Are Your Thoughts Your Own?


I have had several questions about our thoughts.  If I say our brains are only receivers, where do are thoughts come from?  We all have thoughts.  Good thoughts and bad thoughts.  For the majority of us, our thoughts are very negative, fearful and anxious.  We all have thoughts that keep us from falling asleep or they wake us up in the middle of the night.  We as a human race worry.  Is this just part of being human?  Thought is an energy.  You are energy.  When it comes to energy likes attract.  Whatever your energy is, you will attract those thoughts.  You can monitor this by realizing the thoughts you are having is showing the energy you have at that moment or period of time.  

There is a collective human mind. Some call it the collective unconscious.  I call it the collective human mind.  Many of your thoughts are not your own thoughts.  They are thoughts from the collective human mind.  There are thought forms floating around.  When you start vibrating on a lower level these thought forms that are on a lower level will be attracted by you and enter your mind.  The same is true for vibrating on a higher level.  Higher thoughts will resonate with you and enter your mind.  For example, if someone irritated you and you have a feeling of anger,  thoughts that resonate with that lower energy will enter your mind from the collective human mind.  

This is why you need to become aware of your feelings and thoughts.  Let your feelings come and go like weather, but be aware of the thoughts your feelings are making you think.  If you are feeling fear, anger or anxiety, your thoughts are probably all over the place.  I show in Magic how to accept and reject thoughts.  This heightens your awareness of the thoughts going through your mind.  As you raise your awareness it not only benefits you, it benefits the collective mind.  Raising your awareness raises the awareness of the collective human mind.  Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves.  It’s one of the reasons I write this blog, to bring awareness.  The more people who become aware, the more there is awareness to the collective human mind. 

Any thought that takes over your mind is not your personal thoughts.  Any emotions generated by that thinking is generated by the collective human mind.  These thoughts are not yours, you pick them up.  The thoughts take over your mind and lead you on several made up stories.  It literally takes possession of your mind.  Most people, without knowing, identify with the lower thoughts.  Lord of the Rings shows this with Gollum.  They don’t know it, but if you tell them they get angry because the ego mind knows  and wants to be in charge.  They feel threatened because they are possessed by the mind in lower energy. Unless one is awake and aware, they have virtually the same thoughts everyday.  If something happens that is in that same lower energy they all jump on it.  This is why when bad things happen to famous people, everyone is quick to put their opinion in.  The first moments of freedom is when you realize you have virtually the same thoughts all the time.  

The collective human mind is very strong in groups and those who identify themselves with a nationality, religion, club or company.  The rulers in charge of this world know exactly how this works.  It is why  everything on the news is fearful or negative.  They must keep you in the lower forms of thought.  Countries, corporations and religions keep people thinking the same way.  Keeping you in lower thoughts keeps you in a lower vibration.  The more the lower vibration thoughts come in, the more you start to believe them.  The longer you have these thoughts the harder they are to break.  Many people are stuck with a hostile mind.  They attack themselves and others.  We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.  Your ego is thoughts you have identified with and you see the world through your ego.  You must realize you are not the thought, you  are the awareness.  

The main thought I struggle with is that all muggles are ignorant and stupid.  When they tell me I’m going to hell and ridicule me for what I have found and brought out into the open, it reinforces those thoughts.  Then I start perceiving the world that way.  I just become extremely aware of the ignorance and it makes me think I’m correct.  Once I become aware that my thoughts are attracting more of the ignorance, I free myself of the thoughts.  That is freeing yourself of the ego.  Freeing yourself from your thoughts,  is freeing yourself from the ego.  Do not believe the lies your mind produces.  

The collective human mind is just a thread of the universal consciousness. Everything has a consciousness and all of it put together makes up the universal consciousness.  We as humans are physical representation of the collective human mind. So our brain taps into the collective human mind the easiest.   Our history is full of wars and fighting.  Our minds began with fighting.  We are infants as a race and our mind are infants too.  We are addicted to lower energy thoughts because it has been in the collective human mind from the beginning.  For those that don’t understand what I’m referring too, read Lemurian Magic.  Fear, lying, jealousy, and anxiety have been around from the beginning.  The collective human mind only has in it what the human consciousness has consciously been.  For the most part our consciousness as humans has been low energetically.  That does not mean you can’t raise your consciousness.  Higher levels of thoughts are there too.  You just have to match your vibration with the energy.  

Becoming aware or waking up makes you vibrate on a higher level. You are energy and your Vibration starts to raise as you wake up.  This in turns raises the collective human consciousness.  As you vibrate higher you tap into the universal consciousness as a whole. Others will feel your energy and want to be in you energetic field.  Especially ones with raising vibrations.  Whatever it is you want to do, you need to surround yourself with others that want to do the same thing or have already done it.  Any profession, hobby, art or sport you want to be successful in, find a circle of those people and you will either start to vibrate on their level or you will be repelled.  Like attracts like.  

Have you ever seen in a game where one athlete starts performing really well and it seems to be contagious to the rest of the team.  That player pulled his or her team up energetically to their level and the rest of the team responded with excellent play.  Energy is contagious. This works with actors, musicians, dancers, anything where a group of people are involved in.  It also goes the other way.  When performers, athletes or actors start to slump it can be contagious.  This is how the collective human mind works.  By pulling yourself up you pull others up with you.  By staying low you help others to stay low too.  Become aware of how situations are making you feel and how it is effecting your mind and thoughts.  Then become aware of how your thoughts are effecting your world.  That is your first steps to true freedom. Then you will realize you are not your thoughts, you are the awareness of your thoughts.  Your vibration will start to climb and you will find new thoughts.  

“Everything is energy . Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein


8 thoughts on “Are Your Thoughts Your Own?”

  1. There is much information in that post. On general principles, I agree with all of it. However, the “how” of changing, on how to recognize the collective thought process and become aware of that point where one is drawn away from one’s own thoughts into the collective thought seems to be missing.

    I’ve been practicing this awareness for many decades now and I can immediately recognize when the collective thought is attempting to override mine. I broke the programming and for what it’s worth, here’s how in simplest forms. I made a decision to become a different person and I realized the basis of that was to change my thinking pattern. To achieve this I had to create a new thinking ‘me’ on the mind level. I needed to become self empowered so I would no longer need the emotional collective thought BS to feed on. But self empowerment had to be based on something real and powerful. I chose to make compassion my life’s purpose so that everything I thought, said, or did from then on would be from a truly compassionate mindset. At first I allowed myself quite a bit of leeway as I learned the intricacies of living compassionately. Over time I tightened and shortened that allowance. I’m certainly not where I would like to be but I am now an avatar of compassion and my stated goal is to become compassion… whenever I reach such an exalted state and if never, so be it, I’ll just keep climbing.

    Would I look back with any regret today? No, there is nothing of what I was or had before that has the least attraction for this being I am becoming. I know this much: my thoughts, of necessity, are all my own. There is no room in my mind for the shenanigans and blatant idiocies of Matrix-induced “thinking” which isn’t thinking but just regurgitating of energies that belong to the dark side of the Force.

    Thanks for another great post showing that yes, it is possible, for anyone to become self empowered enough to gain the freedom to have one’s own thoughts on any and every subject. There can be no greater way for anyone concerned enough and intelligent enough to prepare for her/his next life.

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    1. Thanks Sha’Tara. Just as you state, your thoughts are your own because you have done the work and have become an individual. You are not thrown into different vibrations to let the negative collective mind thoughts into your mind. That is perfect.
      My questions were coming from ones who have done the work yet still when things happen their mind goes into a spin of worry. I can relate to that because I occasionally get that too. But I understand where these thoughts are coming from, so I can pull myself back easier than most.
      Everyone has personal tragedies or tragedies to close ones that pulls their vibration down and their mind starts getting thoughts from the collective mind. I wanted to explain why this was happening and that they need to do what they can to pull their vibrational energy back up to make it stop.
      For people who have not done the work, which is 99.99999% of the populations, this post like all my post will be gibberish. For the seeking mind they need to read Magic first and work their way up.
      Ive been trying to start to turn my work for the people who will understand. Like Nietzsche said, “If nothing is caught it is not I who was at fault, there are no fish”.
      Thanks for the great comment as always!

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