Saturn’s Rings


A recent discovery that was let out of the bag about a month ago has scientists baffled.  NASA’s Cassini took samples of Saturn’s rings and moons and they are just now giving the results to the public.  The results of these samples has NASA and other scientists scrambling to come up with a story about how our galaxy was formed.  Why can’t they just admit that they don’t know instead of forcing a narrative?  Maybe they know the truth, but have to keep it hidden.  Cassini was destroyed September 2017, so they have been sitting on this data for a while. 

The discovery Cassini made that has been published in several scientific papers is that the water in Saturn’s Rings and Moons is remarkably similar to that of Earth.  This was completely unexpected for Science and Planetary Scientists.  The only Saturn Moon to have different type of water was Phoebe.  This has popped the ego of the science world and they are looking to force another narrative on how planets form.  They are coming up empty because you can’t keep covering lies up with more lies.  Eventually they have to start looking for the truth.  

The discovery was made by remote measuring the isotopic ratios of water and carbon dioxide in Saturn’s system.  This was reported in 

“The findings mean we need to change the model of the formation of the Solar System because the new results are in conflict with existing models….Models for the formation of the Solar System indicate the D/H(Deuterium-Hydration ratio) should be much higher in the colder outer Solar System than in the hotter inner system where the Earth formed.”  

This D/H ratio should be 10 times higher in Saturn than on Earth.  The discovery has shattered what should be because Saturn’s rings and satellites are very Earth like.  

This is only one very recent discovery that has them scrambling.  Around 2014 it was discovered that several systems have what they call Super Earths.  Our system has none.  There have been several other discoveries that show how wrong scientists have been.  They used to believe that our system was the model of other systems.  They forced a narrative and found it was all wrong. We went from dark ages of believing the Earth was the center of the Universe to believing our solar system was the model of all other solar systems in the Universe.  Now they are trying to force another narrative, but are struggling to do so.  Their prevailing theories of how galaxies form are all wrong.  

Until scientists accept that our Solar System is as broken as the people in it, they will learn nothing.  Based on our solar system, science thought that small rocky planets formed near their host star and larger, gaseous or icy planets formed further out.  So when they started finding huge gaseous and icy planets near the host star and huge watery planets further away they were confused and frustrated.  The discovery of the Super Earths and the positioning of planets in other systems have them changing track, but they are trying to force a narrative on to how planets form.  

In truth they don’t want to accept the cataclysm that happened in our Solar System.  The reason Saturn’s water is so similar to ours is because of the destruction of Tiamat.  Phoebe was probably Saturn’s original moon or could have been passing by during the cataclysm and was caught in Saturn’s orbit as things calmed down.  The destruction of Tiamat scattered her water all over our Solar System.  She was a watery planet that the ancients called the second sun.  All that is left of Tiamat is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Her water created the oceans on our own planet Earth.  It also created Saturn’s rings.  This Cataclysm is why our system is so different from the rest of the Universe.  Tiamat was just like the Super Earths they are finding in other Solar Systems.  She was bigger than Jupiter.  

If you read Immanuel Velikovsky’s work, he shows that our planets are not in the same place they were before the cataclysm happened.  I agree.  The ancients even called the planet Venus a comet until she rested where she is at today.  For more on the history of our world and Solar System read my post Lemurian Magic.  This will not only tell you the history of our Solar System, it will give you the true history of the Earth and humans.



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  1. Everything is made up and science and people continue to pretend they know what they’re talking about and keep trying to shove round pegs into square holes because they can’t admit that they don’t know what’s going on and to keep funding.

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