Going into the Age of Aquarius


There is always a time when the old becomes outdated or just doesn’t work anymore.  That which was either forced upon people or propagated on the people is being outgrown.  A new horizon opens up.  Most people will be fearful of the changes coming.  They will fight to keep the old.  They don’t want to let it go.  I’m not talking about something like styles that change over time or political changes.   I’m talking about a true awakening change that will change the world forever.  The magnitude so strong that it will change the very core of the human race.  This change began within the last century and is getting stronger every passing day.  Whether a ruler, political figure or anyone else does not agree, they can not stop it.  It is written in the stars.  Literally.  

Those that understand occult astrology understand it is what is going on with the great mind or the universal mind.  Your own personal mind along with all the other subconscious minds.  At someone’s birth the heavens were charted because they understood it was their mind.  A person who was really good at astrology could tell what the newborn’s life would be like because of this.  Modern western astrology today is pure nonsense and we can thank Alexander the Great for making it that way.  Science will tell you that the ancients created the zodiac and constellations by taking random stars and making characters with them.  That way they could keep track of all the stars. How can scientists claim to be so smart and blurt out nonsense like this?  The ancients knew exactly what they were doing.  They gave the universal mind archetypal characters  because it was our mind.  Mapping the sky is mapping our minds.  Out of either ignorance or deceit we have lost the meaning.  

What is the change that is coming?  The change is called Precession of the Equinoxes.  We are nearing the end of Pisces and will enter the age of Aquarius shortly.  The biggest change that is coming is the change from a masculine sign to a feminine.  I know most of you think Pisces is feminine and Aquarius is masculine but you have it backwards.  Aries and Pisces are both masculine signs.  It is why the patriarch religions were created.  The ancients have put the masculine and feminine signs together two by two.  But when we are in a sign that is masculine  like Pisces, the opposite sign is feminine like Virgo.  We are going into feminine Aquarius and its opposite is masculine Leo.  This is why you see lions in water fountains or a lion on the wall with water coming out of its mouth.  The age after Aquarius will be another feminine sign Capricorn with the opposite being masculine Cancer.  The zodiac is set up just like our mind with masculine and feminine.  

The sign that is in the rising sun on the equinox will dominate what happens to this world, but the sign in the eastern sky after the sun goes down is just as important too.    For example on the spring equinox Pisces is the sign in the sky when the sun is rising, but Virgo has been high in the sky after the sun goes down.  The people “in the know” will take sides by saying they are with the rising sun or the setting sun.  Oddly enough, an argument about this is found in the Bible.  Priests not of the Nazarene sect didn’t know much about the biblical Jesus.  So they wanted to know where he stood when it came to the signs of the zodiac in the heavens.  

“The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired with that he would show them a sign from heaven.  He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: for the sky is red.  And in the morning, It will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowering.  O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”  Math 16:1-3

So they are asking which sign he venerated Pieces or Virgo, masculine or feminine.  The very next line he answered: 

“A wicked and adulterous generation seeks for a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.”  

Jonas means dove and the dove is an occult symbol for the sun, but Jonas was the one who was swallowed by the whale.  In the original version Ra was swallowed by Nut, the night sky goddess.  Ra being swallowed by her and Jonas being swallowed by the whale was the setting sun.  If you have read His Royal Jesus, you know the biblical Jesus’ family was a matriarch.  He was telling them Virgo.  This was the main reason Rome had to keep him off the throne.  Couldn’t have a matriarchal king ruling during a patriarchal era.  These books will sing to you when you understand what has been hidden.  

The changes will speed up as we get closer and closer to Aquarius.  I see the signs everywhere.  The Patriarchs are screaming that women are over doing it.  This is a 4,000 year old bed that they created.  Time for you to lay in the messy bed you created while others clean it up!  They even have an expert, I will not name any names, saying that as women get power birth rates will go down.  Good!  Humans are a virus on this planet anyway.  Especially religious ones.  I will explain shortly why this is a big fear to them.  No matter how much they kick and scream, the changes will come and the more they resists the uglier it will get.  This is a very ancient pact.  As ancient as the zodiac itself.  The zodiac is in tune with the energies of the universe herself.  

With Aquarius approaching so are the feminine energies.  The Pendulum is starting to swing back the other way.  We have swung the Pendulum so far into masculine side that I don’t know if we can stop it from swinging that far into the feminine side.  Rhythm composites and per the ancient teachings the Pendulum will swing just as far in the opposite direction.  This world has no idea what a matriarch is.  Because I have studied ancient civilizations who were a matriarch I can give you and idea of what is coming.  Although everyone reading this will be dead when the Aquarius  age is entered, you will have an idea about what is coming and why things are happening the way they are right now.  One thing is for sure, they will start the calendar over at zero when we enter the Age of Aquarius.  

First and foremost women will be equal and to some extent more important. Females will no longer be seen as property or a toy.  Women will know the power they have and they  will use it.  Because women will know their power it will  be up to the male to prove he is worthy to her. Just like in nature, she will decide if he is good enough to pass on his genetics with hers.  This is what has the patriarchy in an up roar about birth rate. The male may not be good enough for females to pass on his genetics. Monogamy will be totally up to her. Males will ask for permission to marry a girl from the mother.  Property and land will go through the female side. Most land will not be owned it will be common property. Women will be the gardeners or farmers.  Children will belong to the mother’s side of family.  People will be brought up to be strong, independent and responsible.  Family will be top priority.  

Aggression energy in males will be directed towards protection.  Elder women will decide whether one goes to war or not. They will be the strategist of the war.   There will still be sports and competitions, but win at all cost will not happen.   The needless hunting and slaughtering of animals will stop.  People will only eat what they need.  Money may still be around, but it will not have the worth that it has in a patriarchy. It will not be used for control.  Bartering of goods and services will more or less over take the monetary system.   Everyone within a society will pull their weight.  Laziness will not be tolerated.  Animals, nature and earth will be respected.  Zoos will be no more. Deceit and ignorance will be looked down on.  Women will be the keepers of history. Women will also be in charge of spirituality, so religion as we know it will be obsolete.  Glass ceilings will be gone and maybe all corporations will be gone. Society will be balanced because strong female roles create balance.  Strengths will be recognized and diversity will be the norm.  

As we get closer to Aquarius these changes and many more will be implemented.  No matter how much  men  kick and scream because of bruised egos, it will happen.  The signs are already there.  The Hollywood fiasco was not an accident.  It is part of the changing of the guard.  Upper Egypt was a matriarch and that is who will be in charge of the western world.  Other countries will be allowed to return to their roots. Truths will be revealed and lies like religion will be exposed.  I am looking forward to changes and love every minute of seeing men squirm and scream about how unfair the world is becoming to them.  Get used to it.  This is just the beginning.  I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show.  

We will come of age going into the Age of Aquarius.

24 thoughts on “Going into the Age of Aquarius”

  1. This is now, my favorite post of yours. I went to the dentist today and while I was waiting I read/skimmed an article the New Yorker. I said that said sperm counts are so low that if we don’t do something we could actually become extinct in the future. I did a small happy dance. Some of the reasons they gave were so insanely silly that I was chuckling. Anyway, I think there are signs. I wonder if a lot of us will reincarnate just to see what it’s like to live in that time? Speaking of Virgo, my aunt, uncle, father, daughter, dog and I are/were all born under Virgo. I’ve been reading a lot of cards for people lately, by the way. People are confused and want answers.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like it so much. 😊 There definitely are signs everywhere. I’m sure they did give some silly reasons.
      That is great you are helping people with card readings. I hope they realize how great of a reader you actually are and take your answers to heart.


    2. As far as reincarnation I can’t speak for others, but I’m done with this place. Lol. Hopefully I have a choice not to come back. Maybe something will change my mind but I’ve had enough of this underworld.
      That is so cool you all were born under the Virgo sign. A Virgo soul group. 😉

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      1. I really do feel the same way. This is hell. I don’t doubt that for a moment. It’s death and violence, when you get down to it. I don’t want to come back either. I’ve said that a million times but, as my daughter keeps saying, “What if we come her because we bored?” Argggggg! I don’t care. Don’t want to come back…at least with the information I currently have, which really isn’t any information at all, right?

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      2. Right. Maybe something will change our minds. I always tell my daughter everything happens for a reason. What that is? I don’t know yet. We will figure it out though. I can feel it. 😉


      3. An interesting side aspect of the topic. I am coming back. I’ve invested too much, lost too much, shed too many tears and suffered too much to just give up. I have an agenda for returning that includes a much heightened sense of awareness, of understanding of the programming that causes Earthians to do the things then do, and an idea that can break through the programming. It won’t be a cake-walk, that’s for sure, but that’s my choice. There will be those who will work from other places, other energy centers who will be supplying us with information and some comfort. You may find yourselves simply drawn back to this place, if not physically, then as support individuals and groups. Think war, because this world is at war; a spiritual and psychic war that has been waged for billions of years and which we must win. If we win earth, we win the universe. I am not letting it go. Thank for giving me a chance to make this statement. If I sound crazy, I don’t mind. In the loony bin the sane individual is the crazy one.

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      4. You do not sound crazy. You are a special individual who can remember previous lives. A wonderful gift, but I’m sure at times it may seem like a curse. With this gift you can make that decision and it sounds very noble to me. Maybe some day I will get information like you or will get it when I leave and it may change my mind. Either way I will do my best to do what I can before I leave.
        You are welcome and can make a statement on here anytime.


    3. Quote: ” People are confused and want answers.” They certainly are. Unfortunately for most of them they’re still looking for those answers in all the wrong (tried and failed) places. If they could be brought to read this blog they could save a lot of time, probably themselves and we could save the planet. I like the idea of a dropping sperm count. Let nature have her sweet revenge…

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