When I tell people there was another ancient civilization named Lemuria people usually respond that they never heard of it.  They are even more surprised when I tell them that it sunk below the ocean just like Atlantis.  Lemuria was also known as Mu.  The names mean land of our ancestors, but it is also known in several texts as land of the dragons or serpents, mother land of humanity and cradle of civilization.  Lemuria was another content that was in the Pacific Ocean. 

This post will be a summary of what I know about Lemuria.  One thing I find very interesting is that the Lemur is named after Lemuria.  When they discovered Madagascar these primates were everywhere.  They even found bones and fossils that showed they used to be as big as gorillas.  But this animal was only found on this island and  the remains of them were found in India and Madagascar.  No remains have been found in Africa or the Middle East, so they called them Lemurs believing  they come from Lemuria.  I realize the Loris was once called Lemur, but that is only because the Romans thought it looked like a ‘lemure’ or ghost.  Funny how the Romans used that world for ghost.  It was said that lemures were spirits of people left unburied.  They would return at night to haunt the living.  

There has been so much speculation about Lemuria throughout history.  What I find  funny is that Lemuria is very well-known among the Native Americans,  Native Australians, India, Samoa, Mexico and South America, but it’s only white people who think they know all about Lemuria.  They have written books that claim they got their knowledge from the priests of these races.  Well guess what?  If you didn’t get your information of these Matriarch civilizations from the women, you didn’t get the whole story.  In a matriarchal society men dealt with outsiders, but women were in charge of history.  Many times men would just give pieces of a history to appease the outsiders.  Outsider men are too egotistical to ask women.  Most of what I know about Lemuria was given to me from Mayan and Native American Women.  

In truth Lemuria was the cradle of civilization.  It is here that we learned how to be human.  The Lemurians were the first created race on earth.  For those who do not know what I’m talking about read my Atlantis and Lemurian Magic posts.  This is the place where all the arts, literature, science, math, philosophy, ethics, music and astronomy were introduce to the human race.  Because these were androgynous beings it was very much a matriarch civilization.  This is the race that rebelled and warred with the race of Atlantis.  Atlantis was a patriarch and neither side won this war, but Manly P Hall wrote : 

“The Atlanteans instigated the first war.  It has been said that all subsequent wars were fought in a fruitless effort to justify the first one and right the wrong which it had caused.”

The Atlantean blood lines are the ones ruling this world.  They hate everything about Lemuria and what it stood for.  After the cataclysm they have set out to right the wrong of not being able to dominate the world.  Religion, hate, strife and perversion all originated in Atlantis.  Lemuria wasn’t perfect, but if it wasn’t for them we probably would not exist as a human race.  I’m sure the aliens would have gotten bored with us and just killed us all off.  

Lemuria consisted of all the races.  The continent extended from western North America to lands in the Indian Ocean.  It included Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Easter Islands, New Guinea, and Hawaii.  It was the Mother land that helped start several civilizations world-wide.  They taught people to have perfect balance with the masculine and feminine energies.  After the war of the gods the people spread out all over the globe.  It was because of Lemuria that Ancient Egypt was split into two, a matriarch Upper Egypt and a Patriarch Lower Egypt.  The Mayans were the descendents of Lemuria and built an advanced civilization that we still have not duplicated.  If you want to study what a Matriarch was really like, Lemuria is a good place to start.   Just be open-minded to what you find.  There is a reason not many people know of Lemuria.  

15 thoughts on “Lemuria”

  1. 1.Where can I obtain more info. on Lemuria the original indigenous of New Zealand
    2. The Atlantians rule the world today? There appears to be no ruler today though a battle appears to be being played out among several groups/tribes?


    1. 1. Ignatius Donnelly, James Churchward, Michael Tsarion, David Hatcher Childress, Manly P Hall. The Samoan and Pacific Island myths and legends are full of Lemuria, though they are occult.
      2. Yes it is several blood lines from Atlantis fighting among each other. The strongest is U. S. Canada , Britain. They are from Egypt. I would add Australia to that too. The sun never sets on the British Empire. Lol.


  2. gserpent. Thank you for the reply. Several new names there.
    I wonder where President Trump fits in?
    And the Clintons and Obama for that matter?
    It would appear Trump is doing his best to sort out the mess. Time will tell.
    And Blair!
    They are obviously fronting for powerful groups.
    There is definitely a pathological evil in the world.
    It is hard to figure who the Goodies are.

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    1. Every President of the US except Martin Van Buren has Been of British Royal blood. Politics is all a show. Van Buren was French Royalty through William the Conquerer, though William was a King of England.


      1. Ahh. Take it slow and find a hobby you love to do. That is what helped me. Once you open that door info wants to poor in. Having a hobby regulates the info to a steady flow.

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      2. The problem is my hobby is writing and the “information” is starting to bleed through and blend with my fiction. I’m just going to buckle in and try not to fall off the roller coaster, haha.

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