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What is your default mode? What are your core beliefs?  What defines you?  The default mode for most people was set when they were young kids.  Our experiences with parents and teachers is usually what sets our default mode.  They are our core beliefs and assumptions we have put into our subconscious our entire life.  This post is going to go deep and will get you took look deep into your underworld.  Most will find out that they are living the same life as their parents because their default mode was set when they were very young by them.  Your default mode is in your subconscious and that is what runs your life.  Magic is about changing the default mode to a mode that suits you as an individual.  

What is it that makes you feel good or what are you addicted to?  Most people’s default mode is anxiety and unhappiness.  If you need to do something to be happy, your default mode is being unhappy.  Being unhappy makes you happy.  The more you do stuff to make yourself happy or perfect, the more you reinforce that your default mode is unhappy or not perfect.  As long as you seek something outside of yourself for happiness, your default mode is unhappiness.  

All of your religious and political beliefs are in your default mode.   The ancients called our default mode Karma.  Anything you perceived to be true will run your world.  It is why this world offers so many different religions and political stances.  Once you believe it, your world will be ruled by it.  You will look for other people and information to validate what you believe.  The more you do this, the more it reinforces your false belief.  When one has had a lifetime of having this belief reinforced, it is very hard to change that belief.  Religion and politics mean money, so getting rid of them will not be easy.  To many people are invested in them.  Everything will be done to keep you believing in them. 

We are all born perfect and somewhere along the way we were told we are not perfect.  Even religion tells everyone they are a guilty, filthy soul born in sin.   We need to get back to believing we are perfect.  Somewhere along the line we thought we weren’t good enough.  Then we started doing everything to be good enough.  If I only had….I would be perfect.  Then you get whatever it is you want and it doesn’t make you feel the way you think and you lose it or you think something else will make you perfect and you drop what you just got to start chasing after something else.   Get away from self-help.  All it does is reinforce that you need help because you are not perfect.  They keep taking your money and laughing all the way to the bank because they know that they are just band-aiding the problem for you.  

Most people’s default mode is hurting them.  Whatever your default mode is, you will fulfill it.  Lets say you grew up with a lot of drama in your family.  Your default mode is drama.  You subconsciously think drama is love.  So you create drama in your life because you subconsciously want it.  It is your autopilot.  When I hear people complaining about their kids, I immediately think, “The apple does not fall far from the tree”.  You keep telling yourself you want a relationship or friends without drama, but you keep getting relationships and friends with drama.  

You have core beliefs and assumptions that you do not even know is there. It is because they have always been there.  You have invested your entire life on them, so you do not want to even question them.  If one thing turns out to be false, what about all the other crap that is in there? This is why most don’t do shadow work.   It is too scary.  Questioning these core beliefs and assumptions kills your ego.  Your world starts to crumble.  It is not very comfortable when your world comes crumbling down.  I know.  It happened to me.  This is what most refer to as waking up.  But instead of questioning these beliefs most ignore them and look for validation for them.  The beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

Your default mode runs everything.  Even your social status.  If you don’t think you deserve something you will never get it.  You will always self sabotage to your default mode.  If you have had a job for a long time and you were to lose your job today and start over, you would find another job that would make close to what you are making now.  It is all because you have subconsciously set the limits on what you think you are worth.  This is why some people who win the lottery and become filthy rich lose everything eventually.  Their default mode is what they were before they hit the lottery.  They self sabotage to their default mode.  

Laziness is most people’s default mode.  They start workout routines to lose weight, but never stay with it.  Start a diet, but never stay with it.  You might starting eating healthy by going to the grocery and fixing your food at home.  Then after a bit you just go right back to eating out every night because it is too much work to eat healthy.  People will tell me it cost too much to eat healthy.  That is their default mode speaking.  Bananas cost 50 cents a pound.  Lettuce is 99 cents a head.  Apples are 3 dollars for a whole bag.  They are throwing healthy stuff at you in the produce section, so you will eat it before it rots.  Eating healthy is not in most people’s default mode.

You will keep telling yourself, “I will do it later” or you will come up with excuses as to why you can’t do something.  But your default mode keeps you from going below a certain level too.  So the default mode isn’t all bad.  In order to change the default mode you need to take a hard look at your core beliefs.  Personal beliefs, social beliefs or any belief that was told to you that you have not found out about first hand.  Also figure out what keeps happening in your life.  Do you keep getting in arguments?  Do you keep falling in love with someone who abandons you?  Do you keep failing to get your dream job?  Do you just compulsively go shopping all the time?  Do you not do something because you don’t think you are good enough?  Everything is controlled by your default mode.  

Changing your default mode is a personal journey and Magic can help.  You must realize that nothing is wrong with you.  You are perfect.  You have just been programmed to think a certain way, but you can change that programming to suit yourself.  The key to changing your default mode is believing in yourself.  In one of Steve Jobs speeches he said that the world is run by people who are no smarter than yourself, but they want you to think you are not as smart as them.  By believing in yourself and doing things to reinforce your belief in yourself, like doing what you love to do, you will change that default mode.  You just need to own up to the false beliefs in your subconscious.  Acknowledge the shadow part of yourself. Re-own it and let go of your resistance to it.  

Emotions can be your default mode.  If you are an angry person, you will look for things to make you angry.  If you are a sad person, you will look for things that make you feel sad.  Like sad songs.    If you are greedy you will always look for ways to get more.  If you feel guilty all the time, you will think you need to be punished or need to suffer and you will make yourself suffer.  If fear runs your life, you will never do anything you fear doing.  Own up to your emotions, don’t suppress them.  Let them flow like weather.   

Can you be alone with yourself and your thoughts?  Do you have to turn the music up in your car or be around someone, anyone to keep you from listening to your own thoughts?  Do you need more money or more knowledge just to make you happy?  A lot of rich people and smart people are unhappy.  Money gives you more resources to escape yourself.  We all go on vacation to escape and then we get back and we are miserable again.  Let go of all the beliefs that make you feel miserable.  If you have to get something to feel good or feel fulfilled than you will never feel good or fulfilled for long.  You need to release what is at the core of your beliefs.  

If you are happy right where you are in life, then your default mode is right where it needs to be.  But if you feel like you are constantly swimming against the current, it probably needs changed.  Let go of the beliefs that you need to be punished or you need to suffer because you don’t.  Ask yourself why you need to suffer or be punished.  See what comes up. Whatever it is, forgive yourself for it.  Your are human, not super human.   No one knows you like your know yourself.  Once you see your default mode you will see how others are controlled by their default mode.  Your perception of the world will change.  

Once you change the default mode you will probably still do some of the same things you did before, but it will be coming from a different place.  You won’t do things to escape something.  You will do it because you enjoy it.  It will come from a place of abundance and not scarcity.  Think of enlightenment as weight, the more you release the lighter you will be.  

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  1. Your articles have really aided in my spiritual growth. I have been able to let go of a lot of preconditioned notions. I am currently in a state of peace and contentment. Growth can be uncomfortable, but well worth it if I put in the effort. Thank you for your work.

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