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What do bells have to do with Christmas? Bells have been used throughout antiquity and were even wore on Jewish priestly garments.  I even read an article that said the bell reminds his that Jesus is the High priest.  Most will tell you the bell is used to announce the arrival of the Christmas season  like it announced the arrival of the birth of Jesus.  Let’s get on with the truth.  

In reality a lot Christians churches have a bell they ring. They have bell-shaped architecture on their churches too.  Bell shaped architecture is all over the western world and is even on government buildings.  Why do government and corporate buildings have a bells incorporated into their architecture?  I know they will give you all sorts of reason as to why it’s there, but they don’t know the true reason.  

Some people think the bell comes from Beltane because Beltane means ‘fire of Bel’.  So Christians are just stealing another pagan element for their religion.  Well yes, but Beltane comes from the god Bel and this is just the beginning of the truth.  In Beltane they had maypole dancing and if you have read my St. Patrick post, you know where I’m going with this.   St. Patrick rang bells to round-up Irish Christians for sermons, so there is the famous St. Patrick Bell in Ireland.  

The biblical Jesus and his family were from Palmyra in Syria.  They worshipped many gods and goddesses, but held the one in particular to a very high standard.  They actually had a Temple of Bel in Palmyra. The pic at the top is the actual temple the biblical family built.   This was the god Baal and it is pronounced bell. This god Bel, who was the lord and master of all gods, had a wife and her name was  Belti.  With this family being from Egypt, that is where we need to go to figure out who and why Baal is so important.  

Several researchers have linked Baal to Osiris and if we look to Ancient Egypt we see that the biblical family used a ‘t’ on the end of Bel for his wife to make Belti.  In Egypt, Osiris is Asar and his wife Isis is Ast.  Being of Egyptian descent they knew the Syriac Baal was Osiris, so they made a temple to the King of all gods and his wife.  Bel is Osiris and Belti is Isis.  This is why we have bells all over the western world and the patriarch religions.  This is also why the bell is used for Christmas.  

Happy Egyptmas.  

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