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The function of an Hourglass is to mark the passing of time as sand trickles through the narrow waist in the middle of the transparent glass container.  It is a very old Freemasonry symbol.  Many think the Egyptians use a clepsydra or water-clock and it was the predecessor of the hourglass.  I got news for them.  If it’s a Freemason and Alchemical symbol, it was used in ancient Egypt.  After all we get Hour from the name Horus.  

When one sees an hourglass they think that it’s a symbol of time or the sands of time.  Most see it to mean that time is limited and the sands of time will run out.  There have even been  hourglasses found in graves and researchers think it is showing that time had run out on the deceased.  Even eschatological theologians say the hourglass means the end is near and judgement is coming.  All of these a great guesses, but all are wrong.  

Hourglass is used to describe the figure of a shapely woman.  It is also the shape of the number eight and is the Lemniscate.  So is the hourglass describing infinity or eternity?  The hourglass can be turned over to start the cycle over again and this makes it a symbol of rebirth and eternity.  It shows the timelessness of time and that eternity has neither beginning nor end.  The hourglass is also the letter X with one pyramid on top of the other.  Showing “As above, so below”.  The point in the center is where all comes to balance.  This is where Microsoft got the name for Xbox. The hourglass is an Xbox.  

The Hour-Glass is an emblem of life.  How swift the sands of time run and rapid our life goes by.  How human time passes away almost imperceptibly and how humans waste time.  It’s a symbol of the transitory nature of human life.  A measure of flying moments. Time will not stand still, once an opportunity is lost in can not be regained.  Being at that point in the center symbolizes creation and synchronicity.  It is also the shape of Shiva’s drum which symbolizes creation.  

The hourglass symbol is also a symbol of you being eternal.  It is not just in ancient Egypt.  Native Americans saw it as a symbol of changing worlds.  As in after you die, you change worlds.  The time is up for this life, turn it over and life begins anew in a different time or place. The hourglass being in the shape of the number eight is showing that you are on a different plane as your higher self and you have to adhere to the rules of human time.  Being on its side in the lemniscate symbol shows that once you reach this level and realize you are infinite, time is on your side.  

Now for my favorite part.  The hourglass being used to describe a shapely woman.  With the hourglass having creation as one of its meanings it is showing that the infinite and spirit is feminine.  The Hindu’s have this right showing her as a drum.  You have to use the masculine energy to play her.  Once you use the masculine energy along with her, creation happens.  Hindus say the sound is created that created the universe.  I say the sound itself is the universe because the drum is creating the universe.  She is creating all, but you have to use the right amount of masculine energy to get her to purr for you.  Too much energy, like today, and the sound is a deafening racket.  To little, the creation is very small and you can’t hear it or see it.  The hourglass is this feminine principle that will work with you or against you and when she is working with you, it does not get any sexier.  

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  1. I really like this… but before I can actually comment I have to do some serious pondering on it. Thanks for the challenge to, and contribution to breakdown, of some preconceived ideas. I always know I can count on you to put whatever numbers together and come up with the correct answer. As more than a by the way, thanks for all your work, I appreciate it.

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