This is Why We Suffer


Why do we suffer?  To put it simply, because we keep running from ourselves.  We keep thinking that our inner being is evil.  We hide our true selves from others because what is down there is evil or wrong.  It does not go with what society wants.  To accept oneself completely is one of the most difficult things to do.  Once you have accepted yourself you have become whole psychologically.  You have become a Goddess or God.  

All the looking for god, buying self-help books, wanting to become enlightened, seeking spirituality, etc.  It is all running from your true self.  It is why we like a teacher who will put us through severe paces or work.  They have you do things or read things that just get your mind off of who you are.  Religious teachers will have you repenting and praying.  Some gurus will put people in a sweat shop to sweat out their sins or walk on fire. We feel we have to suffer in order to make things right or at the very least certain gurus will have us do things to get our minds off our misdeeds for a while.  We must punish ourselves for what we have done.   “Seek help, punish myself, you are an awful person”, this is what we tell ourselves.  We start to feel guilty.  This is all in the masculine mind or the ego.  You can not overcome ego by fighting it with ego.  That is fighting a fire with more fire.  You can not get rid of the ego.  The best you can do is make it work with you and for you.  

Guilt is a destructive emotion.  Yes we should do something about changing a situation, but feeling guilty about something changes nothing.  When people feel guilty about something they will do all sorts of things like give to charity, see a therapist or priest, anything to make them feel better.  Which is actually doing nothing about it.  Guilt causes people to react this way.  I admire animals and children because they do not lie awake at night worrying about their mistakes and misdeeds.  Everyone makes mistakes.  But this world shames people for their mistakes.  When we feel guilty we start walking around feeling as though our pride has been hurt.  We need to understand that life is all about making mistakes.  With our minds shackled like this it causes us to make more and more mistakes. 

I know I always go to sports, but it is a perfect analogy of life.  When I was in high school I had made a regional all-star team for baseball.  I played for a coach who I had never met before.  While practicing pitching I did very well.  So well I was named the starting pitcher to start the all-star tournament.  When the first game came I struggled to get the ball over the plate.   I walked the first three batters!  Anyone who knows baseball knows that base loaded and with no outs is not good.  My coach called time out and came out to visit me on the mound and led with, “What the hell is wrong with you?”  I didn’t answer.  As a matter of fact i didn’t say one word on that visit to the mound.  This is what he told me, “Quit trying to be perfect!  I can tell you are trying to be perfect because you are aiming.  Just throw the ball! So what if you made some mistakes.  Just get them on the next throw.  Freedom is not worrying about making mistakes!”  I left out all the expletives, but he was right.  I was trying to not make mistakes and when I did I beat myself up for it.  I pulled myself together and struck the next batter out and got the batter after him to ground into a double play.  I actually pitched the entire game and we won the game 2-1.  That speech the coach gave me stuck in my head and I have tried to use it for my life.  We all make mistakes.  If you make one just try not to do it again.  Or do it less often.  As the Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon says, “Try not to suck”.  

I have shown you that the whole self includes everything you think is opposite of yourself in Love they Enemy.  Just as you are a God or Goddess, you also have the devil in you. When I say devil, I mean things you dont like or think are evil.  You have everything in you.   The ancient Greeks knew one could not suppress their so-called bad side forever.  They had festivals for people to just let themselves go.   Everyone has a rascal in them.  I think of our rascally side as salt in food.  Not enough salt and you are bland.  Too much salt and you are bitter, so you will get yourself in trouble.  Just enough and you are delicious.  The most interesting people let their rascal come out.  If one does not have a few vices one would cease to manifest.  

You may think something is ugly, wrong, evil or sick, but these are just points of view. These are just parts of the whole.  You taking those points of view is part of nature.  But people see absolute opposites.  This why people are not connected with reality and they feel guilt.  Your own physical formation is not absolute.  You are something the whole universe is doing.  Your soul is not in your body, your body is in your soul.  Nature is perfect.  You are part of nature so you are perfect.  Quit trying to be perfect.  The Universe is living.  It as a whole has an intelligence greater than anyone of its parts. It will go in a certain direction on its own whether you like it or not.  It is able to organize your behavior in a more intelligent way then you can organize it.  But the intelligence of the universe grows as you grow and if you are tapped into that intelligence you grow as she grows.  

When you don’t realize how everything is perfect already you become very critical. When you’re being critical you are not happy, you are suffering.  You waste energy.  Except reality as it is.  You are never going to be, act, look or find perfect because perfect is already in front of you.  Accepting that everything is perfect is freedom.  Art is not done for the sake of being perfect it is done for the state of joy.  The artist creates because it brings them joy and delight. Think about how much more enjoyable your life would be if you enjoyed your life how it is. Even the mistakes and bad stuff.  Focus on the process not the outcome.  A great artists loves art, a great musician loves music, a great athlete loves their sport, a great sculptor loves to sculpting. Not because they want to wow the world and show off.  They love the process.  The process is perfect to them.  I get just as frustrated and hurt when things don’t go my way, but I push through.  I remind myself it is part of the perfect process.  

I have always told my readers they need to guard the gates of their mind and be the watcher of their own thoughts.  Realize how critical you are of the outside world because however critical you are of the world, you are that way to yourself.   Change your filter to the world is perfect the way it is and be yourself.  Accept and enjoy the world.  Life is life it is exactly what it is and it is perfect.  Are you strong enough for the Goddess?  Practice acceptance.  It will be just like coming off negative thoughts I showed you in Magic. It is like a drug addiction.  You are addicted to being critical.  Your mind will rebel and want to be critical.  Catch your self being critical.  Reject being critical and accept.  See the beauty in yourself, life and the world.  The good and the bad.  All the good and bad, ups and downs, right and wrong, living and dying, etc.  Everything together makes everything perfect.  

Everyone says, “No one is perfect”.  They are wrong!  The only reason why no one is perfect is because they are not like the person who is saying it.  They might as well be saying “No one is perfect because they are not like me”.  All the flaws and defects of this world are perfect.  Every tree, every blade of grass, every flower, every animal, every insect and every human is perfect.  Society may try to diagnose our gifts as disorders, but you don’t need to be a perfect person with perfect make up and perfect skills or a perfect build.  You are perfect already.

16 thoughts on “This is Why We Suffer”

  1. There would be many reasons, based on observation and experience, why I could not agree with most of this post – a very rare thing on this blog. It seems to contradict the concept of self discipline and of course compassion. What if letting loose the rascal in me hurts another, which is usually the case? If I see something in me that is definitely in error, whether in thought, word or deed, should I accept that, using that most hated of all sayings, “It’s all good!”? In my world perfection is an absolute value and in the expressed, made or created reality any absolute value would eat it up instantly. Nothing is perfect unless we want to bastardize its meaning. What happens when something obviously imperfect is declared perfect? That’s political correctness; nothing can be done any further to correct the false belief.
    I do agree that there is no getting rid of ego, nor should anyone want to do that! Ego is a necessary part of mind to body function – the interpreter. Ego is a machine, it doesn’t give direction, it simply translates instructions from mind to brain and vice-versa. So I’ve been taught, so I have learned.

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    1. You disagreeing with me is perfect. Here is a thought exercise. If you were to make a world that was perfect, but you needed a way to keep it from getting out of balance for too long wouldn’t you use duality? How do you know what is right if there is no wrong? What is smart without ignorance? What is birth without death? One persons perfect is another persons fault. Self discipline is great, but have you ever met someone who goes overboard on self discipline.? They might as well be a robot. Not enough self discipline and they are just sloppy. How would we know what consists of self discipline or to balance it without the polar opposite ends? This universe is the way it is to keep things from getting to far out of balance, but it has poles for everything so movement can happen. If everything was in balance all the time there would be stagnation. The slight movement toward each pole occasionally creates movement. The system that the universe is… is perfect. We did not come into this universe from somewhere else, we came from her.
      Speaking of political correctness, Trump is a symptom of being an extreme PC culture. It takes a trickster like him to pull the PC culture back towards the other side. When the Pendulum swings one direction, it will swing just as far back in the opposite direction. It if stays to long in that end of the swing it will swing back and we will all be censored by the next leader. I’m not taking up for Trump, don’t do that to me, it’s just an example. 😉
      When things get to far out of balance the reset button is hit. It’s been done before, probably several times. Then we have to start over. We have the power within ourselves to balance, create movement or go to the end of the poles and fall off a cliff. That is perfect.


      1. Sure I not only understand that, I fully accept what you are saying in this comment. My “argument” would be with the use of the word “perfect” or “perfection.” In my understanding, perfection is completion. Once something is perfect it can no longer be improved upon, hence perfection is an absolute, or complete entropy of a system. Perfection is death. Duality is necessary but it is far, far from perfect. It is ever in a state of flux, downgrading and upgrading. That is what life is. It’s messy, it’s confusing and as dust motes within the airspace of the elevator we can’t know much about the whole point of the elevator, the storage of grain and why suddenly a fire starts in one section because the stored grain was damp. So we float in the airspace and some do noting while others observe their bit of space and notice that improvements can be made; that something is out of whack and needs “re-whacking”! That’s what awakened individuals do, and they do it because neither they, nor their surroundings are perfect, rather the opposite. Perhaps we should not confuse “completion” with “perfection.” I admit I was raised Catholic and went through rigorous religious indoctrination, teaching, philosophy and training since my dream was to become a religious. Only God is perfect… hmmm… that didn’t add up but since He could hide behind our faith, who would challenge that? Along with divine perfection was tacked “unchanging” for whatever changes cannot by definition be called perfect. If we, as is usually claimed, live in a closed environment called a universe then we can safely say that we live in a complete system. A car is a complete system. A cat is a complete system but none of these examples are perfect. The universe is in constant turmoil and expanding its own space. A car needs servicing, new parts and gas to run. A cat needs food and exercise. These are processes, in my view, nor perfected entities. All are subject to entropy and will never be perfect until they reach complete entropy when nothing happens anymore and nothing can be forced to happen because their energy can no longer be used for “work” but has become static. A final example: I consider myself an “immortal” via my eternal mind therefore I will never become a perfect being. In each chosen form of expression I will be a complete entity but each end will not signal perfection, only the beginning of a new, and imperfect, expression because I have chosen to be a part of life, not death. Nietzsche may well have understood this when he said that God is dead.

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      2. Everything that anyone has ever done or will ever do and everything that has ever happened or anything that will ever happen is part of a harmonious design that has no errors. That is perfect. Face it Sha’Tara, you are perfect. 😉
        I think it’s why you and I and others were brought to this point in time. Hell we could have gone to any planet any time and we are here at this time? Why? Maybe because the perfect system needed us here? Remains to be seen.


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