Compassionate Curiosity


Inside all of us there is a healing force or healing capacity.  Many of you have started the wake up process or you have been through it.  I take that as a given for my readers because if one has not at least started on the journey of waking up they will be repelled by my writings.  This world can be a very cruel place for the ones who have awakened.  So it is very important for you not to be cruel to yourself.  

In order to understand someone you have to love them.  There is no truth greater than this when it comes to loving yourself.  You must love yourself in order to understand yourself.  A lot of times I have people emailing me or talking to me telling me, “I can’t believe I was that stupid to believe the lies of this world”.  If they are telling me this then they are telling it to themselves in their own head.  This has to stop.  I showed in Magic how to stop the negative thoughts, but one must stop the judgement in the head too.  Ask yourself this, would you just blurt out at someone you know a very negative thing like what you just told me?  Would you say, “I can’t believe you are that stupid to believe that!” to someone you know?  Maybe some of you would, but for the most part most of us wouldn’t.  So why would you talk to yourself this way?  

I understand that you will hold yourself to a higher standard than others, but we as humans are constantly evolving.  You must be compassionate to yourself when you evolve.  Judgement and aggression towards yourself is not compassion.  Compassion for yourself is simply the willingness to except yourself for who you are, have been and will become.  Be present with yourself without judgement.  When I say be present, I mean to see and understand what is triggering your mind.  When something happens that causes you to start the negative judgmental things in your head to start, ask yourself, “Why is this triggering me?”  Acknowledge you are being triggered.  Why are you suddenly judging yourself?  Why has your mind gone negative about yourself?  What is in your way?  You will find that it is your ego that is in the way.  Your attachment to an idea or your attachment to being right.  

It took me awhile to figure this out.  I started holding myself to a higher standard and began judging myself in my head.  I had no compassion for myself.  If I was struggling with something I started calling myself an ‘idiot’.  I compared myself to others who had been awake longer than me.  I used language in my own head that would make a U. S. Marine blush.  Being hard on myself was putting it lightly.  Once I started being present with myself when my mind went it to judgement mode, I started to realize the need to be compassionate to myself.  I would ask myself,  “Why is my mind so judgmental right now?  What just triggered me to get my mind in this loop?”  This started the inner wisdom.  All my years in sports I judged myself and compared myself to others.  I was doing it with my wake up process.  Once I figured out this was the wrong way to go about things, I started to blossom.  

I started asking myself if I would talk to my own daughter the way I am talking to myself.  Of course I would never talk to her that way, so why do I talk to myself this way?  I couldn’t answer that and it was a very enlightening moment for me.  Acting that way toward myself was being inauthentic.  I was putting on a mask for myself to try to get myself to do better.  Once I started having compassion for myself things really took off.  The conversations in my head started to take a whole new turn.  I was connecting to myself with Compassionate Curiosity.  I started talking to myself with respect and quit comparing myself to others.  I started excepting myself the way I was, am and will become.  Your inner monologue needs to sound like you are talking to someone you respect deeply.  Just this one change will change your life.  

I will tell my readers what I tell my daughter.  Do not compare yourself to others.  Be the one others compare themselves too.  You are not like them.  You are different.  No matter how much they try to compare themselves to you, they will never be like you nor as good as you.  Society says this is being conceited.  Society is wrong yet again.  People who talk out loud like this are just trying to get others to think that way about them.  They are seeking approval from others.  When this is the voice in your head, it is very powerful.  When was the last time you told yourself,  “Damn Im good!” or “I did and awesome job”.  Have you ever told yourself, “Wow you look great!” or “You look beautiful!”?  We say this to others, why not to ourselves?  When you know these things, you don’t need others to tell you.  You don’t need validation.  

The very fact that you are reading my work means you love yourself.  Something about my work said to you that there is a possibility of waking up or transformation.  There is a possibility that there is more than the lies this world offers.  There is a possibility of being comfortable with being me.  You are on here reading my posts because deep down you know you are worth it.  That is self-love and Compassionate Curiosity.  Every human thought, emotion and reaction reflects the desire to be loved.  Loving yourself is compassion for yourself. Real compassion does not have anything to do with making yourself feel good.  It has to do with guiding yourself to the truth.  You tap into your intuition and respond to yourself intuitively.  It takes courage to see things how they actually are.  Not how it could be, how it actually is right now.  Not having compassion for yourself is an addiction.  In order to get over an addiction you must have the courage to see things how they are.  Seeing that this noncompassionate self as just an experience that we can overcome is key.  

This is why I wrote the post: Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?  She is your intuition or your Higher Self.  Are you strong enough to have Compassionate Curiosity dealing with her?  When you talk negatively to yourself you are talking negatively to her.  She demands respect for her and yourself.  I have said it many times before, “Self love is the key to the underworld”.  People can not accept themselves they way they are.  Society tells them not to accept themselves the way they are because they are not good enough.  Look at the epidemic of self-help gurus and cosmetic surgery.  It is a massive epidemic of lack of self compassion and self-love.   It may sound simple, but it is not.  Loving yourself or going on the journey of waking up with Compassionate Curiosity is one of the hardest things you will do.  This is why it is so hard to meet the Goddess.  If you don’t respect yourself you will not respect her and she will not tolerate it.  She will let you keep going on your way with your egotistical Gollum.  Once you show compassion and love for yourself the ego is brought to atonement and will be an agent for the Goddess.  

Compassion is not a sign of weakness.  It is exactly the opposite.  Compassion for yourself is as hard as it gets.  Once you open that door it will open a new world.  Your new world.  You will see the world in a whole new way.  When you get compassion for yourself  its a sweet madness.  I have shown in previous writings that the image of the Angel is from the Goddess of Victory, Nike.  When you have Compassionate Curiosity it is a victory.  The Goddess becomes the Angel instead of the devil she is made out to be.  This is why Nike was used for the image of the Angel.  She is your Angel.  If you break the habit of treating yourself like dirt.  That is exactly what Sarah McLachlan was singing about in the video above.   Having compassion for yourself puts you in the arms of your angel.    Nothing is outside of you.  

4 thoughts on “Compassionate Curiosity”

  1. Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever been that hard on myself! For me it’s a question of balance. The process of awakening through compassion means you’re in a whole new class of action and literal warfare against the commonplace of this world. That has to be recognized. I can’t be faulted for not thinking or acting in ways I previously knew nothing about – those ways carefully hidden or blocked by the Matrix, I can only be faulted if once I know those ways, I continue in the old patterns.

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    1. Not everyone has been hard on themselves, but quite a few have. I probably was to an extreme, but I wanted to show my readers they are not alone. You are one of the fortunate few. A rare gem.


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