Love Thy Enemy


We have a gross misconception of what ‘love thy enemy’ actually means.  It is very humorous as what this phrase refers to after seeing how the world translates it.  This phrase has to do with duality.  You can not escape duality in this world.  No matter how hard you try duality is at the core of existence.  The biblical Jesus was a Magician and Philosopher and he was speaking in allegory.  He even starts with “But to who are listening I say”.  In other words, it is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  The truth of this phrase is that we need enemies.  

We don’t understand what it really means to love our enemies.  We as a human race think it means to be nice to them until we can show them the errors of their ways.  Religion uses this phrase  to convert people.  If we show them how wrong they are or convert them they will cease to be our enemies.  In a dualistic word we need enemies.  Just think about a story or movie with a main character who had no one to oppose them.  How boring of a story would that be?  The same is true for this human existence.  If you had no one different from you or who opposed you, wouldn’t you have a very dull life?  

Everyone belongs to a group or a set of people who they consider just like them.  It is why you hang around with those people.  Like attracts like.  Let’s just say these similar  people are all  hanging out together talking amongst themselves.  What do they talk about most of the time?  When people get together they like to stroke the collective ego.  It is called gossip.  They talk about the nasty people or evil people.  It does not matter if its political, religious or cultural, they talk about how awful they are, the dreadful things they do and how it will destroy this world.  What people don’t realize is they depend on the evil nasty people in order to know that they are nice or they are the  ones who they think are right.  On the other side, the evil nasty people think they are right and are saying how awful the first group of people are and how they are wrong about everything.  The collective ego is nurtured on both sides.   

How would you know if you are right if everyone agreed with you and did the exact same thing as you all the time?  If duality or opposites disappeared many in this world would lose their cause for life.  If all the ignorant people disappear today, I would not have a cause for writing.  If you are really good at something, how would you know you were good if there wasn’t people who were not so good?  If everyone was beautiful, how would you know if you were beautiful?  If everyone obeyed every rule, how would you know what disobey even meant?  There is no in without an out.  There is not up without a down.  There are no saved people without the damned.  There is no light without darkness.  

Once you realize this the world becomes very humorous.  You understand the self is much more and much bigger than you could have dreamed.  The self includes the other and would not exist without it.  Even if you still disapprove of others your view and understanding will change.  You see that nothing can exist without duality.  Nothing is separate.  They are just different degrees of the same thing.  Everything has a cause and effect, ebb and flow or an opposite.  Love your enemy because you would not exist without it.  Everything would  stagnate without duality.  

When things get out of balance that is when the problems begin.  So whatever it is you don’t like or have a problem with, love the enemy because they keep the world in balance.  I know I don’t like religion, but I love the muggles.  I really do.  It lets me know just how wise I really am.  Use the ‘Love Thy Enemy’ the same way for yourself.  After all, it is the true sense of the phrase.  

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