The Cosmic Egg


The Cosmic Egg is a symbol that was used all over the world.  Some researchers try to say it is the same as the Egyptian Ben Ben stone, but they are simply wrong.  The Omphalos stone or Ben Ben stone was a meteorite.  The Cosmic Egg is something way more powerful.  The egg is a universal image and happens to be the most used symbol of the ancients.  

I have seen the egg used as a symbol of birth and rebirth.  It is the symbol we use today during Easter which we celebrate during spring.  I have shown the reason why the egg is used during Easter is because it was the symbol of Isis.  That is one of the first clues to the Cosmic Egg.  Isis’ symbol was an egg(see Ishtar). I have shown that the Egyptian gods symbolized powers of the Cosmos and yourself.  In Alchemy, which comes from Egypt, the egg symbolized self-contained perfection.  So we are looking for something in the Cosmos or self that is self-contained and perfect.  

Several creation myths involve the Cosmic Egg.  In Hinduism we have Brahmanda which is actually two words Brahma and Anda which means creator egg or Cosmic Egg.  In Chinese mythology the universe emerges in a self-contained Cosmic Egg that contains everything and everything keeps multiply inside this Cosmic Egg.  Science tries to say that the Cosmic Egg proves the big bang theory.  Once again I am amazed at how they try to force a narrative on something that does not fit.  Ancient Aliens says the egg is a symbol of alien space craft.   This makes more sense than the big bang theory.  Alien crafts could have looked like an egg.  I don’t know, but my mind is not closed to it.  

Several Cosmic Eggs have a serpent with them.   The egg and serpent were fertility symbols, but the serpent has to do with wisdom too.  That is what connects this myth with all civilizations around the world.  Yes, the egg has to do with creation, but it has more to do with the feminine.   Put the feminine with the serpent and you have the wisdom of the feminine.  Putting this all together means that the ancients knew exactly what I have saying from the beginning.  Spirit is feminine.  This feminine force wants to create life and it does everywhere in the Universe(s).  

The Cosmic Egg is the sacred feminine force that is everywhere.  It will create life where ever life can thrive.  It has always been and always will be.  Our minds can not comprehend how this force has always been here and always will be here.  The hatching of the egg is life itself coming forth.  It has cycles of renewal, but will always create life.  When ancient civilizations say that they came from the Cosmic Egg, they are correct.  We all came from this life force.  It is everywhere and moves through everyone and everything.  

Until we accept that this force is feminine, we will be limited.   If aliens are flying around in an egg-shaped craft, it’s because they know something we don’t.  They understand this force.   All our flying machines are phallic with wings or just phallic with propulsion.  They are limited in what they can do and where they can go.  Technology is trying to tell us we have it wrong.  

This is why Ancient Egypt used the symbol of the egg for Isis.  It is fertility, creation and the feminine, but it symbolized Isis herself.  Which was this Cosmic force called the Sacred Feminine. This force is what connects all of us with everyone and everything. It is self-contained an it is perfect.  What this world does not want you to know is that the Cosmic Egg does symbolize the Sacred Feminine and everything about her.  It is the reality that we are just now starting to comprehend, but the ancients understood her.  

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  1. That was a close call, I was just going to pop that egg on the hot plate for breakfast! Thank goodness I always scan my email before I make breakfast… Got to read your post later, too much to do now. Saved to “Hold” folder.

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