Where did baptism come from?  Why are people so ready to be immersed in water without asking questions?  Why a river?  Why not a lake or ocean?  Was it just taking a bath to purify oneself?  Christians believe that baptism is used to purify the person from sin or wash away their sins, but Jesus, who was supposedly without sin, insisted on John the Baptist baptizing him.  The Mayans and Native Americans baptized with a ritual very similar to what the conquistadors were used to seeing.  The patriarch religions stole everything.  Baptism is just one more block I will remove from the wall of lies.  

I will take this back to Egypt because that is where everything in today’s world come from, but the original reason for baptism in Egypt was the reason it was done all over the globe.  In Egypt the Pharaoh was the living manifestation of god on earth.  At sunrise each day he was sprinkled with water.   This act was a symbolic unification of the Pharaoh with the sun-god Ra, who was believed to be reborn at dawn via the waters of Nun after his journey through the night.  The Temple of Karnak has a depiction of Rameses II having water poured over him by the gods Thoth and Horus.  This baptism was meant to prepare the Pharaoh to receive the god within.  Thus through baptism the Pharaoh was reborn or made god like.  This sprinkling of water was  done in Lower Egypt to infants because it was believed the waters of the Nile would purify them of blemishes they acquired in the womb.   

The initiation into the Isis cult goes much deeper.  The baptism preceding the initiation was more than a purification ritual.  The baptizing for the Goddess Isis had to do with being reborn from the amniotic fluid.  This is why it was done around the world by matriarchal societies.  Upper Egypt was matriarchal.  It was to symbolize humans being reborn via the waters of the amniotic fluid.  Your soul enters this world in the womb of the goddess.  When you are pulled out of the water and take your first breath, it symbolizes you being born and taking your first breath.   Jesus was of Egyptian descent and so was John the Baptist. The true religion of Ancient Egypt was the cosmos and nature herself.  As a matter of fact, Jesus family was a matriarch.  That is the joke of the  bible. The scribe used a matriarch to create a patriarch and a patriarchal book.  Make no mistake, it is very well-known what has been done.  

Baptism was so important to Christians that they baptized new members in local rivers and streams.  So what is so important of rivers and how did the water become masculine for patriarch religions.  If you remember the story of our old buddy Osiris, you know that when he was cut into pieces Isis found all his body parts but one.  The one piece being his penis.  To the Egyptians the penis was lost forever in the Nile river.  So the reproductive power of Osiris was submerged in the Nile.  This is why patriarch religions did this.  As populations grew and rivers became polluted the church had to do something.  They didn’t want Osiris’ penis kill off all their congregation.  Where would the money come from then?  So they moved them indoors.  

Churches constructed baptismal fonts.  Fonts is from the Latin word ‘fons’ or ‘fontis’ meaning fountain.  People are told these fonts symbolize natural springs or fountains.  Pagans react by saying that Christianity stole their ideas.  Yes they did, but not in the way most pagans think.  Fountains have always represented the female bloodline.  Even in the Song of Solomon he refers to the Queen of Sheba as “a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters”.  The female line you are being baptized into is Mary Magdalene’s.  I have shown in previous writings that the fountain of youth had to do with the aging blood lines of this world.  The blood lines are running stale. The fountain of youth legends are all about looking for a young princess from a new bloodline, so the royalty of this world can mix with her.  

You can believe what you want to believe, but the truth is that baptism is all about the feminine and the goddess.  All the ancient civilizations knew this. Today it is hidden.  If women actually knew their power, the game would come crashing down.  Isis was considered the most powerful deity ever.  More powerful than any god or goddess ever made up. There is a reason for that.  The only thing patriarch religions will wash away from you is your freedom.  Most all deities of truth and wisdom are goddesses.  The eastern teachings have some gods, but I argue that the eastern teachings see their gods as androgynous.  

In the Mayan tradition the word for baptism was ‘sihil’ and it simply meant “to be born”.  The ceremonies were about the children reclaiming the magic and beauty they carry within. It was about self-love and awakening the ancient wisdom found in every person.  The baptism was performed in a cave or ‘cenote’.  This was symbolizing the Goddesses womb.  With the Mayan holy mother leading the baptism.  Cocoa which was considered ‘god food’ was used to anoint the girls and boys and they drank it.   The festival afterwards consisted of eating and drinking and was called ‘em-ku’ which meant “the descent of the god”.  

Just like everything else in this world, what you think you know about baptism is completely backwards.  Baptism before patriarchy was not about making people submit to someone else’s will.  It was about discovering the truth of yourself.   This is the real reason the biblical Jesus wants John the Baptist to baptize him.   They were both Egyptian royalty and knew the secrets.   

16 thoughts on “Baptism”

  1. I read somewhere that at different stages in a lady’s life, depending on what she wants to accomplish, she needs to call on the goddess power within her. It was a Greek version of the goddesses like Artemis for example.
    The information of The Divine Feminine is increasing yet in order to learn to access it you’ve got to join a group or pay for a class etc.
    What I have discovered is that within me different energies literally take over the show depending on the situation at hand and the Light that I need to clear the habits and beliefs of the lesser light.
    I have no names but there is one who is fierce and ruthless she even swears like a sailor at times, there is one who is calm but firm no one or nothing can ruffle her feathers, she just focuses on what she wants and usually always gets it, there is one who is of few words, vulnerable, childlike and loyal to her one and only love and there is the old wise crone who is always mixing something be it herbs,oils etc who everyone comes to for advice and there is the righteous one with the healthy uninhabited appetite 😉
    it was scary at first but now I am comfortable with them all, I no longer judge them as they all come together to make me authentic. Is there a book that can allow for identifying these energies with Egyptian goddesses? The Greek ones I can find Egyptian I can only seem to find info on Isis.

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    1. It is tough to find the Egyptian Goddesses. Mainly because all Goddess go back to Isis. They just took different aspects of her and made different Goddesses. Plus Lower Egypt destroyed a lot of the Goddesses because they were a Patriarch. My favorites are Egyptian Book of the Dead by E. A. Wallis Budge and Ancient Egypt Light of the World by Gerald Massy. They both are a very long read.

      What you describe is the triple Goddess and that is where it comes from. I know you are describing 4 but it is the same. It is all about the Goddess power within.


      1. I will most certainly be reading those two books. Thank you.
        As I read your comment I just realized that naming them isn’t important it’s as you said “it’s all about the Goddess Power within”.

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  2. This answered plenty of my questions on the practice of baptism I have often wondered about. The explanation on why the baptisms were moved indoors is humorous but it’s the truth! A friend of our family’s was visiting Israel a few years ago with a tour group and he felt the need to be baptized in the river Jordan, as Jesus was. He didn’t hear any voices from above or have any dove descend and land on him. The only thing he took away from his baptism was cholera! I for one will continue to be immersed into yours as well as others river of knowledge. Thank you GSerpent.

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