Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually evergreen or artificial tree, associated with celebrating Christmas.  In todays politically correct world they are calling it a Holiday tree.  This ensures more people will spend money on a tree.  Ultimately that is what Christmas is all about.  Making money.  Where did this idea of putting up a tree to celebrate the birth of a god come from?  Let’s take a closer look.  

It is believed the Christmas tree originated in Livonia and Germany by Protestants.  It was mainly upper class people who set up a tree.  It is also said the Martin Luther was the first to put candles on a tree.  Why the hell would you want to put candles on an evergreen tree?   If one has witnessed how fast an evergreen tree can burn, they know this is just plain stupid.  Whether he did or its is just a story, it set they way for electric lights to be put on trees.  The earliest these trees date back is to the 15th century.  

Pagans will argue that the Christians stole their ideas.  Pagans have always seen trees as sacred and held ceremonies near all kinds of trees for different purposes.  Druids would decorate what was called Yule trees with things they wished for in the new year.  Fruits for a successful harvest, love charms for happiness, nuts for fertility, animal figures for family totems and coins for wealth.  Tree worship among Vikings and Saxons can be seen as far back as the 8th century.  The Scandinavians were said to be the first to bring the tree inside to coax the fairies inside to celebrate the solstice with them.  Pagans will argue they were the first to put candles on trees.  Why would anyone want to even claim this idea?  

In reality the tree was seen as sacred all over the world, but when the patriarch religions conquered the world all tree customs were seen as heathen and heathens had to burn or lose their head for their beliefs.  Of course they were given a chance to convert, the patriarch god needs money.  Was this just deep held beliefs that could not be eradicated and the religions just gave in?  It is even said in an old folk story that the reason why the evergreen tree was accepted is because the triangle shape of the tree represents the trinity and it points to heaven.  What?!

Now let’s see the truth about why this tree is so prevalent in the western world.  

Everything goes back to Egypt and the Christmas tree is no different.  In ancient Egypt evergreen trees were seen as sacred, especially the Cedar tree.  They also considered the fir and yew trees as sacred.  The name Jew actually comes from the Yew tree and I have shown that the origin of Jews is Egyptian.  As a matter of fact, the ancient Egyptians planted sacred groves of trees.  When the Pharaohs got into arguments with each other, they threatened to cut down the trees of the other Pharaoh.  So these trees were important.  

The main tree of importance to the ancient Egyptians was the Aser tree.  It was an evergreen and guess whose name closely resembles this tree.  I showed in an earlier post that an ancient  name of Osiris was Asar.  The Aser tree was an evergreen.  Most researchers think it is a type of Cedar tree.  It was definitely a conifer tree and it was chosen because it is not only close to the name of Osiris, Asar-Aser, but it was pyramidal like the Great Pyramid.  During ceremonies the ancient Egyptians did put candles on the tree and called it “the burning bush”. I showed in Patriarch Pharaohs that an ancient name for the Great Pyramid was the burning bush and this is why.  So this is a very ancient custom.  Why did they do this?  The tree itself was a small representation of the Great Pyramid.  They could use a tree anywhere to perform ceremonies they would normally perfrom at the Great Pyramid.  The Great Pyramid had a spiral walkway all the way to the top that was lit by torches.  This is why Christians put Christmas lights on in spiral all the way to the top.  The star on top is a symbol of the priestess who was the Pharaoh’s mother, sister or wife.  She was the Queen of Sheba or Queen of the Stars.  

Why else would these northern lands pick an evergreen tree and have Christmas like customs without even being connected to Christianity?  I have shown how the Vikings, Irish, Spanish and Scottish all came from Egypt.  They were keeping to their Egyptian customs.  After Osiris’ death, Isis had found that an evergreen had grown overnight from a stump to full size.  This was a sign of Osiris’ rebirth and immortality.  Osiris was born on December 25th.  It was celebrated annually by putting up an evergreen tree and placing presents underneath it.  So don’t Rock around the Christmas tree, Walk Like an Egyptian around the Christmas tree.  

Happy Egyptmas! 

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree”

  1. Great post, as always! I use my outside mulberry bush (as in “here we go round…”) and it almost always has sweet, edible berries for me and the birds 😀 Wishing you a magical year, gserpent!

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    1. I speak lies? No Ma’am. I speak with a serpent tongue, but I do not lie. Though I did slither here from Eden to tell the truth. If you can not handle the truth go give your money to some religious swindler. It will make you feel better for believing the lies.


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