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Many people do not know that there are a few versions of Mithras.  There was Roman, Zoroastrian, Greek, Iranian, Hindu, Persian and Sabean versions of Mithras.  They were all blended together and composed to local ways to become the one that Rome eventually adopted.  Of course Rome added and deleted things to make Mithras their version.  The Mithras cult is very old indeed.  In most to the Mithras reliefs he is slaying a bull.  Most researchers have no idea why he is slaying a bull.  It all has to do with the sun in the age of Taurus.  Slaying the bull meant the sun was about to exit Taurus, so Mithras had slayed the bull.  

It is very well-known by historians that several gods have the same narrative and they just dismiss this to all the gods being the sun.  However there is something special about Mithras.  This was a very popular cult within Rome among the soldiers, especially high-ranking soldiers, and many Emperors.  I will get to what is very special about him a bit later.  If you have followed my work, it will make sense.  The cult of Mithras spread to Persia and India after Alexander the Great went on his conquest.  So here is the first clue as to why Mithras is so special, Alexander the Great had something to do with it.  In my post Patriarch Pharaohs, I say that I did not know what happen to Moses and Aaron( Akhenaten and Tuthmoses).  I now know that they possibly went to Greece along with Nefertiti and this became the bloodline of Alexander the Great.  Which makes total sense as to why Alexander the Great became so popular.  

The Mithras cult was full of rituals and ceremonies.  One had to be initiated into the Mithras mysteries.  The initiation ceremonies were very Masonic like.  They met in caverns under the city of Rome.  As a matter of fact the rites of Mithras are very close to a certain god in Egypt.  Modern Masonry came out of ancient Egypt and this is why the cult of Mithras was accepted by the upper class of certain civilizations.  The upper class were all Masons.  I have said many times before that todays masonry is a joke for most.  They opened it up for all to make money. The ones that don’t really belong are given  minuscule knowledge.  Others that show promise are led a little further. They give them certain secrets and make them feel important all for a fee.  In reality they know nothing.  If they knew the true secrets they would not belong to a religion.  In ancient days these secrets were only for royalty and the upper echelon of the society.  That is the second key.  It was a very Masonic like religion.  

It is thought that Mithras and Christianity were rival religions and they were for the ignorant masses for a time.  I have tried to show the similarities of the Jesus narrative with so many other gods in hopes of waking people to the narrative being copied.  The Jesus narrative and ceremonies come straight out of the cult of Mithras.  There are so many resemblances between Christianity and the cult of Mithras that it would take a bible size book to show them all, but I will name a few.  The drawing of water from rock, holy water and communion, the emphasis placed on abstinence and self-control, the doctrine of heaven and hell, dying for three days and being resurrected, born on December 25th, constant warfare between good and evil and the final triumph of good, the flood and the ark, use of bell and candle, and a last judgment to name a few.  Christians argue that the Mithras religion stole from them.  A second century Christian writer, Justin Martyr, even accused the cult of Mithras as imitating the Christian communion rite.  Christians have it backwards. It was they who stole everything from the cult of Mithras.  The Bull proves Mithraism was around first.  Christianity is the cult of the fish or Pisces.  

Why would Mithras be chosen over every other god to create Christianity?  If you haven’t read my His Royal Jesus post, you need to do that to understand what I’m about to reveal.  So if you haven’t, go do it now or you wont understand how the pieces go together.  

After the Jewish revolt the traitor, Josephus Flavius was the last Jew standing.  He was Vespasian’s lap dog from here on out.  Vespasian was very high in the cult of Mithras.  He ordered Josephus to create a religion to bring the Jews and Gentiles in Judea under control.  Rome was tired of the rebellions that kept popping up and the Jewish Revolt was the last straw.  Vespasian wanted to keep this cult going for thousands of years more and he succeeded in doing so.  Ralph Ellis writes that the Church of Jesus and James was nothing like the new creation of Christianity and this is why.  The Church of Jesus and James was very pagan.  Christianity was done for control, but it would still be a Masonic religion that would separate the ignorant from the ones who know.  Josephus was forced to use the Mithras narrative to create Christianity.  This is why the Mithras religion was eradicated after Christianity was formed.  Couldn’t have an older religion showing the truth to the ignorant masses.  Rome made it politically incorrect to slander Christianity especially from anyone in the cult of Mithras.  Does that not sound like what is going on with Islam today?  Christianity got rid of Mithras.  History is hidden, so it will repeat itself.  

What made Mithras so special to keep the spirit of him alive in the world today?  Mithras was from the age of Taurus.  Researchers who know this truth can’t understand how an out dated religion could be used to make another modern religion.  They think that maybe at the turn of the century  the understanding of the precessional zodiac was lost.  It was not lost.  I have found the answer and will share it with the world today.  In Albert Pike’s book Morals and Dogmas he writes: 

“Thee, says Martianus Capella, in his hymn to the Sun, dwellers on the Nile adore as Serapis, and Memphis worships as Osiris, in the sacred rites of Persia thou art Mithras, in Phrygia, Atys, and Libya bows down to thee as Ammon, and Phoenician Byblos as Adonis, thus the whole world adores thee under different names.”

Here at last is the answer to why Mithras was used for Christianity.  Mithras is Osiris.  Osiris was venerated under the name of Mithras in Persia, Greece and Rome.  Jesus was royal blood from all these places and Egypt.  There is not a better person in any part of history to make into Osiris.  As I have shown in several posts, Osiris is occultly put in to Christianity with the steeple being his penis, the bell representing him, the Easter bunny being a symbol for him and much more.  The rituals for Osiris are very similar to the rituals of Mithras.  While Mithras rituals were done in the dark in caverns and caves it was only because they did not have the Great Pyramid.  Osiris rituals were done in the Great Pyramid.  

The last thing I will show has to do with a rock.  Most researchers think that the rock in Christianity has to do with Masonic building blocks, but it is more occult than that.   Peter even means rock or stone.  The rock is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Mithras was born from a rock.  It was pointing to who the narrative was actually created from.  With this knowledge the verse that is in so many parts of the bible will make sense:

“The stone which the builders rejected, this became the chief corner-stone.”  

In other words, “The Mithras the Masons had rejected, this became the Jesus”.  

Jesus is the new Osiris.  Osiris was the foundation stone or cornerstone of ancient Egypt religion and politics.  

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  1. Have you ever given any thought as to what type of being will be celebrated or be portrayed representing the new Osiris in the coming Age of Aquarius?

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    1. Whatever it is it will be water themed. Just like fish are associated with Jesus and Christianity. With the opposite sign being Leo I’m sure a lion will be involved too.


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