Meaning of Life


What is the point of it all?  Why are we here?  Is it really to be a good boy or good girl so a bearded man will love us?  If we are not good will we get to spend the rest of eternity with a demonic man who knows how to break the rules?  Im going to burst a big bubble here.  God doesn’t care.  If god doesn’t care, is everything just random and things just happen by mistake?  Is everything meaningless?  Are we just somehow here?  We humans are not very smart.  We can’t even understand ourselves and we try to tell people we understand the universe or cosmos.  We think our petty problems are very major.  Do you think you could handle the truth? Click the continue button and we shall see.

If you have never read my work before, strap yourself in for a ride.  First you need to admit to yourself that your parents didn’t know what the hell they were doing.  Priests, scientists and most gurus don’t know jack.  Everyone of them have resigned themselves to the authority of others or to whatever happens.  They follow a narrative and if you get off the narrow path, there will be hell to pay.  As above, so below is not just a saying.  The macro is the micro. You are the author of your own life. Until you take the power and responsibility for your own life, you will not get this.  You are the alpha and omega.  You have a divine right.  Sound like something royalty would say in the story?   You have a divine authority and it will be come clear shortly.  Ultimately everything is one. 

Sisyphus was a Greek King who tried to outsmart the gods.   As a result  his punishment was to roll a giant rock up to the top of a steep hill.  Once he got to the top, the rock would roll all the way back down and Sisyphus would have to go to the bottom and start all over again.  He had to do this over and over again for all of eternity.  This is the human race. We try to out smart Nature, so we are stuck doing an ordinary, repetitive, futile things every day.  Rationality and science can not explain this world or Nature.  We as a human race keep rolling the rock up the hill because we don’t see!  We don’t see the sun, the trees, the flowers, the animals, the friends, the relationships, the family, the wind, the sand, the art, self exploration or anything else in this world that is wonderful.  

What is the point of Nature?  Nature is an infinite singularity.  It extends forever in an infinite number of dimensions.  It doesn’t have a beginning or ending.  It is nothing and everything. It contains everything that can possibly happen.  All possibilities.  Anything that can happen or has happened is all happening simultaneously at once.  Nature is an unlimited field of consciousness.  It is self aware, intelligent, alive, sentient and creative.  Nature divided itself into an infinite number of parts. There is no distinction between a division and a unity.  Nature contains within itself all possible subdivisions.  There is only one Nature.  Nature is your reality.  There is nothing outside of Nature because Nature is infinite.  It includes every possible dimension or reality.  Nature is a universal mind.  Nature is able to think and is a living imagination.  It wants to explore itself because it can not know itself unless it lives through itself.  It must live through every possibility of itself to know itself.  It wants to know itself from every possible perspective.  Nature will be itself, know itself, experience itself and create itself.  To be itself it must create itself, to know itself it must experience itself.  

Nature must think every possible thought, dream every possible dream, experience every possible experience, in order for it to know itself.  Every possible being, creature, insect, animal, plant, alien, etc. is nature.  You are Nature.  Nature is exploring itself through your reality.  Without you, Nature could not know what it is.  You are a part of Nature and you are the whole of Nature.  Most don’t know they are a part of Nature. My readers may know they are part of Nature, but not understand they are the whole of Nature too.  Why did Nature split off into you? So it could be a creator and delight in its own creation.  Nature is being itself through you.  The point of you is to realize you are the all or Nature.  You are not poor little me, but you are looking at your self through your reality.  You are making the sun shine, the plants grow, the clouds rain, in the same way you are making your own heart beat.  You created all of it.  You are to become aware of yourself. You are infinite and very powerful.  You are a creator and the creator.  But your main purpose here is to realize you are a God or a Goddess. 

Realize the power of creativity is at your disposal to tap into it.  This is what Magic is all about!  Conquer fear, inspire others and be yourself.  Experience life!  Don’t run from life. Live it!  Evolve!  When you learn, Nature learns.  The more you grow, the more Nature grows.  Choose and define who you want to be.  There are no wrong choices.  Embrace yourself. You have lived many times before and you will live many times again. Whatever your life is right now, that is what you are exploring.  

The Ancient Chinese called Nature, purposeless.  We in the western world think that purposelessness is an insult.  We say things like, “That has no purpose.”  To things we don’t like or understand.  The Ancient Chinese saw it as a compliment.  Have you ever gone on nature hike? Just to get lost in the beauty of Nature.  Just to walk around with wonder.  It is at that point you understand purposelessness. There is a reason why we call things that we like wonderful.  It is in the state of wonder that we get it!  The greatest music on this planet was created with purposelessness.  The worst kind of music was created just to make money.  The greatest stories were written with purposelessness, the worst stories were created just to make money.  The greatest lives on this planet have no purpose, the worst are doing everything for money or greed.  

Life is purposeless and because it’s purposeless you have the freedom to make it whatever you want it to be.  Being is its own point.  Being is everything.  You have divine authority to make your creation what ever you want to make it.  Even if you see life not having a purpose as negative, you still have a function. That function is to realize yourself.  You are perfect.  Nature does all this just for the joy of it.  To be itself, delight itself, play with itself.  You are playing the game of life.  You can take control of your life and create what you want to or you can just create through your default mode.  Your default mode is what you have been programmed to do.  Most people run on default mode.  

We has humans want seek safety.  We want to be sure are lovers return, we want to make sure the paycheck is coming in and the bills are paid.  We want to manage and control everything.  This keeps us in anxiety most of the time.   We are able to consciously consider, observe, reason and act in this life.  As a result of these abilities we ask ourselves, Why?  We desperately try to find the answers.  We rationally and scientifically get very clever with our answers, but just like Sisyphus’s rock it crashes back down to the bottom.   We keep pushing the rock up the hill because we realize our answers are futile.   

The point of life is not to find and defend some absolute truth.  It’s to be conscious and appreciative of what you have created.  To look for, find and create things that are interesting and personally meaningful.   We are all divine struggling to find way in the underworld.  Once we realize this we can better accept and share our value with the people around us.  Living your life and using your divine authority for virtue, art, exploration and unique experience is the highest achievement in this human life.  

We are here to grow and we can not grow without pain.  When you are in pain you find happiness in spite of the pain.  That is growing.  Life is hard enough quit making up problems.  Life will not let you stagnate, as soon as things seem perfect something will happen.  Use your experiences to inspire people.  The word inspire comes from “in spirit”.  When you inspire you inject spirit into others.  Why do you do the things you do?  Why do you read, write, sing, play, act etc.? You do it because you like doing it.  If you don’t do things that you like, why are you here?  Im not asking your ego mind, Im asking your subconscious mind because your subconscious knows exactly what Im saying.  The ego mind is the patriarch mind that thinks it needs war, fighting, money and controversy to express its self.  Realize who you are.  You are not your ego mind, you are not your thoughts.  

You are the Godhead playing your part in the big game of life.  Life has good and bad experiences.  Learn from both.  Let go of attachment.  Give your gift to the world.  The purpose of this life, is to meet yourself. There are endless ways of living.  Ways that each of us has to determine for ourselves based on ourselves.  Look inward.  Consider how you wish to experience life and mold yourself.  Accept the uncertainties.  Realize your full potential. Make the endurance of existence personally worth being here.   We are who we have been waiting for!  

23 thoughts on “Meaning of Life”

  1. Great post. I often see the Watts quote, “You are the universe experiencing itself,” pop up on social media, but too many people take it as a metaphor, or don’t take the idea far enough. How do I find others like yourself?

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    1. There isn’t anyone like me. Lol. Alan Watts is my favorite. You are right, people only take him as a metaphor. I try to expand upon his teachings and show he wasn’t using metaphors. His teachings are straight out of ancient texts.
      Thanks, Siri. 😊


    1. Thanks, Susana. 😊 I try to bring out what most people just take as a metaphor. It’s not a metaphor it’s real. Im glad you like it and it resonates with you.


  2. A very elaborate post about our reality, except that I couldn’t help but notice that you reject the idea of a creator and yet you give all the characteristics of that creator to nature, so it is not right when that entity is called “God”but it is right when it is called ” nature “?


    1. God is dogmatic. God is controlling. God wants to be worshipped. God has rules. God did not create humans, humans created god. God hates things that don’t do what he says. God has a beard. God hates himself. God is bipolar. God is racist. God hates women. God love to fondle little kids. God has only been around a couple thousand years. God has a chosen people. God hates gay people. God has to have people give his fake message. God need money. He just cant get enough money! God loves war. God makes false promises. God is the greatest BS story ever told. God has a list of 10 things you cant do. If you do any of these 10 things he will put you in a special place full of fire, smoke, burning, anguish, torture to live for eternity, so you can burn, choke, scream and cry till the end of time. But he loves you. Give me a break! God is nothing like Nature. That is why they call it Mother Nature. God hates women! Nature and spirit are feminine! No one understands that and it is the reason why the world is so messes up. The bearded man will be replaced at the end of the age of Pisces. Nature will still be here. God can go burn in his own made up hell.


      1. God is made up. I have never met him. Neither has anyone else for that matter. I meet Nature everyday. She is a pretty cool chick. I don’t tell people what to think, I just put the truth out there and let them think for themselves. I don’t see any Thou shalt on my website. The opposite of what religion does. Did I tell you to come visit my website? No. Nor have I told anyone else. I must not be telling people what to do.

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      2. How are you sure that God is made up? And how are you sure that what you say is the TRUTH? And what makes so sure that what you believe is the truth while what others believe is made up?


      3. I don’t believe anything. Unlike others I have read every ancient text, talk to the indigenous peoples and know the symbolism that is used to control.
        Funny how god hates everything that the peoples who believe in him hate. I know who wrote the all the so called religious texts and they were not divine. Not by a long shot.


      4. That is a really impressive exploit, to have read every ancient text, talk to indigenous people and get to know the symbolism used!! You should write your conclusions after this study with the references so we can discuss them. So who wrote the religious texts?


      5. I’m interested in your research, you show a really strong conviction so could you please give the titles of those writings. I know for sure mine didn’t come out of Egypt thought! And where’s Lemuria?


      6. You do not know the history of your own religion. Sad. You are just like everyone else. Obey without question. I don’t debate beliefs or ignorance, we are done. I have better things to do.


      7. So far you haven’t brought any references or proof, all you did was repeat what Alan watts said and advance that you know the absolute truth. I seriously hope for your sake that the better things that you have to do are question your own beliefs under the light of evidence and proof and not just guess or blindly following what someone else said. May we be guided towards the truth.


      8. I find it interesting when someone uses those two words together in a religious context: “the” “truth”
        Do you, Ahmed, possess “the” “truth”? If you do, how do you define it from all other truths? If not, are you looking for it from gserpent? Just curious.


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