Star of Bethlehem

What was the star that the three Kings, Magi or wise men were following going go the birth of Jesus?  Was this actually a star in the heavens?  Just like all the other problems with Christianity, no one knows what star it was.  This is supposedly the most important star in the history of the world and they have lost it.  The star that says,  “This is your God” and they forgot which one it was!  For those of you who have read my work, you already know what the star is, but to my new readers this will come as a surprise.  

The Bible says Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but if you have read His Royal Jesus you know this is wrong.   Bethlehem means House of Wisdom or House of Alchemy.  The scribes used Bethlehem for more puns and pesher.  It is just pointing to the true identity of this family.  Ralph Ellis shows the that Bethlehem was pointing to the Temple of Jerusalem with House of Wisdom and House of Alchemy is pointing to Egypt.  The Star of Bethlehem would mean the Star of Wisdom or the Star of Egypt.  What star is the Star of Wisdom or the Star of Egypt?  This biblical family is from Egypt, so to Egypt we must go for the answers.  

The name Mary means ‘beloved by’, but that is only a diversion to keep people from knowing the true meaning.  Mary comes from Mariam and is Egyptian.  It literally means ‘sea, sea’.  The sea the Egyptians always referred to was the heavens or night sky.  Every royal female in Egypt was known as Queen of Heaven or Queen of Sheba.  In Aramaic a female bishop is Mare, with a long E on the end. The biblical Mary, mother of Jesus, was a bishop in the Nazarene sect.  She also had a temple built in Jerusalem.  The bible says Jesus was from the line of David and he is known for the Star of David.   The Star of David being two interlocking pyramids.  To see King Davids true identity, read Patriarch Pharaohs.  The bloodline runs through the female and that is how Jesus was from the line of King David.  

The Magi were Persians and they were royalty.  What were Persians doing going to the birth of an Egyptian?  Well the biblical family were Persian through the male side.  They were also Jewish and looking for someone to fill the star prophecy, but these three Magi were relatives of Jesus.  Magi were priests that dabbled in alchemy.  Alchemy means ‘the Egyptian Arts’.  They were following the Queen of Sheba or The Star to see the birth a Jewish Prince who was their relative.  He had fulfilled the star prophecy of being born to the star(Mary), of the star bloodline(King David), in the new age of Pisces.  They were following Mary herself.  She is the Star of Bethlehem.  

When you look to the sky and try to find the Star of Bethlehem, realize it is was Mary herself.  She represented all the heavens above.  She was the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Sheba.  The Nazarene sect was very pagan.  They worshipped the stars and venerated the zodiac.  She was from a very powerful line of women from Egypt. She was Cleopatra’s granddaughter.  When you put a star on top of a Christmas tree, you are putting Mary herself on top of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  Before patriarch religions, the female would go all the way to the top of the Great Pyramid and perform certain rights. She was a version of Isis.  This was a ceremony to show she was of the bloodline of Lilith.  The bloodline that came from the stars.   To understand more on this, see Lilith, Tuatha De Danann and Lemurian Magic.  

Happy Egytmas World!  

11 thoughts on “Star of Bethlehem”

  1. What? What? It wasn’t a spaceship? Oh, darn, there goes that theory. Seriously though, which “god” was the father of Jesus then?
    Speaking of famous ancient women, there is one it seems no one is aware of, one who predated Lilith and was involved in what Genesis 1 called the creation of the world. Her name, according to my Teachers, was (and remains) Lucifer. Yes, Lucifer was a female and leader of the Elohim. She was subsequently demonized and blamed for that war in heaven. Well she did lead that war as well, and yes, she lost, thus the inauguration of the patriarchy in this neck of the woods. I don’t imagine there is much information on this older history available on earth today.

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    1. As far as a divine god being Jesus’ father that is all hogwash. All Pharaohs were considered gods on earth. This family being Egyptian and Jesus’ father being a king, he would have been considered a god by his people. It is where this divine right to rule comes from. In reality, as far as I can tell all Mary’s children were fathered by her brother. The Talmud says that Jesus had sexual relations with his own mother, but the Talmud is very derogatory towards the biblical family. I can’t find any other proof that he did. Though it would not surprise me if it was true because that normal for Egyptians, especially the royal bloodline.

      That is very interesting about what you say of Lucifer. I have heard she was feminine and I took it as a female alien like Lilith that rebelled. That is very interesting to me that she predates Lilith. You are right I can’t find much on her. Really only that Lucifer means ‘light bringer’ and that to me means the scribes don’t really understand her either. Did she have a roll on Tiamat? Of course they blame her for the war. Patriarchy blames everything on the female.


      1. Ah, you picked up on the connection with Tiamat. Yes, when she was defeated along with her followers and “cast out to earth” – meaning this solar system, Tiamat became the logical choice for her and her people to establish themselves. She made Tiamat her throne and was developing a power system that would have made this system a protected zone from the “Time Lords” (the rulers of the Universe) or locally the “Jehovians” as we call them, when she was attacked, one of the many undeclared wars we have been subjected to, and her planet (our world then) was literally smashed and destroyed. She and some of “us” escaped to earth and the process of rebuilding began again, and again she was attacked and chased off, thus beginning the rule of the lesser psychopathic ‘Lord GOD’ called Jehovah (YHWH to his henchmen, the Hebrews, now the Zionists). Please don’t take this as latent antisemitism, I have none. The “Jews” are quite different from the sociopathic followers and enforcers of Jehovah. The Nazis were a sub-branch of Zionism which hates the Jews and Palestinians beyond our comprehension, but that dates back to the wars between the followers of Lucifer and the enforcers of Jehovah. In a nutshell, because there is so much peripheral history around these misunderstood or little-known events. If we could know these things; if we could see though the soul programming and constant brainwashing imposed on us, we would be a completely different people, not the violent, vile, mindless, brain-dead sheeple we are proud to be in the here and now. We would be compassionate, accepting, life-giving and nurturing beings with many different attributes and even physical forms. For example, on Tiamat I was one of the mer-people (mermaids on earth) and I can still describe in detail what we looked like. We did not have half-fish bodies! What idiocy that, thanks to Christianity and Disney. We were humans and mammalian, existing much as do whales and dolphins. Also, we propelled ourselves through a vertical movement of elongated, locked together but separable legs and elongated, semi-palmated feet, not laterally as fish do. We were able to walk for short distances on land by unlocking our legs, but we were very ungainly out of water.

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      2. Nice. Yes, I knew the Tiamat people were an aquatic race. I have what I believe to be the what is left of the gene, people call it twin toes. Science calls it an abnormality that is genetic. One of my good friends had twin fingers or webbed fingers, but his parents had it surgically fixed.
        I would never think of it as antisemitism. I know of the prehistory wars, so I understand that nothing today is what it used to be like. There is not one religion today that is in its original form, but the hate seems to go way back.
        If people knew of these wars things would definitely change. I know it made me understand much more. You introducing me to Lucifer helps me understand the hatred towards the feminine even more. Thank you.

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