Witches and Wizards Make Great Friends



Witches and Wizards understand the journey of this life will be full of mistakes and failures, but they don’t let that stop them.  They learn from their mistakes and failures.  Most don’t want to deal with the bad, they only want the good.  We live in a world of duality, you can’t have one without the other. If you can’t take someone at their worst you don’t deserve them at their best.  Witches and Wizards know this and is a big reason to have them as a friend.  They know exactly what you have gone through because they have been there themselves. If you have gone through the underworld and find yourself vibrating at a whole new level, but are wondering if a Witch or Wizard would make a good friend, then this post is for you.  Let’s face it, Witches and Wizard have been given a bad reputation in this world.  They have been drug through the hot coals.  Literally.  Get out of your comfort zone and you will find out how good of a friend they can be.  



  1. They love deep conversations.  They don’t speak just to be heard.  They hate small talk and gossip.  Chit chat is oppressive to them.  They want to talk about deep topics. When you have a conversation with a Witch or Wizard,  you will become fascinated and feel the magic.  
  2. They are good listeners.  They can calm a troubled mind since they have experience calming their own mind.  They know how hard it is to express their emotions verbally, so when a loved one expresses feelings to them they will listen well.  They may even give you incredible advice to follow.  
  3. Mysterious.  Witches and Wizards are not attention seekers and are very friendly once you get to know them.   They like to stay away from social drama.  If they go to a social outing, they will not stay in one place very long simply because the conversations are very boring to them.  In social settings their true friends get their attention.  
  4. They have big dreams and they achieve them.  Once a Witch or Wizard get passionate about something, they don’t care what others think.  They achieve what they set out to do.  Because they have been through failure and success they know what works.  They know how to get the job done and can assist friends who want to reach their dreams too.  
  5. They are very smart.  Witches and Wizards don’t speak often, but when they do every word was chosen carefully.  They love learning and discovering new things.  Knowledge is a top priority.  Their minds are constantly looking for more knowledge to ponder over in the silence of their day.  
  6. They are highly creative.  Witches and Wizards are excellent at their choice of arts.  Whether its painting, writing, poetry, music, etc. they will excel at it.   They usually are gifted at more than one form of the arts.  They love solitude because in solitude they get in touch with their inner world. Which lets them be more creative.  
  7. Great sense of humor.  Witches and Wizards are very witty.  They will use wit to people who test their patience without showing any signs of anger.  They see humor in everything.  They have learned that once you learn to laugh at your self, you will never ceased to be amused.  Who doesn’t like a funny friend?   
  8. They see things that others can’t.  Witches and Wizards have a sharp eye. They constantly see things in their environment and will use it in creative expression.  They will analyze things instead of focusing on biases.  
  9. They take responsibility for themselves.  Witches and Wizards will use their intellect to provide answers instead of an excuse.  If they screwed up they will admit it and accept the consequences.  They will not get into a blame game with a friend.  
  10. They know who they are. Witches and Wizards spend a lot of time in their own heads. So they know themselves pretty well.  They have very powerful inner monologues evaluating everything they do. They know their strengths and weaknesses.  They know what they like and what they don’t like and what they want in life. They are attentive, wholehearted and determined.  
  11. They are themselves.  Witches and Wizards are not fake.  They will never crave attention from others.  What you see is what you get.  
  12. They are empathetic.  Witches and Wizards are sensitive to others feelings.  Especially to pain of themselves and others.  They can help you cope with your worries.  They easily read people, so they can help you resolve what is bothering you.  Witches and Wizards have been through a lot of pain and suffering, so they are quite experienced at helping alleviate emotions others are going through.  
  13. They always make wise decisions.  Witches and Wizards are careful, attentive and humble.  Because they see things they get more information than others, so their decisions are usually right.  They take their time making decisions because they are busy taking in information to make a good choice.  Once a choice is made, they will stand by it.  
  14. They love animals.  Witches and Wizards love the affection animals give them, so they return the favor.  They enjoy the company of animals over humans.  
  15. They cherish friendships.  Witches and Wizards are very peculiar about who they let in their life.  They don’t betray friends or talk about them behind their back.  Once someone is let into the inner circle of a Witch or Wizard, they are considered a valuable friend.  This makes them some of the best friends to ever have.  

11 thoughts on “Witches and Wizards Make Great Friends”

  1. Hi I am Arlene and I am a Witch. Welcome Arlene 😀
    Another thing that I tell people who are fascinated with my age is that “we witches do not age. Our bodies get to a certain time in space and just chills right there 😉 ”
    Thanks as always G you make being who we are so much easier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome. That is exactly what I’m trying to do. Make it easier for the misfits like you and I. The patriarch religions have set the world back thousands of years, if not tens of thousands of years, with all the lies. It is time for the change to begin. Time for all the Witches and Wizard to understand they are not alone. Come out and play. It will make this world a better place.
      Thanks Arlene! 😃

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