Atlantis is a myth that most know about.  When people find out that I am an ancient historian one of the first questions they ask me is, “Do you know anything about Atlantis?”  It does not matter of the race, culture or background of that person, they want to know about Atlantis.  What is it about Atlantis that is imbedded in our memory?  I have to be careful about what I tell people because, just like religion, most of what they know is complete wrong.  When one is not ready to hear the truth, they lash out at the messenger.  

Most know that Atlantis was an advance ancient civilization and something happened that caused the city to sink below the ocean.  There is a lot of nonsense out there about Atlantis.  Most think that Atlantis was some kind of Utopia.  This comes from Renaissance writers like Sir Francis Bacon and Thomas Moore.  Utopias only exist in one’s mind.  Atlantis did exist, but it was not a Utopia for most.   

Atlantis has been known by many names like Hy Breasil, Hyperborea, Azatlan, Atlantia, Arktos, Azatalan, Arcadia and many more.  Why is this place ingrained in the minds of every culture both ancient and today?  H G Wells expressed it perfectly when he wrote:  

“There is magic in names and the mightiest among these words is Atlantis…it is as if this vision of a lost culture touched the most hidden thoughts of our soul”.  

Many people try to place Atlantis all over the world.  Where ever ruins are found of an ancient advanced civilization, people say it must have been Atlantis.  I have even heard some researchers say ancient Egypt was Atlantis.  A few researchers say that the Garden of Eden was Atlantis and in a sense it was.  Those that have read Lemurian Magic know that Atlantis was located just northwest of Ireland.  

This post will be a summary of what I know about Atlantis.  For those not ready for the truth, stop reading here.  Those that want to know every last detail, check out my Lemurian Magic post.  

Atlantis was on a continent that was called Appalachia.  This continent was east of North America and they actually connected.  It is where we get the name for the Appalachian Mountains.  The oceans were much lower at the time that Atlantis was built.  It was built by an alien race who visited our planet at least  50,000 years ago.  This alien race needed gold and other precious metals.  The texts say they needed the gold for their atmosphere. The ancient texts also say that this alien race fought amongst themselves quite a bit.  They just couldn’t get along.  

After awhile the aliens got tired of having to mine the gold and precious metals themselves.  They also grew tired of having to do chores like cleaning up after themselves, searching and hunting for food then having to prepare it, laundry, building and many other labor jobs.   They had a meeting and decided they were going to go against the strictest  law in the universe.  That law stated to not interfere with another life form.  These aliens may have been advanced, but they were lazy.  They needed to create a slave race that they could control to do their bidding.  

First they tried to mate with the hominids.  Mate is putting it lightly.  The male aliens raped the female hominids.  This did not work.  The females belly burst open.  I did not find anywhere in any text if any female aliens tried to mate with the male hominids.   One way or another they figured out they had to take the female alien egg and the hominid sperm to create in a lab what was called Homo Sapien Sapien.  This first creation was just as big and just as smart as the aliens.  This creation would be considered Giants to us.  Just like their alien creators they were huge.  They were also androgynous or hermaphrodites.  The one thing they had that the aliens didn’t was body hair.  All colors and races of the human race were made at this time.  It just depended on the job they were created to do.  Skin pigment is a natural sunscreen.  The lighter shades of skin were used underground and places there wasn’t much sun.  The darker skins were created for being directly out in the sun.  They had slaves that would never see the sun, slaves that were in it all day and everything in between.  This is where the races come from on this planet.  

It didn’t take long for this first creation to realize they were slaves and rebelled.  They left Atlantis in a rebellion and built places around the world. Most made up what was called Lemuria.  This is the time most of the building of Megaliths around the world happened.  This is why they don’t want anyone to uncover the truth about these huge structures.  Just look at all the demonizing of Semir Osmanagic.  The same thing happened to the people who were uncovering the Mayan pyramids.  The descendents of these aliens still control this world and they don’t want the world knowing the truth.  This was a time of rebellion and the rebellion actually created a better world.  

It was back to the drawing board for the aliens of Atlantis.  They had already broken the universal rule about messing with another species, so they didn’t care about making another race.  This one had to be dumbed down.  They went to far and created what we know as the great apes.  Once they figured out the apes were not going to do the work they just released them.  We did not come from apes.  Darwinism is as big of a hoax as religion.  The Native Americans and Mayans even say the apes are our cousins not our ancestors.  Here at last the lie of Darwinism has been exposed.  Scientists do not get paid for rocking the boat.  They get paid for going along with the agenda.  

They perfected the dumbing down process by locking things in our DNA, dumbing down our mind by giving us an ego and separating the sexes.   They created what the bible calls Adam and Eve.   That is what they called the race of men and the race of women. All the color of the races were used again, but this time they made all sizes.  Again it just depened on the job they wanted them to do.   But the aliens did not want to stay here forever so wanted to create a bloodline(s) to rule.  This is where Lilith comes in.  She was pure alien and refused to lay with any Adam.  She even refused to let them use her eggs in the lab. The bloodline runs through the female and they needed an alien female to start it.  She refused and was kicked out of Atlantis.  She had daughters, so they used them.  This is where they get the 7 birth goddesses or the 7 females to give birth in these texts.  It is said they were used to give birth to the human race, but it was to give birth to the blood lines that would rule.   This tells me Lilith had 7 daughters.  Did these aliens travel in ships that  just their family traveled in?  

The Adam and Eves were put to work.  They were allowed to mate with each other and start families.  Between producing them in a lab and allowing them to mate the population grew rabidly.  The male aliens were very attracted to the female Eves.    They decided to make many of them their toys and sex slaves.  As you can see there was nothing spiritually good about Atlantis.  The first race of Giants saw what was going on in Atlantis.  The Adams and Eves were their family.  They had to do something.   The Giants went to the Adam and Eves and told them what was going on.  How both creations were created to be the slaves for the aliens and they offered them an escape.  The Adams were perfect little programmed egotistical slaves and would not go, but the Eves were not only smarter they saw the Giants as handsome and brilliant.  Most of the Eves left and went with the Giants.  This caused many of the Adams to rethink their position and some of them left too.  The Giants knew how to unlock and deprogram the Adams and Eves.  

At first the aliens did not care.  They just kept making more slaves in their labs.  As a matter of fact the aliens created an army to attack the Giants.  Here is the beginning of war on this planet.  At one point the Giants snuck into Atlantis and destroyed the labs that were creating clones.  Where do you think Star Wars got their stories from?  It’s all in the ancient texts.   That was the last straw for the aliens and the whole world went to war, but this was a war that spread through the whole solar system.  To see what I’m referring to you will have to read Lemuria Magic.  

This is why we have hatred towards women and gay people.  The alien blood lines of this world see them as causing the fall of their Utopia.  They know what happened in the past and will do what ever they can to keep the masses from seeing it.  Women and gay people will be seen as the enemy as long as the  the leaders of this world control our minds.  Why do you think they have such a push back on the woman’s movement right now?  Why do you think they need women to keep the lie of religion going?  If women decide to quit the lie, it falls apart.  

This is why the Garden of Eden story is written the way it is.  Snakes and serpents always symbolize wisdom or wise people.  Apples always symbolize knowledge.   Eve took a bite of that apple and went with the serpent because she knew the truth.  This made the alien gods mad, but Eve and Adam were not kicked out, they left.  If you know my work, you know I have exposed all sorts of little mistakes like that in the patriarch religions.   Lilith and Eve(s) quit the lie and the world became a better place for it.  It wasn’t until they were able to get women to believe there were second class, by indoctrination and force, that they were able to make this world what it is today.  If you like the way the world is today, then by all means keep living the lie.  My guess is that 99% of the world’s populations does not like what is going on.  When sleeping women wake, mountains will move. We are who we have been waiting for.  

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  1. I like this post, or ‘story’ and agree to a point, certainly about alien intervention and the cloning of Earthians. Beyond that my awareness of earth’s pre-written history follows a drastically different pattern. However, we arrive at the same place in the here and now, facing the same problems unresolved problems of misogyny and racism.

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