Ego’s Mask


Pretend you are going to see a movie .  You want to lose yourself in the movie, so the actors need to do a good job to make you think that what you see on the screen is almost real.  That is the sign of a great actor or actress, one who gets you lost in the show.  They get you on the edge of your chair in anxiety, weeping or roaring with laughter.  They almost convince you that the show is real.  That is the greatness of the art of movies, to make the audience lose themselves in the show.  Each and every one of you are in your own movie.  You are playing the part so well you have taken yourself in completely and are fulled by your own act.  You will never admit it because that would give your movie away.  

When you say, “I am a person” you are giving it away.  Person comes from latin ‘persona’ and is a social role or character played by an actor.  It originally referred to theatrical masks.  It was the masks worn by ancient actors in plays.  The person is the role or act played by the actor.  If you forget you are the actor and think you are the person you have lost yourself in the roll.  You are enrolled.  Everyone who is not awake is enrolled.  This is why they use this word ‘enroll’  when you enroll in something.  Everyone has lost themselves into their own movie.  Your life is your story and you are so lost in it you have become enrolled.  So you go around telling people you are a person.  Those in the know like me will say, “Yes you are”.  I have said many times before that there is a reason we spell words.  

In every story you must have a villain or chaos.  It is order against chaos.  Hero against the villain.  In a great movie the actors and actresses will play both the hero and villain very well.  If the hero is played well and not the villain or vice versa, you would say it wasn’t a very good show.  Great actors and actresses will play many a part in many different movies.  They are the best the world has to offer.  But between roles and films when the cameras are not rolling they go back to being themselves.  This is exactly what you do between your roles of work, family, or socializing.  When no one is watching you, how do you act?  The masks come off.  Deep in your mind you know this, but you won’t admit it.  The show must go on.  

In Hinduism you are the godhead playing a role or game in your current incarnation.  People brought up in the Christian, Jewish or Muslim tradition think it is blaspheme to think you are the godhead because if you realize you are the godhead the show is over.  This brings the question up of ‘who are you?’  In the western world you will give your name or where you work.  You will firmly believe you are you.  You are the ego.  The Hindu will say that the real self is the atman.  It is what there is, the universe and reality.   They have it right.  You’re it.  Once you figure this out, you start scripting your own life.  

To see yourself as separate from this world is an illusion.  You are the total energy that makes up this universe.  Playing your game or living your story.  The universe or force is manifesting itself in physical form in each and every one of you.  Most are walking around sleeping in their dream story.  When you wake up you it’s not a dream story anymore, its your story.  The ancients held awakened people higher than gods.  They understood you couldn’t have the positive without the negative.  Life is a spectrum.  You can’t know one end of the spectrum without the other.  Everyone can wake up from the illusion.  Quit trying to solve problems that are unsolvable.  Quit trying to make things permanent.  Know that your ego is separate from your true self.  Quit holding on to yourself so tight that you strangle yourself.  Quit clinging to things. Let things go.  See the whole of everything.  

The Abrahamic religions  will tell you evil came from Lucifer or the fall of man.  Lucifer disobeyed god or man went against gods will and this brought evil into the world.  The perfectly good creator could not stop evil from happening.  The Hindu will tell you that the creator, which is the actor or you, is the creator of both good and evil.  You have to have the evil to have a good story.  The Hindu believe you are not some little puppet being kicked around by omnipotence.  You are omnipotence wearing a mask or disguise.  You are no victim or helpless poor little old me.  Every one of us is the god head playing a role.  We just don’t know it.    This makes most people uncomfortable.  They will say, “If I’m God then I can get away with murder” or “If I’m god I would never get hurt or sick”.  That is not how it works.  

If everything was always good you would get very bored.  If everything was all evil and you never overcame, you would just give up and die.   What we want is the Hero’s Journey.  The story where evil or bad things bring the hero to the brink of death, but somehow overcomes everything and everything ends up great.  Or the Hero overcomes impossible odds to save the girl from the dragon.  Don’t just hate it when the producer or author leaves you hanging at the end of one show or book, but you can’t wait for the next one because you want to see how the characters will get out of the predicament.  You hate it but you actually love it.  Alan Watts puts it perfectly,  “We want where the good side is always winning but never is the winner.  The loser is always losing but never the loser”.  

Religions can’t believe what other religions believe.  In politics you can’t believe what the other side believes.  But as I showed in Love Thy Enemy, you must accept that you are not your whole self with out the opposite or conflict.  This world is so caught up in dogmatism that they hate and want to kill anything that is not like them.  We don’t want conflict so we conquer. We need enemies and opposites in order to grow.  All because we think we are just a puppet of fate.  You are causing everything that happens to you in your life.  Until you understand this you will be the ‘person’ who jumps from one role to the next.  Just like actors and actresses in the movies.  

This is why we love stories, movies, myths and legends.  Our life is our story!  But we crave the great stories because we want lots of Good and Evil battling.  We want the characters to go through lots of conflict and then overcome.  We subconsciously know duality is built-in to our existence and we crave it.  If your life was put into a movie, would you get bored with it or would you be on the edge of your seat wanting more?  I’m not saying to rip the masks off and go out looking for trouble.  I’m saying that you are a Goddess or a God in this physical existence.  Gods and Goddesses don’t lay around eating chips watching television all day. They sit and gossip about others.  They don’t let others run their life.  They make their own life!  They deal with the conflicts, lows and evils.  They know they will make mistakes but they pick themselves back up and move on.  If you love stories, great!  But the view is not as good from the sideline or seats.  The best view is right in the middle of the action.  

You don’t need to be in any hurry to get it right.  According to ancient texts you have an infinite amount of lives to learn what you want to learn.  So if you think that killing each other off is the best way to do something, by all means go do it.  It just shows that you are either or young soul or you don’t learn from experience.  Just don’t let your story spill over into my story.   

12 thoughts on “Ego’s Mask”

  1. Okay, reallllly pumped from the video. 🙂 I live that way all the time. Life is an EXPLOSION and all these soft spoken, quite people make me…stay by myself. LOLOL Whoooooo I want to run around and play. I LIVE IN STORIES everyday…look at my blog. That’s all I do. I can barely listen to other people because I’m living somewhere else. This so was so much fun. Someone who GETS IT. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all this energy and LOUDNESS!!!!! Going to reblog this and thank you. Oh YEAH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Hitandrun. You definitely are authentic and that is the reason we understand each other. 😉 I’m so glad it gave you energy. Jason Silva is one of my favorites. My daughter says I have a man crush on him. 😂 Glad you like the video.


  2. Just today I spoke a few expletives to the whomsoevers that listened. I just let them know that this is my mf life and I’m doing it my way from now on.
    A voice within my head whispered, ahhhhh we have finally overcome fear! I was puzzled but after reading and listening I get it! I really, really get it!
    I am the Creator of my life and I am doing it my way at no one’s expense. Even if that means that I offend a few because I woke up!
    Thanks a million!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is great! You will definitely offend a more than a few as time goes on. The sleepers don’t like to be left behind.
      I love the voice in the head. That is your Higher Self. I call it the voice of the Goddess. Congrats on hearing her speak.
      You are very welcome. Thank you for reading my work and commenting.


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