Things Witches and Wizards Don’t Do


I have written a few post of what Witches and Wizards do, but I have not written a post on what they don’t do.  There are certain things Witches and Wizards won’t do simply because it does not benefit them to do it.  Not doing something can more powerful than actually doing something.  Just like silence can be more powerful than speaking in certain situations.  Here are a few things Witches and Wizards don’t do.  If you can think of anymore leave them in the comments below.  I would love to hear them.

1. They don’t rely on others heavily.  They have friends they trust and can ask for help, but that is where they draw the line.  Heavily relying on others will make you powerless when things don’t go as planned.  Witches and Wizards have brilliant minds and will put them to good use.  They will overcome their insecurities and fear to tackle the problem.   If a Witch or Wizard asks you for help, understand they truly need it because they have exhausted all their personal resources.

2. Witches and Wizards don’t act irresponsibly.  This does not mean they don’t have fun.  It means they have an organized life style.  Having organization leads to greater efficiency in whatever one does.  They know that  putting things off will just bring stress later.  Everyone experiences how irresponsibility backfires, but Witches and Wizards have learned their lessons from it.  

3. Witches and Wizards don’t feel defeated when they have to reevaluate their beliefs.  They understand that our parents, our education, our world and our past is responsible for giving us our perception of the world and most of that garbage is wrong.  They are constantly seeking wisdom and looking for answers to difficult questions.  Once they find the truth they easily change their perception and behavior.  They understand that once they find the truth it will bloom other magnificent qualities.  They constantly broaden their mindset.   

4. They don’t dwell on their failures and errors.  Witches and Wizards understand that one does not know what they can do unless they try.  Failures can feel unpleasant and  it happens to everyone,  but not everyone gets up and moves on.  The Witch or Wizard have learned their lesson and applied their new knowledge to future plans.  They understand that failure is one of the greatest teachers.  

5. Witches and Wizards do not dwell on the past.  The past can not be erased.  They know that whether something good or bad happened in the past, it is in the past and they will not allow it to interfere with their future.  They take what is useful from past experiences and use it.  They leave what is not useful to them in the past and move on.  Most will use their past to justify their behavior and mistakes, but Witches and Wizards will acknowledge their flaws and do something about them.  

6. They don’t gossip about other people.  Witches and Wizards will not get involved with rumors and gossip because they understand how Magic works.  They understand how hurtful it is to other people because they have been there.  They also see it as a waste of their time because Witches and Wizards love deep and meaningful conversations. They have no time for petty bickering and will leave the area immediately when gossip starts.  

7. Witches and Wizards don’t rely on good luck to solve their problems.  They make their own luck and muggles will see them as lucky.  They understand what true Magic is and the hard work that comes with it.  There is no sitting around and hoping things will work out or hoping things will just appear out of thing air, that is just laziness.  That brings us to the next one.. 

8. Witches and Wizards don’t live the illusion that life is easy.   They understand they will fail, but they will get up and keep going.  They work on their confidence and know things will not get easier.  They are not lazy and love challenges.  They love the feeling they get when they overcome challenges.  Nothing in life is easy and is why it feels so damn good when you accomplish something!  

9. They don’t make excuses or blame others.  Witches and Wizards understand mistakes happen.  They will learn from them and change.  Mistakes can teach you so much about your life if you will only let them.  Learning from our mistakes means realizing what went wrong, finding whats worth salvaging from the experience and finding a way to not let it happen again.  Witches and Wizards will take responsibly for their mistakes and make the changes in their life.  

10. They don’t give up just because other people don’t agree with them.  Witches and Wizards know when they should push the envelope and stand firm.  They know most people will not understand their ideas or work.  They know only other Witches and Wizards will understand their ideas and will accept feedback from them, but muggles react to them out of fear and ignorance.  Muggles are intimidated by Witches and Wizards and only want to hinder their development, so Witches and Wizards will stand up for their ideas and work and the work of other Witches and Wizards.  

11. This one may surprise most.  Witches and Wizards will not make grandiose predictions.  They lead by example.  If Witches or Wizards get a gut feeling or intuition, they know it is their own Higher Self communicating with them and they will act on it accordingly.  If you know a Witch or Wizard, you might want to observe what they are doing and not what they are saying in certain situations.  They will not talk big without the means to back it up. True Witches and Wizards will not overestimate their abilities.   

12. They will not back off from a good cause they deem worth fighting for.  Revolutions in the mind of the human race were achieved because of Witches and Wizards.  They understand that muggles, especially old ones, tend to scold things they don’t understand and are to self-absorbed to give them a chance.  Just look at the art forms.  Most of the books, paintings, music and films we have today would not be around if it weren’t for a revolution in the minds of the masses.  

13. Witches and Wizards don’t use their smartphones for mindless garbage.  They know that almost anything you want to know or learn to do can be found on the internet.  While muggles use their smartphones for mindless garbage and utter nonsense, Witches and Wizards are probably learning something new and useful.  This is not to say that they don’t enjoy a game or two on their phone.  Witches and Wizards like to relax and have fun too.  They just don’t have their face in the phone all day long.  

14. They will not argue or debate ignorance.  Witches and Wizards can tell instantly if someone is well-informed or just parroting what they have heard.  They understand that when one is arguing from belief anything you tell them will not make sense in their mind.  Witches and Wizards will politely say something like “maybe so, but doubtful” or “that is nonsense” and walk away.  Depending on how polite they are, they may just agree with the muggle to get away from the muggle. 

15. Witches and Wizards don’t take unnecessary risks.  It is why most will not play the lottery or stock market.  They work hard for everything they have achieved and will not let it just disappear.  Everyone face risks, but a Witch and Wizard take smart and calculated risks.  They will not be tantalized by things that will change one’s life overnight.  

16. Witches and Wizards will not get involved in patriarch religions.  They understand there is a masculine and feminine in everything in nature and it is just ridiculous to think one is more important than the other.  Religions were meant for control and Witches and Wizards enjoy their freedom, so they do not want to control anyone or anything.  


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