What is Love?



We as humans have a very distorted view of what love is.  We associate love with attraction and infatuation.  This is why everyone thinks Aphrodite is the goddess of love, when she is the goddess of physical beauty.  Love is one of those things that is very hard to describe with language.  That is why ancients used a goddess to describe it.  This post will go deep.  You will either get it or you won’t.  If you are ready you will understand.  If not, you will go on thinking love is an emotion.  Love is so much more.  

First off, if you think the universe is an illusion or some kind of computer simulation, you are simply wrong.  The universe is mental.  It is a mind.  A subconscious mind to be exact and being subconscious she is feminine.  Any time you see a goddess in myths, she has to do with nature, the cosmos or the universe.  It’s that simple.  They did not symbolize nature with some kind of mechanical gadget.  The reason some ancients symbolized a father in the sky was that they saw rain as sperm fertilizing mother earth to make plants grow.  The ignorance of patriarchy took this as a bearded man dancing on the clouds controlling everyone and everything.  He is not simulating everything on a computer either.  You must understand that you are not in the universe, the universe is in you. You are something the whole universe is doing in your exact moment and location.  Just like a wave is what the whole ocean is doing.  

Religions will say they are love.  I’m sorry but war is not love. Lying to people is not love.  Being  chosen people is not love.  Holding up a sign that says “God hates gays” or “You will burn in hell for abortion”  is not love!  People argue that religion helps the needy and sick.  This has nothing to do with love, it is all about easing  guilt in people.  A nurse, doctor or philanthropist have more love than religion.  You can’t have discrimination, judgement, conditions and dogmas attached to love.  Religion is all about control.  Always has been, always will be.  It is based in the ego mind.  The universe and nature have no ego.  Ideologies are in the ego.  The ego is fractured.  Love is not in the ego, it’s in the subconscious.  No matter what people say, all animals love.  Nature is the living subconscious.  

The universe loves itself.  It sees itself as perfect.  It loves every part of reality.  Even the things you think are wrong or evil. The universe does not judge or discriminate.  Love, like duality, is built right in to our reality.  Consciousness itself is love. Have control over your own consciousness.  What do we say as humans when we love?  We say we ‘fall in love’.  What do we mean by falling?  We don’t fall in hate or anger.  The universe is selfless. When you realize that you are the universe it is like dying.  Your mind and the universe combine, you dissolve into infinity. This is what dying and being resurrect in stories and myths is describing.  The moment you surrender yourself completely you have peace and bliss.  

I have heard that the purpose of life is to learn how to love.  I don’t disagree with this.  When you love the universe loves.  When you feel sad the universe feels sad.  Everything you do or feel, the universe is doing too.  Truth is love.  The truth of this world is it has good and bad, up and down, wrong and right, hot and cold, etc.  This is why Alan Watts calls life a game.  Reality is love.  You are learning to deal with this reality, it’s called life.  Life is love!  Learning is love!  You are navigating this life.  Why would the universe bring you here in this world full of evil, hate and bad things?  If you are on a ship out in the middle of the ocean, do you want a captain who has been trained on how to handle rough seas and has the experience doing it or do you want a captain that has only been trained in smooth sailing and has never seen a storm in his life?  That is why you are here!  O Captain my Captain.  Don’t be found dead on the floor, grab the wheel and steer though this stormy life. Doing this makes you grow.  Growing is love.  

Let’s go back to falling in love.  We don’t say rising into love.  I find it interesting that the ancients said we fell into our bodies into this reality.  Remember when you fell in love.  At first, were you not uncomfortable because you were taking a chance?  You had to surrender to who you fell in love with.  You exposed yourself to this person in hopes they would love the real you.  When you do something you really love, do you not expose your real self?  There is a reason you love doing it.  You are your true self when you do it.  When you are with your kids are you your true self? When you are with a pet you love, are you your true self?  We fall in love because we let go of the illusions we have put up!  Fall in love with yourself.  Drop the illusions.   Quit being selfish.  When you fall in love do you not learn about the other person? When you love doing something is it so much easier to learn how to do it?   

I’m not telling you to turn a blind eye to the evils of this world.  Use the ego as an agent for your subconscious.  The ego is the power behind your vessel.  It steers you in the direction you want to go.  You just need to realize that you are the universe.  Use the ego to steer your way through the illusions of all the egos.  Love and hate are different degrees of the same thing.  Fear is what makes it hate.  Nature has no ego.  It is set on automatic in a way.  When a deer runs out blindly into traffic it’s because it does not have an ego to steer it.  It just darts. It doesn’t logically think about it.   So your ego is not a bad thing.  

Love is letting go of attachment.  Taking a risk is the condition of being.  All of life is an act of faith and an act of gambling.  The moment you do anything like traveling, relationships or anything new, you have given yourself up.  You have faith in yourself to do it.  You are gambling that you will succeed.  You surrender to yourself.  Love is an act of surrender.  Total abandonment to another person or total abandonment to something you love to do.  Let anything happen, do anything you like, I release control.   People stuck in the ego mind can’t do that.  They have to be in control.  Everything in this world is to try as hard as possible to keep things under control.  Let go.  Drop the illusions.  Give yourself up.  You may think I’m quite mad, but I’m the sanest person I know.  😆  All jokes aside, let go.  Have faith in yourself.  Live life and learn.  That is love.  

The universe is alive and conscious.  Everything about her is perfect.  You came from the universe, so you are perfect.  Love is the privilege of being here conscious and alive.  Let go and navigate the rough seas because when you learn the universe learns and that is LOVE.  You are a Goddess or God here to learn.   The universe is a tug of war with all its dualities.  It is constantly changing and renewing. It has no attachments.  Yet it is perfect.  You may not know it, but you are becoming.  Love is becoming.  You are Love.  

12 thoughts on “What is Love?”

  1. Such a beautiful post on a topic of epic concern. Isn’t there a line in some song that says, “what the world needs now… is love”? Or something like that.

    Nothing necessarily added to the world, but discovered within it, within each of us. Hard to hate when you’re brimming with love… 💕

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    1. Sorry, can’t resist a cautionary word or two. In duality, ‘love’ engenders its opposite, hate. Of course it also gives rise to jealousy. An evil symbiotic trinity. To avoid the last two, one must eschew the first, however ‘twitterpated’ if makes one feel. No none has to believe this, of course, it’s just observation after all, not like it was a theory or anything as important. 🙂

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