We are equipped with a fantastic brain.  It is the greatest computer ever created.  It is the best ever logical analyzer.  We as a human race think in our logical minds.  Is it possible for us to grasp things with our subconscious mind?  Yes.  We have to allow ourselves to use our subconscious  instead of interfering with it.   You must wake up and see the Goddess dancing right in front of you! 

Most people think intuition is having a feeling or a hunch.  That is only part of it. Intuition is an inner knowing.   I have shown in The Voice of the Goddess how to hear the subconscious to solve problems.   The key to hearing her was to first silence the ego.  The key to getting intuition is to silence the ego too.  Silencing the ego and having the conscious and subconscious connected is how intuition will help you in your daily life.  

I received an email asking, “How can I differentiate between the voice of my ego and the voice of the Goddess?”  Intuition is when you think with your whole self.  Not just your mind.   When we think with our whole self we are thinking with our subconscious.  Intuition is emotionally neutral.  Emotions can be right sometimes or wrong sometimes, but the subconscious is always right.  This world moves people with their emotions.  Mostly fear.  Emotions come and go.  Once you are connected with intuition, the intuition itself will never go away.  However emotions will rise up being connected to intuition.  

Intuition is usually non verbal.  It will use what ever it can to get its point across to you.  This is usually synchronicity.  As you get better your mind will turn it into a language, but you need to guard against the ego.  The ego loves to be in charge and will try to use your connection with intuition to put itself back in charge.  This is why you need to make sure that the messages coming in are not emotionally charged.  If they are, it’s probably the ego. The ego does not like to lose control and will use every trick it can to get it back.  So if your mind is going crazy and churning with thoughts, it is the ego.  If  it’s an urge, symbol or synchronicity then it’s intuition. The more you realize this the more the ego can not gain control again.  Ego only speaks in words.  With that in mind, when you get very good at getting the messages your mind will turn them into words.  But the message will not be emotionally charged.  It will be very calm.  

When intuition happens it is almost a spiritual experience.  You are like, “Wow!” Your heart rate will actually change because you get it.  It is an “Ah Ha!” moment.  But it goes the other way too.  If its something that you don’t really want to do or happen, it can be an “Oh crap!” moment.  

Intuition has no mental explanation.  If you find yourself unable to explain why you are doing something, that is intuition.  It is an “I can’t explain it, I just feel I need to do it” type thing.  When intuition is genuine you have no idea why you feel you need to do something.

Intuition will only give you pieces of information at a time.  It will never give you a final answer.  Like I show in Voice of the Goddess, once you get information there is still work to do. It is like going to a destination you have never been too before.   The GPS will give you turning directions.  You will turn, but you need to keep going in order to get more turning commands later.  

People in Magic are very intuitive.  In our culture everything has to be over rationalize and over justified.  Intuition is more powerful than logic will ever be.  The logical mind will never be able to save a lot of data.  The subconscious is where the intuition is and it can hold tons of data and factors that your logical mind could not handle.  The subconscious will crunch everything together and come back with decisions, wisdom and creative insights in a very spontaneous way.  Everyone is stuck in a logical mind thinking.  What we need is more visionaries.  

Intuition is a higher form of intelligence.   The difference between the logical ego mind and the intuitive subconscious mind is like using a calculator or a super computer.  That is how powerful the subconscious is.  Our intuitive intelligence is what makes us amazing.  

Ever since I found Magic, the Goddess made her self at home in my life.  She is the key to getting touch with your intuition.  Every post I write  and even the reason I started writing comes  from intuition.  I will get things like urges to look at a certain subject or information will pop in my head about a subject.  If you are getting things like urges or information in your head,  it means that your Higher Self is wanting you to take a certain direction.  If you try to suppress it, ignore it or stall, life will not go very well.  

In order to follow your intuition, you must hear it first.  Most can not hear it because it is drowned out by our culture, media and the people in our lives.  We our overly logical.   We must  understand that intelligence comes from our Higher Self.  It does not come from our masculine mind.    It comes from our subconscious mind.  Intelligence is much vaster then you think it is.  Get rid of your distractions.   Minimize your life style.  Contemplating death helps too.  You are not going to be in this incarnation forever.  Your life will go by fast.  Get clear about what you want out of life.  What is your passion?  Teach your mind to be still.  Bring your ego under control.  Your ego is filled with cravings, fears and dogmas.  The ego will try to get you to do what it wants, so it can stay in charge.  

When you connect with your Higher Self intuitively, you have a sense that you have a master plan for your life.  The more you trust your intuition the more in control you will feel.  I know a lot of philosophers will say to let go and go with the flow.  I have figured out what they are not telling you.  Letting go of the ego puts you more in control.  Once you finally listen to your intuition, you see just how bad a liar your ego was. How the Goddess was dancing right in front of you and you ignored her.  How you have been asking for problems your whole life.  Let go of the ego and dance with the Goddess before she walks out on you.  You just have to be strong enough to dance with the Goddess.  

15 thoughts on “Intuition”

    1. Thank you, Stephanieroath. 😊 Most people tell me I’m crazy. I have read every ancient text I could get my hands on. The golden age most historians refer too was when the Goddess was accepted. Before Patriarchy almost killed her. Im trying to get the average person to see she is still here. You just have to be strong enough to dance with her. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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      1. Yes!!! I could truly talk for days about this subject. Patriarchy…no thanks! In fact, if you get a spare moment today, skip on over to my sister’s blog and read her post called “Dear Patriarchy.” IT IS POWERFUL to say the least!! Her blog is stacyeliz- singing over my bones. I think you might like her perspective! Anyway, have a wonderful day and it’s nice chatting with you! Haha☺️

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    1. It is very confusing. You don’t need to leave me alone. I want to share what I have found with everyone ready to hear it. It’s doing my part to bring patriarchy to its knees. I’m happy to answer any and as many questions you are anyone else has. 😉

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