When people get touched in the truth they have all different kinds of reactions.
      Thank you, Sha’Tara. 😊


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