Attracting Like Minded People


With my last post I received several email asking how to find like-minded people in this sea of ignorance.  Most will join groups or lodges like I described.  But if you have read my work you know I am against group think. You must make your mind your own for your magic to be strong.  Other wise you are just doing someone else’s bidding.  The short answer to this is to be yourself.  

I get it.  I know how lonely it can be even if you have found your inner Goddess or God.  I enjoy my peace and quiet away from the masses.  I can’t relate to them anymore.  But it is nice to have someone to talk to about these things that you have discovered.   Someone who wants to learn or wants a better life for themselves.  Someone who wants to take action and see for themselves or someone who has already gone through things that you can share experiences with.  In order for this to happen, you must put yourself out there by being yourself.  I’m not telling you to go find the ignorance and make them see the error of their ways.   That would be taking the page out to religion.  Religion loves to tell people how wrong they are then try to convert them.  

What I am saying is to not hide who you are.  When things come up out in the open, and they will, don’t try to hide who you are.  Just like my exercise of rejecting and accepting thoughts, you have the power to choose.  The power to choose to be who you really are or the power to put the mask on and be part of the herd.  The problem is that most of our lives we have been wanting to be accepted.  So we have put up the Ego’s Mask.  We have got to get out of the habit of putting on the Ego’s Mask.  I know it is hard.  I struggled with it and just pulled away from everyone.  It wasn’t until I started writing that I became used to putting my real self out there.  When people come to me and try to complain about their problems I tell them, “You have to get your mind right.  Until you make your mind your own, you will continue to have problems”.   It is hard because you are breaking a pattern and when you break that pattern you are exercising conscious control.  You are strengthening conscious control when you are yourself.  

So you are actually strengthening the power to choose.  Most people don’t have the power to choose.  They just run on automatic.  They are reactionary.  They will react however they were programmed to react.  Just like I showed you how your thoughts are not your own and whatever your vibration is at the time it will attract those thoughts, so you need to consciously take control of your mind to not let the low vibration thoughts in.  When you consciously decide to be yourself you start vibrating on another level.  Just like you attract and repel the thoughts with your vibration, you attract and repel other people with your vibration.  

When you are yourself you consciously choose your conscious awareness.  You choose the life you want.  You express your authority on what you will let in your life.  Then your whole life begins to change.  Not only will you have less anxiety and stress, but your consciousness starts to awaken.  Because you feel better you start resonating at a higher vibration.  You attract other people who have awakened.  I know they are few and far between, I get it.  But you attract other events and circumstances into your life too.  These circumstance and events attract other people who are vibrating on your level.  Being yourself really has a ripple effect.  After you decide to be yourself and have done it for a while, it will not be a struggle to do.  It will become your habit.  You will just be yourself automatically.  

Why do you have difficulty being yourself?  It is because you are living afraid.  Afraid of what others will think.  You have buried your authentic self under beliefs, social conditioning, religious conditioning, schooling, parenting, etc.  You have all this logic and beliefs that keep you from being self expressive and your radiant self.  You do this because you have a mental image in your head of what you think other people are thinking.  You are judging yourself.  As long as you judge yourself you will attract other people who are judgmental.  You do this because you think that someone can give you deep value.  They can give you something meaningful.  You seek approval and validation.  There is nothing wrong with someone complimenting you or saying they love you.  The problem comes when you need it psychologically.  You become addicted to approval.  When you seek approval you attract people who need approval.  

You will discover that anything you seek outside of yourself is not valuable.  Whether its love money, sex, approval, etc.  You are really looking for stimulation or excitement, not true happiness.  When you hold back your true self, you are sacrificing yourself.  As I learned more and more from all the texts I read, I kept it bottled up because I didn’t want people to think bad of me.  Finally a few years back someone saw what I was reading and decided to try to let me know I was wrong.  I was actually reading something mild compared to what I normally read.  It was Sigmund Freud’s Moses and Monotheism.  This theologian decided he was going to interrupt my reading and tell me I was going to burn in hell.  I went off and rebuked every last opinion he had with facts.  I didn’t hold back.  I let him know who the real biblical Jesus was, all Old Testament characters were royal families in Egypt, his beloved god was Thoth,  Satan just means opposer, and who actually wrote the Bible.  By the time I was done with him his voice was shaking and he took off with his tail between his legs.  But two people who had overheard the debate came up to me and wanted to learn more.  Vibrational magic at work.  That is when I realized I have way more knowledge than most.  Once a religious person talks to me, I never see them again.  They are not ready.  I repel them.  More vibrational magic at work.  

I know what it’s like.  You lack assertiveness, confidence in yourself and your own true values.  What makes you weird is your best asset.  You are sacrificing yourself because you think you’re weird.  Being your true self gives you fulfillment.  There are costs to being you. You will repel others.  Accept that others will not like you and it doesn’t matter.  Being yourself will attract others who will actually matter to you.  I’m not saying you will maintain everything in your life if you are your self.  I’m saying it will become better.  Your life will have a lot more meaning.   I find it funny that anything material that is rare is considered valuable, but a person who is rare is belittled or demonized.  

As Fredrich Nietzsche wrote: 

“At bottom every man knows that he is a unique being, the like of which can appear only once on this earth. By no extraordinary chance will such a marvelous piece of diversity in unity, as he is, ever be put together a second time. He knows this, but hides it like a guilty secret. Why? From fear of his neighbor, who looks only for the latest conventionalities in him, and is wrapped up in himself.

For your true self does not lie deeply hidden within you. It is an infinite height above you — at least, above what you commonly take to be yourself.”

9 thoughts on “Attracting Like Minded People”

  1. Okay, first…I loved the video. Great song and the power, coming from the frontman, was intense and excellent. Really great.

    Second…I think this post is very important because there’s something for everyone in it, and you got to the basics that people can understand without having a history of magick behind them.

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  2. ….phew…..finally feel like I’ve tuned in to the radio channel that’s perfectly suited for me. I’ve spent all last night and today reading and digesting your exquisite Lemurian Magic article, and other of your recent blogposts. Much gratitude for your sheer determination, resilience, valour, sanity, and dedication in helping us re-member, and refining /aligning our frequency. Real medicine never tasted so good!

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    1. Hi Pythia, I love your name! That is how magic works. Those who are meant to tune into the vibrational frequency will find it. Those who are not will run at the first site of it. Or send me hateful emails. 😆 You are welcome. Im glad you found my site. Im basically putting a beacon out there in the darkness for those who searching and those who are trying to find like minded people. Not to mention the people looking for the truth.
      If you have questions feel free to ask. I try to answer all my readers. Thanks for reading and commenting. Welcome to the vibration of Magic. 😉


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