Why Do We Sleep?


No one knows why we sleep.  Everyone knows we need it, but no one knows why.  Everyone has a theory, but it’s all wrong.  We spend a third of our lives sleeping and no one knows why!  Well until know.  You are about to find out.  All the scientific theories are just physical elements of what sleep does for us.  Science only cares about the physical world and therefor will never unlock the secrets of the Universe.  As I have shown in previous writings, the body mind and spirit are all connected.  

Sleep is critical for our health and well being, but everyone is looking only at the body and physical brain.  Sleep is an active period where important processing, restoring and strengthening occurs.  Science knows we can’t survive without it.  It is as essential as food, water and air to us.  Most humans don’t even think about sleep.  

Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar, “Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber” and in Wars of the Roses, “O sleep, O gentle sleep, Natures soft nurse, how have I frightened thee”.  

Thomas Dekker wrote,  “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our body together”.  

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece all had Sleep Temples.  Modern science sees them as hypnosis temples.  This could not be further from the truth.  Today we see sleep as something we just have to do. Most modern thinkers see sleep as a waste of time.  They are trying to figure out how we can get rid of sleep.  Thomas Edison even said, “Sleep is a criminal waste of time and a heritage from our cave days”.  Margaret Thatcher famously said, “Sleep is for wimps”.  Our corporate world proclaims “Money never sleeps”.  We treat sleep as an illness today.  We our seriously ignorant of so many things on this planet.  Sleep is very important to us.  

Man can not be awake all the time.  Life continues during sleep.  The forces that are active during our waking state receive their strength and renewal by what is given to them from sleep.  A person who doesn’t continually draw strength from the hidden forces offered during sleep will destroy themselves.  The same can be said about a world that does not understand the hidden world forces.  If it does not draw strength from the hidden world, it will destroy itself.  That is exactly what our world is doing, destroying itself.  There can be no true knowledge of the world without insight from the invisible world.  

Since everyone who is probably reading this post has an idea of what their soul is, I will use the term soul for my explaining of the process that happens during sleep.  I have shown how the ancients believe this is the underworld because your spirit or soul fell into your earthly body.  You are in the underworld.  When you sleep your soul leaves your physical body, but is still tethered to it.  Most can not recall what they do when they sleep.  Just like most can not remember previous lives or the time between lives.  The reason being that you are not taking your physical brain with you.  Older souls can remember things without the physical brain.  These people are very rare.  They remember past lives.  Instead of cherishing them, this world demonizes them.  

I know I have hit a new depth for quite a few of you, but hear me out before you call me crazy and leave.  If your physical body was taken out of its environment all together it could not exist.  We need our environment to nourish and feed our body.  The same is true of your soul.  It needs its true environment to be nourished and fed.  Your soul shows the necessity of going back to its environment by causing fatigue.  Just as your physical body belongs to this world, your soul belongs to its own environment.  During your waking time your soul is torn out of its divine world, but its still tethered to your Higher Self.  When you sleep you enter the world of your Higher Self, but are still tethered to your physical body.  This is why the ancients had Sleep Temples.  People were being trained to, or they naturally could, bring back information from the world of souls or the Higher Self.  

Dreaming is the state of being in-between the waking and sleeping worlds.  You have one foot in each state.  When you are in the dream state you are free of the rules of the waking life, but you get the fantasy and artistic feeling that dreams are made of. It is why you dream of stuff that you see or have learned in the physical world yet are able to do what would be considered super human things.    When you are dreamless you are completely in the soul world still tethered to your physical body.  The Sleep Temples were for people who could be in both worlds at the same time.  Certain drugs can achieve this state too.  The Sleep temples used these drugs.   Rare individuals can go completely into the soul world and remember exactly what they saw without the use of drugs or being in both worlds at the same time.  

Death is when your soul separates from the physical body completely.  Near death experiences can be where the soul nearly separates or it can be the soul completely separating.   Some rare individuals who have completely severed the soul from the body and for what ever reason came back to join the physical body, can remember what happened.  Other individuals who come back never actually severed connection with the physical body and were in both worlds at the same time.  These individuals are still connected to the physical brain, so the brain will use the programming of the physical world to try to make sense of what’s going on.  These individuals come back with stories of Jesus, Muhammed or any other religious nonsense.  

Sleeping lets you get back to the God or Goddess world.  The place you came from.  Your home.  The divine world. Because our minds have been put into the masculine mindset, most of us can’t remember except for when we are in the dream state.  Sometimes we can’t remember those dreams either.  The purpose of sleep is to get you back in the divine environment so your spirit can function in this world.  Here at last is the true reason why we sleep.  Next time you have trouble sleeping, just remember that you are going home for a visit.  It helps me.  


20 thoughts on “Why Do We Sleep?”

  1. When we physically sleep, we get instructions/re-minders/insights by our Imperial Self/Higher Self/Quintessence/Authentic Self, so when we return to the 3D world, we re-member to Be fully Awake, fully embodied, in the Dream (Life) we ourselves wove and created, and chose to forget, as God’s and Goddesses in Amnesia;) We figured we would NJoy unlocking the keys and codes of this fascinating Cosmic Game!!! Gratitude, I adore it when someone speaks my language, giving power to words to explain a Supernatural state we’re all Here to Re-Member… Each from his/her own point of view.

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  2. Thank you for such great post. I just love your unique and profoud articles. And now I am going home ( sleep) for a while…😴 Take care, beautiful soul 🌼

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    1. You are welcome. Thank you, Susana. I’m glad you like them. I’m trying to bring a breath of fresh air to this world. Your comment means a lot to me. 😊 Happy going home.


    1. Thanks, Jessica. 😊 Its amazing how they keep stuff out of history that has to do with the power within. Im betting with your abilities you would have been a priestess in one of these Sleep Temples. 😉


      1. Why thanks😊. If I were there at that time, I would definitely want to be one of the people in the sleep temples! It was completely fascinating to learn about them, thanks for the education, Gserpent

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  3. So interesting to think about! I love your perspective. This- “The forces that are active during our waking state receive their strength and renewal by what is given to them from sleep.” Wow nail on the head and I’ve never even considered that. You have a beautiful way of bringing knowledge to the simplest things! Wonderful post ❤️🖤

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    1. Thanks, Stephanie. 😊 It’s been digging at me for awhile of how we don’t know why we sleep. Once I set my sights on something, look out! Lol. 😉 Thanks for the great comment. ❤️


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