Ancient Americans


You are about to find out why the Ancient Americans were conquered, destroyed and exterminated.  This post will show what the Ancient Americans believed and taught.  It was more than a religion is was a way of life.  When I say Ancient Americans I am encompassing all civilizations that were here in the North, Central and South Americas.  The Coral Supe, Olmec, Mayan, Zapotec, Nasca, Tiwanaku, Wari, Inca, Mississippian, Polynesians, Aztecs,  all the Native Americans and Mexicans and many more.   

All of the Ancient American civilizations had a word for god, but it was essentially Nature.  I will use the word Nature in this post to not offend any of these civilizations by comparing any of their gods.  As far as I can tell they were all describing Nature and the cosmos.  It was the spirit or force and this force makes a hell of a lot more sense than a bearded man.  I will also help the readers understand what the philosophy of the Ancient Americans really was.  I don’t claim to know all of their beliefs, I’m just trying to show how their system made way more sense than any of today’s patriarchies.  Ultimately with this philosophy and system the people could not be controlled, so they were forced to convert or they were killed.  The patriarchs could not let the people of the Americas ruin what they have already accomplished with the Europeans.  There was no way they were going to let the Americans teach the newcomers this system.  

At the heart of the Ancient American philosophy stands the thesis that there exists a single, dynamic, vivifying, externally self-generating  and self-regenerating sacred power, energy or force : Nature or God.

God to them was a spirit, a concentration of power as a sacred impersonal force.  It was what we in the western world know today as Nature.  

Nature continually generates and regenerates as well as permeates, encompasses, and shapes the cosmos as part of its endless process of self generation and regeneration.  That which humans call Nature –  the heavens, earth, rain, humans, trees, rocks, animals etc.  It is all generated by Nature, from Nature as one aspect, facet or moment of its endless process of self generation and regeneration.  It flows everywhere.  

Nature is more than the unified totality of things.  Nature is everything and everything is nature.  As a single all-encompassing life force of the universe, Nature vivifies the cosmos and its contents.  Nature has no boss.  It loves everyone and everything, but does not hold it over them.  

Nature is both metaphysically immanent and transcendent.  It penetrates deeply into every detail of the universe and exists within everything.  It is transcendent in that it is not exhausted by any single existing thing.  

Nature is a process, movement, becoming.  She is and ever flowing and ever-changing energy in constant motion. Nature is always becoming nature.  She is not static.  Never ending process of creating and ending. 

Everything in Nature is a duality.  She has polar yet complimentary opposites.  At the same time Nature and everything in it is identical.  She has a rhythm that will bring everything into balance and regularity.   This is what Yin and Yang is symbolizing.  All opposites are at interplay with each other.  

Everything is connected.  The play of polar opposites is how the universe exists.  You can not stop all the bad stuff and have everything good.  Everything would cease to exist.  The western world only seeks pleasure.  They have become so lazy they are getting sick.  They may cease to exist.  The sickness is the pull of duality to start living healthy. Living healthy is not always full of pleasure.

Nature presents herself in multiple aspects, but everything about her is dual.  I have had people argue with me about Nature as a whole is non-dual, so she is dual and non-dual at the same time.  To those who are thinking the same thing, think about what was just said, dual and non-dual at the same time.  Two polar opposites of each other.  I agree. She is dual and non-dual at the same time, but that is the definition of duality.  Her duality takes the form of endless opposition of contrary yet mutually interdependent and mutually complementary polarities which divide, alternately dominate, and explain the diversity, movement and arrangements of the cosmos, universe and nature.  

Everything has an opposite, hot-cold, something-nothing, life- death, wet-dry, active-passive, male-female, light-dark, heavy-light, etc. It is endless.  You can not have one without the other.  Nature forces itself into balance.  Everything alternates endlessly without resolution.  It is a never-ending tug-of-war of the dualities.  So when people read these texts they think the Ancient Americans believed that nature was unstable and devoid of order.  That is the furthest from the truth.  They saw her as regular order, pattern and structure based.  She is a dynamic balance of these endless polar opposites.  

There is not a perfect heaven beyond this world.  Sorry religious people, you have been lied too.  This is what happens when a religion does not give a Goddess.  A religion without a Goddess is like a bird trying to fly with one wing.  It will not happen.  The divine itself is dual.  All of our problems come from not understanding that Nature is dual and is perfect.  She sheds and renews herself constantly.  Everything has a renewal.  Think of nature as neither ordered or disordered but non-ordered.  There is nothing predictable about her.  She is orderly and disorderly.  If anyone tells you they know what god or Nature wants, they are lying.  They are telling you want they want.  Nothing is random in Nature.  Yet it appears to be random.  

Man is a god, but not the totality of god.  Women is a goddess but not the totally of the goddess.  So is everything else.  Everything is Nature, but not the totality of Nature.  Everything that exists has a related unity. Everything is one with Nature.  Nature is a sacred genius.  You are not separate from Nature.  

Nature is an artist.  She is constantly recreating herself.  Everything you see is her self presentation.  Everything is an ongoing work of art.  See the beauty of Nature.  Then you see the genius.  Aztecs called it the ‘flower and song’.  

Just like you put on a mask or disguise  to not let the world see the real you, Nature does the same thing and is why scientists will never crack her code.  The religious ceremonies of the Ancient Americans had lots of masks and disguises.  This was the reason.  Nature is a shape shifter.  Everything is Nature.  Nature has no true shape, but is all shapes.  It requires consciousness and intelligence to see through the masks and shape shifting.  Nature is not a belief.  You must see the leaves not the tree, the blade of grass not the field.  Nature is the leaf and the tree, the blade of grass and the field.   Nature and spirit are feminine.  Woman is the physical manifestation of the sacred feminine.  I belive this is why women are so mysterious.  They are just like Nature.  This poem decribes woman and nature perfectly.  

She has a fiery soul that cannot be tamed.

She has free spirit that cannot be maimed.

She moves with the wind and flows with the river.

She howls at the moon and smiles at the sun.

Just when you think she is finished, she declares, “I’ve just begun.”

Like wild flowers, she grows where she decides to push through fallow ground.

Like wild fires, she spreads with speed that can’t be drowned.

She has mystery in her blood, magic in her touch and regardless of her frame

she can be too much-wild woman.

She is not predictable, controllable nor the people pleasing kind.

That’s why she is called wild woman and can never be defined.

Mishi McCoy


This is why the Hindus have Maya.  Maya is an illusion.  The illusion is that everything is Nature.  Humans, trees, insects, hills, plants, mountains, oceans, animals, etc.  are all nature.  It is illusionary because one and all are facets of Nature, but Nature is one thing.  Nature is all but is everything individually.  The dualities such as hot and cold, up and down, life and death are illusionary because they are different degrees of the same thing.  They are interrelated.  This is the illusion the ancients are referring too.  Not that our reality is an illusion.  Our reality is very real.  Your illusion is you, your  own self-deception.  Your own mind deceives you.  Whatever your beliefs are, that is your illusion.  Scientifically it can be proven that your mind fills in the blanks to make sense of the world.  Your mind tricks you so you can survive as yourself.  The illusions are of your own making.  The big illusion is that you are a Goddess or God and think you are human.  The all is mind, so Nature is mind.  Nature can imagine herself to be anything and everything.  

When you gaze upon the world you see Nature disguised.  When you see a tree, a female, a male, an animal, it is all Nature.  It is Nature disguised. You see them as nothing but another human, animal, plant, but it is Nature.  Wisdom is how you see Nature as Nature and not as a disguise.  Muggles lack wisdom.  I don’t care how smart they are, they don’t have wisdom.  Some of the smartest muggles in the world still believe there is a bearded man running around controlling everything.  Then you have other very smart muggles that think they will control Nature and crack her code.  Yet another group of smart muggles who think that nothing at all exist but the material world.  None of them have wisdom. That is why they are muggles.  

The Ancient Americans knew that Nature was the one through whom all live and is the very being of all things.  They knew Nature was everything but they called her ‘invisible like the night and intangible like the wind’.  Science will never grasp the ungraspable.  Life was considered dream like to the Ancient Americans.  Everything is mind.  We humans need life to be real.  Once you see the illusion your mind is free.  The illusion is necessary to be controlled and is why the Ancient Americans were exterminated.  Everything I shared with you was taught to all Pharaohs and royalty.   In Ancient America everyone was taught this.  So they had to go.

The only absolute truth is Nature is not absolute.  How can you be absolute when I just told you she is a shapeshifter.  Go beyond the specific forms.  This is why Gods and Goddess were invented.  To describe her and give her forms.  Get rid of description. What is the truth about the position of the stars?  It depends on where you are and who is looking at them! It has no absolute truth.   You know Nature through Nature.  Not though language, concepts or categories.  You can discover what Nature really is only by knowing Nature.  Just like the only way you can know consciousness is to become conscious.  I can write a million posts on Nature or Consciousness and if you don’t know you are Nature or you haven’t become conscious, you will never understand.  Science will never know Nature or consciousness because they want to describe them with words, math and formulas.   Nature and consciousness is all of that, but its so much more.  You are playing a joke on yourself.  You are in your own way.  

The world is not subjects and objects.  The only way to know something is by being the thing.  Only a god can know a god.  Only a goddess can know a goddess.  The only thing in the way is your own mind.  Everything is out there for you.  You just need to become enlightened or conscious.  Nature is not a model, language or category.  As long as you see the world objectively, you will never see Nature.  Get rid of the middleman.  You call them priests.  Everything is accessible to you all the time.  The only thing in the way is you.  One organism invokes one world, another organism invokes another world.  Nature exceeds all thoughts, exceeds all definitions, infinite, unbounded, eternal and immeasurable.  

The Ancient Americans saw life on this earth as filled with pain, sorrow and suffering.  The Greeks and Egyptians called it the underworld.  I’m not kidding when I tell you that you are in the underworld.  An Ancient American proverb said, “It is slippery, it is slick on earth”.  This was said of a person who lived a moral life, but then lost balance and did something they considered wrong.  It was like they slipped on mud or ice.  Humans lose their balance easily and suffer lots of misfortune.  Humans were said to need guidance not a made up hell!  Balance is the key.  It is so easy to slip and lose your balance.  To the Ancient Americans human existence was to learn to keep balance on the slippery earth.  

Philosophy today is way too philosophical and abstract. It is disconnected from real life.   Ancient philosophy was a must.  This was how ancient philosophy was given to those who wanted to learn it.  Ordinary Ancient Americans were taught everything I’m telling you.  Today people are completely lost in life and it has everything to do with today’s society.  This world is getting everything it deserves.  Corruption, climate change, politics all stems from exterminating this way of thinking for everyone.  We lack balance and wisdom in our own lives and in society as a whole.  They understood that everything was perfect and the more you try to fix yourself or her the worse things will get.  Today everyone thinks the world and Nature are foreign and they try to fix her and themselves to what they think is perfect.  The more they do this the worse things get.  The duality in this world will pull one group’s idea of perfect with another group’s idea of perfect trying to get things back to balance.  The longer it goes on the more likely they will cease to exist.  This is why nations and civilizations disappear.  They can’t accept that Nature is perfect and leave it alone.  They will either get back to balance or they will cease to exist.  

Wisdom is how you conduct yourself.  It is not a book or set of truths.  Wisdom gives your life stability.  Wisdom is balance.  Balance in everything.  Everyone has a different balance.  Find your balance.  The better you are at balancing your life, the wiser you become.  When you get in touch with Nature, you will know what it is to be moral.  You don’t need a set of rules carved in stone.  The Ancient Americans taught balance, keeping an inherited way of life going, participating in the regeneration and renewal of Nature, and creatively participating in helping others know Nature.  

You are connected to Nature, so you should work with her not against her.  Nature affects you and you affect Nature.  You can cause balance and harmony or you can cause imbalance and disharmony.  Everything about today is causing imbalance and disharmony.  Everything is about making money.  Money is the biggest human illusion of all. We see this worthless piece of paper as wealth, when the true wealth is us and our lives.   Not keeping balance causes psychological, physical and moral imbalance, perverseness, instability and disease.  That is exactly what todays world has become,  Imbalanced.  Just like in the past, our world is on the brink and everyone is getting more dogmatic about it.  The more dogmatism, the more imbalance.  The more imbalance, the harder the pull of duality.  

The Ancient Americans did not reject the earthly life.  Well being consists of laughter, food, sexual pleasure, entertainment, procreation etc., but it was all in balance.  Balance is not giving up everything.  Nature is constantly changing.  Find your balance.  Humans are searching for a connection with Nature.  You can not set your roots in anything but Nature.  Humans will wonder from one illusion to the next.  I call it the ‘walking dead’.  Everyone is deceiving themselves.  Imbalance is contagious.  

Nature is not dogmatic or a set of ideals.  You can not force others to see the illusion.  They must discover it themselves. Forcing things on others is imbalance.  Truth is not set in stone.  Nature’s truth is authentic and well-balanced.  Truth in this world only goes as far as “will it make money?”  If it doesn’t make money it’s not truth today.   The meaning of being alive is just to be alive.  Everyone is running around tying to find the truth of why we are here and alive.  We are unknowing artists.  Get lost and involved in your life like you would get lost and involved in your masterpiece.  Not someone else’s masterpiece, your masterpiece.  The more uncertainty and anxiety you have means you are doing it right! You are succeeding as an artist.  

The Ancient Americans taught one to think with their heart.  This means the same thing as how the Ancient Egyptians thought of the heart.  Just like I showed in my Goddess Maat post, it is about thinking with your subconscious or your right brain.  Nature is the living subconscious, so thinking with the subconscious puts you close to Nature.  Thinking with the subconscious puts you on the divine level.  The left brain is analytical, logical and rational.  You can not awaken with the ego mind.  Nature will never reveal herself to you while you are in the left brain.  Do you have to think to beat your own heart?  You may not know it, but you are beating your own heart.  

They taught that you can only experience Nature and know Nature in a manner undefined by language, concepts and categories.  Language, concepts and categories are in the rational brain.  Nature is infinite.  Everything we humans use to try to understand her is finite.  Synchronicity is how she communicates.  Thinking of the future or past is not going to cut it.  You have to be in the now.  Nature is right now in this moment.  We try to describe her with symbols, but they still are not enough.  Only Nature can describe Nature.  

The Ancient Americans believed that songs and poems were the highest forms of human artistry.  Art itself was sacred because creating art was the activity that most imitated Nature in her creative artistry.  This is why they had so many song poems and dances in all their ceremonies.  All art is using your imagination and creating.  Imagination is in the subconscious.  Art uses a balance of reason and passion, active and passive, male and female.  Nature is the creative source of everything.  Artistic activity improves your heart or subconscious.  Express yourself artistically.  This is how you express your Godhead.  This is why I write.  I know I’m not very good, but this is one of the ways I enjoy creating.  

In order to see Nature you must show her humility and respect.  You need to be genuine and moral.  Becoming conscious is the best way to show her respect.  The Ancient Americans did not try to be a perfect person.  They were not riddled with guilt.  They taught to be a descent person.  They understood that this is a slippery place and everything is perfect.  Balance is the key.  Being authentic leads to an enriched life.  They taught that you should not do too little or too much of anything.  Walk the middle path of extremes.  Are you thriving or just coping? 

We all know the difference between right and wrong.  Immoral conduct causes loss of balance.  Losing balance causes suffering, disorder, and spoilage.  Spoilage causes disease in the body and mind.  Look at the world today.  It is one big disease.  It is all a byproduct of how you live your life.  The food you eat.  The information you let in to your mind.  Your thoughts and activities.   We our out of touch from Nature.  We don’t think that what we do effects Nature or what Nature does effects us.  We think the world is foreign or alien.  We treat Nature as an enemy and try to beat her into submission.  We kick her around in revenge.  The Ancient Americans understood we are unaware of the sources of our consciousness.  They understood we are connected to everything that exists.  

The Ancient Americans characterized eduction as the art of strengthening and bringing up children with wisdom.  Education aimed at perfecting children by teaching them wisdom and giving them a strong heart.  They taught them how to be descent humans.  They taught them how to think for themselves and get in touch with their inner self.  They taught their children to be authentic individuals not a mindless herd animal.  There was no dogma.  They taught them how to get in touch with their artistic side.  How their own mind would deceive them.  They taught them the dangers of beliefs and ideologies.  They taught them to follow their passion and take responsibility for their own life.  

A wise person with a good heart  was a person who exhibited sound judgment and sentiment.  They were balanced physically and mentally.  A  person with a good heart was wise in the ways of Nature.  The person lacking a good heart is mad, foolish and dull-witted.  Strengthening your heart was how you kept from losing balance.  

This is a far cry from what is taught about the Ancient Americans.  Everything they have taught about the Ancient Americans is a lie.  There is nothing balanced about today’s world.  Is there anything in today’s world that elevates the consciousness of mankind?  It is all quite the opposite.  Is the world today balanced and close to Nature or is it perverse, unbalanced, deceptive, inauthentic and false? Does it spread truth or lies? Is our cities and corporations aligned with Nature?  Religion even teaches you that a man constructed nature.  We could not be any further way from Nature than with a lie like this.   In this way Nature can be fixed by a mechanic.  So we identify with our body in the same way we identify our cars.  The Ancient Americans knew that self was the ultimate reality of Nature.  

Creative activity to the Ancient Americans was everything you did to create, so when we create businesses, organizations, towns, cities or anything we are using creativity.  But to them creative activity was only valuable if it was in the ways of Nature or presented her.  It had to contribute positively to Nature.  Keep things in balance.  It had to come from the heart and be moral.  What in today’s world does this?  Who in today’s world does this?  Everything today is out of balance and harmful to Nature.  And we wonder why the world is sick.  

The earth has hit the reset button before.  The only ones who learned from it were the Lemurians, Ancient Americans, Upper Egyptians, Druids, Tuatha De Danann, Aborigines, Witches and Wizards.   We have destroyed all of them.  Certain eastern traditions have taught this, but it is all taken the wrong way.  It is westernized so money can be made off of it.  The Ancient Americans were so much more advanced than researchers have led us to believe.  They try to tell us the Ancient Americans were hunter gatherers and savages who sacrificed kids.  I just showed you they were all about balance and a strong heart.  Would sacrificing kids give one a strong heart?  Would sacrificing kids be inline with Nature?   The Ancient Americans had earth works, mounds and pyramids all over the Americas, but the Europeans destroyed all of them.  Then built Christian churches over them.   This world is full of greed and righteousness.  Greedy and righteous people are the worst humans this world has to offer.  They start wars and kill other people in the name of god and country.  

I hope that this post gets people to question exactly what they have been taught about the Ancient Americans.  I showed in my Mayan and Mayan 2 posts that everything we have in the western world was stolen from them and given to some rich guy to say he discovered it.  The lies stop here and now.  Is there anyone left in this world who has a strong enough heart to help the truth come out?  Are there any people conscious enough to know the truth when they see it?  

13 thoughts on “Ancient Americans”

  1. Here, here! Spreading this truth with every breath that I take by being authentic and balanced in every way.
    When the bs talk arises I smile until I am asked my opinion, then like nature I shine my Light, effortlessly, beautifully, lovingly and astoundingly.
    Nature is so perfect and balanced that it is only when we realise that something isn’t correct with the information that we are being fed, only when we silently ask for truth to be set free that the answers come be it from the old books which survived somewhat, confirmation of our thoughts or miraculously discovering blogs like yours.
    Keep on keeping on strong! You are loved, appreciated and admired by us all!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nature is nature, certainly, but it isn’t perfect, that I have observed. Modern man however is a recent event in Earth’s nature, an unnatural creature that can only realize the need to control, not having the wisdom to see that controlling means destroying and killing. My argument against nature’s perfection is the need for a predatory system to control life. That need I perceive to be an imposition upon Earth’s normal system of balance. As long as there is some force causing fear, dread, violence, loss and painful death, no “perfection” can exist anywhere. Even if man was eliminated, Earth would still have to do some serious resetting. Even without man the predators enjoy their killing skills whereas their prey (victims) fear them and seek to escape from them. Nothing just wants to die, hence Earth itself is living a false life and so were those ancients who depended on killing to survive. That is why they went on raids to kill enemies and capture slaves; why their women tortured captured enemies using methods that would make the Gitmo staff blush in shame. If we are to speak of balance, then we must tell the full and real story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is always a bigger or more powerful predator. Man will find that out. Maybe when we are finally able to explore space. The predatory system is not for control, it’s for survival and renewal. Man only uses it for control. The earth is unbalanced or slippery.
      Yes there was war in the ancient world, as long as you have humans you will have war.
      You see death as a bad thing. It’s a renewal. If everything lived forever would anything advance or adapt? There would be no growth for any species or Nature.


      1. Quote: ” If everything lived forever would anything advance or adapt? There would be no growth for any species or Nature.”
        Sadly that is a typical response straight from Matrix programming. Think about it for a day, a month, a year. Observe yourself as your mind evolves within your body and you will realize eventually that death is exactly what keeps us from evolving mentally, even spiritually. The added problem of death which the empath is terribly aware of is its connection to the inflicting of terror upon victims when it comes as a reaper dressed as a predator. I could tell you that there is no need for death but the programming says it is needed for species control and for “evolution” and the programming will always win as long as it is not voluntarily and utterly done away with. Death is part of the great evil that has spread its sooty wings over this universe and until the programming is broken and the mental/spiritual eyes of intelligent, sentient, self aware beings are fully open nothing can ever change. We can talk a mile about this and that; we can tweak our social systems; we can entertain ourselves with stories of past events but the problem is right here, in our minds and we keep feeding it however well meaning we may be. Tell me, friend, that fear, pain and terror are necessary to nature’s evolution and I will insist that your nature is utterly perverse.
        Death has never been, nor is it, a natural process except as seen from an unnatural perspective. There is a very simple test: if death was natural it could come without fear or physical pain and certainly it would not come to unfinished (young) lives terminated in terror and despair.
        As long as we tolerate death in nature we will subconsciously make allowances for violent death as in wars, genocides and through oppression. These types of deaths are inextricably linked. So I have observed and so I have incessantly warned about for decades. We are in a trap not of our own making, but as programmed slaves to a species of powerful nature manipulators which we remain blissfully ignorant of despite the evidence all around us. The sad thing is we feel safe in their trap and we encourage others to join in not knowing of any alternative. Food for thought on this cold and wet Thursday morning here in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada.


      2. If there was no death there would be no birth or creation. It’s that simple. If there was no death, every evil dictator would still be ruling. One persons villain is another persons hero and vice versa.
        People are controlled by death because they see it as bad. I can’t wait till my death comes. I want off this looney tunes planet. It has no control over me.
        If there was no death, humans would never do anything. Everything would be put off until tomorrow.
        Death is a gift.
        Once my death comes I won’t be able to reinforce the Matrix programming. It will be a sad day for all those people inside the Matrix. Nope I can’t do it. My mind is past illusions. The Matrix will be happy to see me gone. 😉
        People don’t evolve mentally or spiritually because they think death is an ending. They don’t know who they are.


      3. Yes ‘g’ – death as a reprieve or an escape, I can understand feeling that and some 20 years ago I would probably have agreed. But as an empath I respond to “death” as an enemy of life, not a partner. As I said, free up ‘death’ from its attendant suffering, pain, terror, fear, loss, the things that cause so much additional violence and I will look at the concept again to see if it makes a difference. The way I’ve been taught to ‘die’ without passing through a physical death is to endure the death of the ego-self and create a new nature for one’s self. This makes physical death unnecessary and pointless. My opinion, of course. Thanks for the discussion.

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  3. Good post, the feminine aspect also cannot exist without the mauscline aspect right? = duality

    I appreciate the mauscline principles paraded in the Abrahamic Re-lie-gions which tries to eradicate the feminine principle.

    But neither can exist without the polar opposite otherwise you have a major discourse?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly. How can one know they are good if there was no bad? How can one know if they are awake if there were no sleepers? How would you know the masculine without the feminine?
      Duality is our reality. Balance is the key.
      The further you go to one side of any duality, the harder the pull from the other side.
      Thanks. 😊

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