What are Secret Societies Worshipping?


If you have read my Friday the 13th post, you know this date has everything to do with the Knights Templar.  Friday October 13, 1307 to be exact.  This was the day that King Phillip the IV and the Vatican charged the Templars with heresy and started killing them off.  The Templars supposedly were exterminated 7 years later on March 18, 1314.   This is yet another lie of history.  You are about to find out why all these secret societies are secret and why they decided to let the masses in.  

The Knights Templar were called the Poor Knights of Christ. Just like everything else in these texts, they are stretching the truth.  The Templars created the first ever banking system. While they carried no money with them, they could go to the bank where ever they were and get money.  This group was a socialist group in that you had to give up all your possessions and money to the group, but you were provided for handsomely because of the money banks created.  Individually they seemed poor, but as a group they were very rich.  You had to be someone of great importance to be part of the Templars.  You could not be an average person.  Letting the masses in on the secret societies did not come til later.  

The Templars brought back a text from the Crusades in 1096 that told the truth of Christianity.  This is why the King Arthur legends were written in 1135 and later.  This is also why the Templars had to be eliminated.  The Renaissance began about the time the Templars were supposedly exterminated.  In truth, the Vatican had drawn first blood and it was time to start leaking the truth out for people with eyes to see.   This was the beginning of the end for Christianity and all religion for that matter.  Yes religion will go away.  It is just a matter of time.  It is why politics and television is such a circus.  They have to find another way to chain the minds of the masses and that is how they have chosen to do it.  

The battle between the secret societies is a battle of truth or control.  The reason why there is so much out there about the Masons being the Illuminati is from this battle.  Yes, there are secret societies out there that want to control you, but there a some that want to free your mind.  All for a price of course.  The secret societies all give their official start dates of 1600’s and 1700’s.  The reason why they have these start dates is that they were all hurting for money.  They had to open them to the masses to survive.  This is when they all became clubs.  They gave the masses bits of information to keep them interested all while taking their money.  Only a few know the truth in these organizations.  

What is the truth?  I just showed you that it was about the truth of the biblical Jesus, but it goes much deeper than that.  Everyone in the higher-ups of all governments are part of these secret societies.  Whether they know the real truth is debatable.  Wisdom has been lost in this world because it has been hidden so long.  All of this secret societies will tell you they originate in Egypt.  What they won’t tell you, except for maybe the Rosicrucians, is that their origins go back even further to Atlantis and Lemuria.  When the Sinclair family came over to North America they noticed the Native’s secret societies had the same type of ceremonies as their own.  The Sinclair, St. Clair or any other way you want to spell it, is the key to what is going on.  

Ralph Ellis says the Enlightenment era happened because of the Orange Royal family. See his book Mary Magdalene.  He is right.  They came from France, but so did many other and they are all related.  I have shown you in my Mary Magdalene post that she went to France to get away from Roman emperor Vespasian.  She is one of the keys to all the battling of the secret societies.  The Sinclair family are the descendants of Rollo and French princess Gisela or Gisla.   Da Vinci, Bacon, John Dee and many others all had connections with the Sinclair family. The Templars, Sinclair’s, Da Vinci, Bacon and many more all had the teachings of what is known today as Rosicrucianism. Supposedly Rosicrucianism started in Germany by the author of The Chemical Wedding, Christian Rosenkreutz.  The Chemical Wedding was written by Johan Valentin Andrea.  He used the name Christian Rosenkreutz as a cover to hide from the church.  I’m am not telling you to go out and join the Rosicrucians.  I’m just saying that their teachings are very close to what was taught to some very important people in history.  They are not going to give you the total truth.  Plus you will belong to a group which is against the original teachings.  They made these groups for money.  

So where did the name Rosicrucians come from if it wasn’t from Rosenkreutz.   If you have read my Lilies, Roses and Water, you know that the cup Kings drank menstrual blood from was called the Rosicrucis.  This is where is really comes from.  The Cathars, Templars, and Rosicrucians have all stood up for the grail.  They all three venerated the Goddess and the bloodline that ran through the female.  They also were teachers of the Holy Grail.  Several members of other parts of Masonry started teaching about the Goddess, mainly  Ceres, Isis, Minerva and Diana.  They were told to stop.  Why?  I wrote in Joan of Arc that the symbol of Masonry with the compass and square is giving away who they are worshipping.  In short it is a Goddess.  What was coming out in the Renaissance was the same teachings as Rosicrucianism.  The Rose Cross is just showing the bloodline.  

The Sinclair family was knee-deep in the teachings because they were from France.  They went to Scotland and built the Rosslyn Chapel.  There are more than 110 carvings of the Green Man on the Chapel.  If you have read my work, you know that the Green Man is Osiris.  They used sacred geometry which is symbolized by Baphomet and this symbol points to Egypt once again.  Ros means read and lyn or lin means stream. It is the rose line that runs through France.  This is pointing to the Red Crown of Egypt and is where Mary Magdalene was from.  She was the red stream.  The Sinclair’s went to Nova Scotia, meaning New Scotia, which was the name of the princess from Egypt who Scotland was named after.  Before it was Nova Scotia it was Acadia, which has something to do with Atlantis.  Many of the French who went too Nova Scotia headed south and claimed Louisiana for King Louie.  This is where the term Cajun comes from.  Acadian, Cadian, Cajun.  

To understand why Scotland and Egypt have a connection read my posts Vikings, Lilith, Tuatha De Danann, and Patriarch Pharaohs.  If it weren’t for the Sinclair’s and their history I couldn’t bring out any of what I write.  The history may be coded, but it was done so individuals like me could pull the truth out.  They along with their friends have preserved the true history of this world.  For those that think all Masonic groups are bad, think again.  There are groups out there fighting to get the truth out.  I don’t pull the stuff I write out of thin air.  It is well-known among certain groups.  Thank you to the Sinclairs past and present and to groups like the Templars and Rosicrucians for preserving the history.  An inscription on a pillar in the Rosslyn Chapel reads: 

“Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but truth conquers all”.

6 thoughts on “What are Secret Societies Worshipping?”

  1. Thank you for ending my Saturday on a wonderful note!
    I was once a member of the Rosicrucians but I had to stop due to a lack of privacy and understanding on my ex’s behalf.
    Recently they began emailing again almost begging me to renew my membership. Maybe I will maybe ii won’t because as I continue to absorb your posts I am accepting that I already have all that I need without the rituals and formalities!
    I have my imagination which is the most awesome magic ever 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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