One of the main things I tell my readers or anyone else who ask me for help is to turn the television off.  I get a lot of resistance from this.  I get it.  I used to watch sports and news like crazy too.   Once I took Mystery School, I realized how important it was to stop watching television.  The mind programming is mind-boggling.  If you watch television the way that most people do then this post might be the biggest life changer you will ever have in your life.  

Television is destroying your life.  It is also controlling your Magic for you.  Most people are immersed in movies, news, politics, sports and documentaries.  They tell themselves this a positive thing.  That television helps them become more worldly and well-rounded.  They get to see things around the world they normally wouldn’t get to see.  This is wrong!  Your ego will come up with all sorts of rationalizations and reasons to tell you that things are good for you.  It will create theories and counter points against doing things that you know are bad for you.  Television is a huge one.  

The challenge with television is that it is everywhere.  Televisions are in restaurants, your work place, hotels, post office, gym, they are everywhere.  Now when you go to fill up your car with gas, as soon as you start pumping a television turns on.  You probably have the television on all the time in your home.  This is the worst thing you can do.   I have shown in other posts what the all-seeing eye is.  It is your subconscious. Your subconscious sees and hears everything in your environment.  The subconscious does not judge between right and wrong.  It will bring opportunities to manifest for whatever you keep your mind on.  While you are consciously not aware of all the things in your environment, your subconscious sees it all.  So if you have a television on all the time your subconscious will manifest what it thinks you want.  If you are scrolling through news feeds without really reading them, your subconscious is seeing all of it.  

Lets go over the things you are letting slip by your conscious mind and into your subconscious with having a television on all the time. 

Television is extremely negative.  Most of the negativity you have is simply the cultural conditioning from television.  On my post This is Why We Suffer, I wrote that the world is perfect.  I got a lot of emails about how bad this world is with all the evil and suffering.  People who have negative views about life that think this world is very depressing, violent, horrible, full of violence and drugs are watching way too much television.  They are letting cable news and media control their mind.  Most people in this world are very nice.  Most are muggles, but deep down they are very nice people.  They just let someone else control their magic for them.   Television is a huge way to control the masses.  You must guard the gates of your mind.  

Television is a biased view.  It is all about making money and controlling your mind.  That is it.  Get people to watch television, so money can be made and we can make people believe what we want them to believe in large numbers.  It is all about drama, excitement and shock value.  They focus on the things that will get you worked up.  Anything to get an emotional reaction from you.  When emotion is used to set something in your mind, it usually works.  Whatever they are trying to get you to believe or sell to you, if they can stir up an emotion, you are hooked.  This is one of the biggest ways they get people to have herd mentality.   

Television numbs your mind.  Watching television is not exploring or learning.  It drains your motivation.  It keeps you from living the life you actually want.  You start living your life through the characters on reality TV or some other show.  You don’t actually live your life.  You let the television give you a 2D life.  You lose the desire to go out and meet new people, travel, build a career and create a beautiful life for yourself.  The mind is numbed to the point that the television puts you in zombie mode.  

Television makes you lazy.  It is so easy to just sit and be stimulated.  You do this day in and day out.  It becomes so easy to just live your dreams through someone else.  Instead of going out and doing the work to be good at something, you just sit there and watch someone else do it on television.  You cheer for the athlete, singer, dancer or performer right in the comfort of your home.  They are doing what you wanted to do, but they have suceeded at it.  So you just live your life on the television and give your power away to someone on the 2D screen.  It drains your will power and you lose the ability to go out and do what you dream of doing.  Anything that is  challenging or difficult you give up on very easy.  Once obstacles hit, you give up and just want to sit in front of the television.  You just want the easy comfortable life that has no stress.  People only have so much free time in a day and most want to just sit and stare at a screen instead of going out and working on something that would be meaningful to themselves.  

Advertising is everywhere in all of media.  They even use certain products in shows so their logo will be seen subconsciously.  The people who create the ads know your subconscious will give you cravings for what it sees all the time.  That is why they keep advertisements playing over and over and over.  The ads create a shallow consumerist desire in you.  It makes you have group think.  You think like the herd.  You start thinking there is a magical pill to solve everything in your life.  You want the easy life, money and fame.  Herd think wants everything handed to them and they will do what it takes to make things easy.  Like running up credit card bills shopping because of those ads.  

Television distracts you from everything especially your passion.  What is it that you would love to do?  If there was no money in the world, what would you do?  That is your true passion.  You can’t sit and watch television for hours a day and think you can live your passion.  Society tells you to do all the easy stuff.  It is anti-mastery.  Living your passion takes mastery.  Television distracts you from doing the things you know you need to do.  It drains the discipline right out of you. 

Television like everything else is an addiction.  Cut the cord.  Get rid of cable television.  This will ensure you don’t sit and watch for hours on end just because a movie marathon or sports are on all day.  Get an antenna for locals, they are free.  Most people who cut the cord end up getting all the paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.  Just get one.  These things get you to sit for hours and watch show after show.  It is too easy.  I’m a fan of DVDs.  You actually have to get up and put the disc in and take it out.  You can’t just sit there and keep watching.  Your mind goes numb with the streaming services too.  

I know some readers are saying there is media on phones and computers too.  Use these for educational purposes instead of nonstop entertainment.  People waste hours and hours of their life on social media.  The most popular channels on any social media are the most nonsensical, ignorant, and mind numbing entertainment.  Modern technology offers far greater tools for the manipulation of the masses and it works perfectly.  

Mainstream media is your worst enemy.  It doesn’t matter what you watch it on.  It has one purpose and that is to create an illusion for you to follow.   My favorite philosopher Frederick Nietzsche wrote this about media:

“Sick are they always; they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper”.

Today they vomit their bile on every mainstream media stage.  Thomas Jefferson even wrote:

“I have given up newspapers, in exchange for Tacitus and Thucydides, for Newton and Euclid, and I find myself much the happier”.  

Mainstream media is a man-made illusion of the world.  The average person will not examine anything the media says or writes.  Just like no one questioned the flat earth or that the earth was the center of the universe.  The mainstream media creates this illusion because it is dominated by elites that want you to follow their ideology.  The media puts the herd in its proper place as passive spectators.  As Norm Chomsky wrote in Media Control about why the media does this:

“that the mass of public are just too stupid to be able to understand things.  If they try to participate in managing their own affairs, they’re just going to cause trouble.  Therefore, it would be immoral and improper to permit them to do this.  We have to tame the bewildered herd, not allow the bewildered herd to rage and trample and destroy things.” 

Taming the herd maintains the institutional structures for the elites.  Turn the television off and think!!!!  Media makes you adopt a passive attitude toward all authority.  Don’t get me wrong, many institutions and authority figures are legit, but just because the herd agrees does not mean it’s truth.  Power corrupts and that is what is going on in the world today.  The media is there to preserve the power and domination over the herd.  They want you to follow blindly what they report.  

Turn the television off and sound the alarm to the sleeping muggles.  They have chosen the comfort of illusions over truth.  This is exactly how societies fall.  The elites use television today to put shackles on sleeping men.  In the past it was done with religion and gods.  Today it is done with media and politics.   Cut the cord!  


9 thoughts on “Television”

  1. The awakened ones will know and agree with the depths of your post. More than 10 years ago I put TV out of my home. Thanks for this courageous post, much needed. Blessed be!

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    1. Thanks, Susana. 😊 It was about 10 years ago that I cut the cord too. Im hoping to help the people who are on the fence about doing it. Not only is cutting the cord great for you mind and health is helps the pocket book too. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  2. Once again, are you inside my head! I Agree with every word here. Media feeds ignorance. TV in general is so dangerous. They even make “Netflix and binge” seem like a goal we should be working towards.(I know it’s often made into a joke -Netflix and binge- but it warps our minds to believe that that is what we want to do with our spare time.) NOOOOOO!! It creates an unhealthy stagnant mental and physical state if we aren’t careful. Thank you for sharing.♥️♥️

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    1. You are welcome. I couldn’t have said it better. Sometimes we need to just sit and veg out and that is okay. But sitting for hours on end is not healthy. I’m glad you like it. 😊


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