Remember Who You Are


This post will be for the misfits.  The ones who don’t fit in.  At one point or another we all had that feeling.  Most people just let their soul die and do whatever it takes to fit in. We become a robot. This usually happens to us at a very young age.  We were not taught any different. It is the way we were brought up. Everyone loves to blurt out “Be Yourself!”  But as soon as someone does something out of the norm they get ridiculed, bullied and pushed away.  The ones that don’t conform are awake and go on wondering “Why am I here?” Sooner or later the ones that did conform get a wake up call and they either hit the snooze button and go back to being robots or they wake up.  The awake individuals are few and far between and this world is a very cruel place for someone to walk alone.  

This is not a post to tell you things will get better.  That is the fakest BS I have ever heard.  This post is to help you understand who you are and why you might be here.  Only you can answer those 2 questions, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret.  This secret has been taught to the Pharaohs and royalty of the world all the way back.  The secret is that you are eternal.  It’s not this world you don’t like, it’s the culture and society that makes you not feel welcome.  But why would we come to a place where we don’t feel welcome?  To answer that, you have to accept that you are a Goddess or a God. Time to come out of hiding and drop the disguise.  I assume that if you are reading my blog you are Awake or on the path to waking up.  Maybe you are just searching, but at least you are sincere about trying to wake up.  

Let’s go back to you as a young soul.  You have unlimited power and you want to learn as much as you can. The only way for you to learn is to incarnate yourself into life forms.  You put yourself in different worlds at different times with different atmospheres and total different surroundings.  Some you go back to more than once.  Why not?  Time means nothing.  You can go to anyplace anytime anywhere.  At first you go to worlds where maybe you can fly, have super strength, have never-ending beauty, have an endless amount of money, be a sports star, be a ruler of an entire planet, be a genius who saves a planet, etc. etc. etc.  Whatever, it does not matter.  You get to go where you want and be anything you can dream.  You just have to play within the rules of the world you decide to go as far as physics.  When you incarnate you have to play by the natural rules of that world.  You do this over and over and over and over with a group of souls that accompany you.  You do things where you switch the role playing with the other souls. That way you can see how it feels to play different roles.  For instance one time you may be the parent and another you may be the child.  Again it does not matter, your group just wants to learn.  You do this over and over and over again.  

Each time you die in the carnation you go back and wait for the others, if they did not die first.  While you are waiting you might go on a super short side mission as an animal, insect or whatever.  Something with a shorter lifespan. I don’t know exactly how it goes. I’m just putting the pieces together of what the ancient texts are trying to say.  I’m using one of the tools we are allowed in this incarnation that most humans have forgotten.  It is called imagination.  After doing whatever you want over and over and over again, wouldn’t you start to get bored?  Would you want a challenge? Of course you would.  So now you would start to challenge yourself by taking on more challenging lives.  You start to figure out that the more you challenge yourself and the others in your soul group, the more you learn.  Each time you come back you from a challenging incarnation you tell each other, “Wow that was fun!”  

You start going to incarnations where you lose your powers little by little.  Until that gets boring.  Then you and the group decide to lose all your powers and forget everything you have learned while you are in that incarnation.  The ultimate learning experience.  Forget everything you know and start over with no powers.  You make bets with each other on who will learn the most from the experience.  Because you will not remember anything you will be so engulfed in the illusion that you will play it for all its worth.  It does not matter if you get lost in the illusion,  at the end of the game you will still have learned something.  Maybe when it’s over you will be like, “Oh man I have to do that again.  What a challenge!  What a rush!”  Or maybe you will be like, “The hell with that! I am not doing that again!”  

Sooner or later you will be right where you are at now. The spot you are at in this moment of time in this life.  Having lost all recollection that you are a Goddess or God playing a game to learn.  Lost in the illusion of this world.  Most of us are so lost we go around thinking we are a victim.  We enjoy going around being ‘poor little ol me’.  The Ancient Greeks called this place the Underworld or Hades.  They believed you are here to fight you way out or if you don’t figure it out you just fit in with the rest.  You only have to be partially awake to understand the human mind is a battlefield.  But you didn’t come to this world empty handed.  You have  your will, imagination, creativity, desire and passion.  The biggest tool that you have is your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is in Mount Olympus while you are down in Hades, the kingdom of the dead.  Those familiar with my work understand why this place is known as the kingdom of the dead.  In short, the ancients believed that when the soul incarnated here it died because it is no longer free.   When the chance came to wake up, you were either resurrected or you died a second death.   

This world does everything it can to keep you from knowing your Higher Self.  They give it titles like God, the Almighty, the Great Spirit, the Force, and even Nature.  Anything to keep it outside of yourself.  We only see ourself as the things we voluntarily do, like our work, hobbies or anything else we do in this world.  We don’t see ourselves as the things we involuntarily do.  We don’t understand that we beat our own heart, we breath, we see, we hear, we digest…all the things you never think about doing, you are doing it.   No one else does it for you.  We have forgotten that we do it because it is your divine self that does it.  When you start to understand this, I mean you really understand it, no one imposes on you.  You are not a victim.  Everything that happen to you good or bad, comedy or tragedy, you are responsible for.  Your life is your life.    

Once you realize this, not only does not fitting in make sense, but you start to feel alive.  You don’t need the land of the dead.  You will meet other people who are alive and when you meet someone else who is alive, you feel even more alive.  You realize no one else and nothing else is running your life.  You dance to the beat of your own drum.  The regret and guilt start to go away.  You know you are here to learn, not feel sorry for yourself.  If make a mistake, you make corrective action and move on.  You make your own fate.  You are improvising your life and so is everyone else.  Problem is that most are letting others control their life because they don’t know what you know.  Do what makes you feel alive!  That is why you don’t fit in, but that is what makes you special.  You are a Goddess or God here to learn and intuitively you know it.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

“Man comes into being many times, yet knows nothing of his past lives:  except occasionally some day dream or a thought carries him back to some circumstances of a previous incarnation.  He cannot, however, determine in his mind when or where the circumstances occurred , only that it is something familiar.  In the end, however, all of his past lives will reveal themselves.”  

Egyptian Papyrus Anana  

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