Lets take a look at the definition of Religion: a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny, the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a god or gods, a pursuit of a belief or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. I just summarize it by saying it is anything outside of you that you let control your mind.  Those of you who know me know I am not against being spiritual.  Spirituality is figuring out the truth of reality and trying to grasp it.  Trying to find the truth of the universe, nature and ourselves and bringing it all together. 

If you are religious, you might not want to go any further.  This post will offend you.  This includes people with deep beliefs in science and politics.  Science and politics are full of just at much dogmatism as regular religion.  It is like they might have been created by the same people. Atheism is a religion in itself.  Darwin is the Jesus of atheism. They are materialist.  Whether they know it or not, they worship the material world.  Which is perfect for a world that loves money.  Religion and science try to understand nature, life and reality  with thought and logic.  Whatever they say is truth and is the absolute truth.  The ancients thought that nature, life and reality is so vast, intricate and complex that it can not be grasped with thought, language or logic.  Even quantum physics has shown that things behave differently when one observes it.  Consciousness is involved in our reality.  That is what is meant by the inscription of Isis on the Temple of Sais:

“I am all that which has been, and all which is, all the which will be, and no mortal man has yet raised the veil which covers me.”

Just as a small example, imagine you were trying to describe a mango to someone who had never seen or tasted one.  You could use all the words you want to describe it, but nothing will do it justice unless you had a mango to give that person so they can peel and eat it.  We can only use analogies to describe nature and her awesomeness.  That is why gods and goddess were used.  We as humans have filters and as long as we have filters we will never experience the pureness of the universe or reality.  Nature will never take her dress off for us to see her beauty.  She will never reveal herself to a patriarchy.  Making the women cover up from head to toe is just showing you what they are doing.  They are covering the sacred feminine up, so you can’t see or feel her.  Then they give you this BS about the lusts of man.  Patriarchy is all about owning the feminine, both sacred and physical.  

This world is starving for the sacred feminine.  I’m convinced that is why people smoke.  They are sucking on a nipple.  We are infants as a race.  When infants don’t feel good or they are scared and need comfort, they want their mother’s breast.  Subconsciously it helps them feel safe and secure.  It is why a pacifier or even their own thumb works so well.  We are hurting so bad for the sacred feminine that we have invented the electronic nipple or the e- cigarette. I may be getting a little Freudian here, but bring back the sacred feminine and we stop teenage smoking. It would solve so many problems, but problems equal money and money is the true god of this world.  

I have had people tell me that the feminist movement is bringing back the sacred feminine. This is the furthest from the truth.  Todays feminist movement is all about masculinizing the female.  I am all for girl power, but when they start acting egotistical, that is masculine power.  The number one way I know this woman’s movement is not about the sacred feminine is that this movement is trying to get people to accept Islam.  The religion that is the most derogatory towards woman ever and you want it part of your movement?  Mohammed’s (Lothar Schmalfuss) favorite wife even tells him, “you have made us equal to dogs and the asses”. 

I think this quote is perfect for todays feminism.  

“We have to be careful in this era of radical feminism, not to emphasize an equality of the sexes that leads women to imitate men to prove their equality. To be equal does not mean you have to be the same.” Eva Burrows 

As far as I’m concerned the world has not seen a women leader use the sacred feminine since Cleopatra’s line.  They have erased her daughters and granddaughters from history and demonized her great-granddaughter.  We are told everything Cleopatra accomplished was done through seduction.  Funny how a woman who speaks 12 languages and was educated in all 7 of the liberal arts used only seduction to get her way.   Plutarch says her looks were not very pleasing, but what made her so successful was her smarts, irresistible charm and mellifluous speaking voice.  If you are wondering why I am bringing Cleopatra into a religion post, read His Royal Jesus.  

I have been told to leave religion alone because it gives people something to live for and does no harm.  Really?!  Does no harm?  Other than most wars, the crusades, book burnings, the inquisition, arranged marriages to minors, 911, blowing up girl schools, blowing up abortion clinics…should I go on…I think I will…suppression of women and gay people, honor rape, human sacrifices, suicide bombings, slavery, racism, pedophilia and burning Witches.  These are the little problems I have with religion.  

Humor me this.  If you are not a white male, how the hell can you be a christian?  I’m a white male and I see the crap in this religion.  How can other races and women not?  Slavery was okayed by religion because the priest and churches said that blacks were genetically inferior.  Yet you see black churches all over the place singing praises to Jesus.  Mexicans and Native Americans, this land was stolen from you by christians! All they had to do was say you are savages and it was okay to kill your ancestors and steal your property. Saying someone is a savage some how makes them inferior.  But I guess they have people believing that Jesus said it was okay, so just shut up and worship.  Women of any race, how the hell you can be part of any of these patriarch religions?  I get why the religions need you, but why would a woman need a patriarch religion?  I could understand if there was a goddess involved, but other than hinduism there is no goddess.   I know gay people who wear a necklace with a cross on it and are self-proclaimed christians.  How and why?!  For some reason we have forgotten what terrible and irrational things that are done in the name of religion. 

I am not the first to think like this.  Plato in his initiation to the secrets of Ancient Egypt was asked: 

Does though think women are inferior to men? 

Plato- No, I believe she is his equal and his best friend.  

What sayest thou to corporeal punishment and the penalty of death?  

Plato- I say that they are signs of a still barbarous civilization.  

Then, what will be to thy mind the signs of a civilization superior to our epoch? 

Plato- The absence of priests.  

Thou slenderest  the first want of society!  In what does thou make true happiness to consist?

Plato- In the approbation of the conscience.  

Plato was let in on the secrets.  If he wasn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to bring all I have brought to you in all my writings. It is obvious they didn’t take Plato’s advice because this world has squashed the individual and priests are everywhere.   As Godfrey Higgins wrote in his book The Celtic Druid: 

“Of all the evils which escaped from Pandora’s Box, the institution of priesthoods was the worst. Priests have been the curse of the world…Look at China, the festival of Juggernaut, the Crusades, the massacres of St. Bartholomew, of the Mexicans, and of the Peruvians, the fires of the Inquisition, of Mary, Cranmer, Calvin…look every where and you will see the priests reeking with gore. They have converted, and are converting, populous and happy nations into deserts, and have made our beautiful world into a slaughter-house drenched with blood and tears.”

Then we have politics as a religion.  What ever your political point of view is, think about this.  They put experts out there on both sides to show you how their side is right.  Does not matter what the subject is, they can skew the numbers on everything. This way you have your god and your devil.  It just depends on which side you think is right. Then they get celebrities to back the political opinion.  Just so you know it is popular to think that way.  News flash!  They have celebrities on both sides.  Hell the President of the US is a celebrity who has some very good hollywood writers on his side.  It is why I have told you that you need to depolarize yourself.  As long as people are fighting about something, they are easily controlled.  Todays political arena is a circus for a reason.  

Most thinkers will tell you that all religions are right.  They all want the same thing. They only say this because they want your money.   The only thing religions want is control of you.  All religions are wrong.  Our histories are not histories of human kind, but concocted fairy tales under the appearance of histories to perpetuate religious and political doctrines.   Every writing of every last ancient author has come to us through the lens of political or religious editors who have either through deceit or ignorance corrupted them.  

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the world does need religion.  Maybe if we stop fighting we all will have withdrawals so bad we will just go in a coma.  Like a heroin addict having withdrawals, we won’t be able to function.  Maybe we are not happy unless we are told how to live our lives.  Maybe our species has been behind bars in the zoo so long that if someone opened the cage we couldn’t feed ourselves or survive.   Maybe we have passed the point of no return.  Maybe this planet is just an endless loop of greed and fighting.  We have had to start over before because of war. Maybe if we have WWIII and we kill ourselves down to just a few we will just rise up to fight and annihilate each other again.  Maybe the hell that all the patriarchal religions talk about is planet earth.  I only know of one time we had to start over.  Maybe it is an endless loop of war after war after war after war.  This is what the creators of the show The 100 are trying to convey.  It is pretty sad that Mother Earth has to put up with us.  Maybe the earth should have been named Enyo because the human species is not happy unless it is fighting something, anything.  

Here is another ancient text that will hopefully make you think.  It is from the initiation of Pharaohs in Egypt.   This was for royalty! The commoner gets the politician and bearded man in the sky! Royalty gets this:

Isis! O fruitful nature!

Thou veileth night and day

Happy in giving the world 

Health, joy and love. 

Let us celebrate the magnificence 

Of the most radiant star, 

To which man oweth existence

And the most precious gifts! 

Of other suns also, 

And other inhabited globes, 

Rejoicing in the dawn, 

Surrounding us with pleasures.  


Love is the source of life, 

The principal of the Universe! 

The grand law of harmony, 

Whence divers things are born.

To remain to it faithful, 

Let us guard us with oaths, 

For love causes the beautiful

To desire new loves.


19 thoughts on “Religion”

  1. I want to respond to this post, but I’m not really sure how. Lol! It is true that money, politics and religion have caused great suffering in this world. It is also true that the sacred feminine is no longer feminine if it has been masculinized. And finally, I agree that patriarchy has had its time, and failed to fulfill the masses, primarily because it is based on competition and predatory behavior required to rise in status and authority.

    However, I think its important to distinguish between doctrine and priesthood, between belief and practice. The doctrine may be pure, but it is corrupted by the priesthood; the belief may be uplifting, but the practice oppressive. Humans (particularly powerful moneyed men in competition for more) have used all of these devices you describe to motivate and direct the masses and the means of society. These are part of the sacred masculine (competition, aggression, power over, hoarding of resources, violent defense and expansion, etc.). This is what the sacred masculine does: defend, protect, hunt (to provide), etc. The problem comes with the imbalance.

    The sacred feminine emphasizes cooperation, nurturing, compassion, comfort and healing. We need more of these traits in our world today. But we gain nothing in the long term if the pendulum swings too far the other way. Faith (in whatever) brings comfort, hope, charity, etc., all feminine traits, and also present in most religious doctrine. Again, the problem is a lack of balance.

    Simple example: I strive to serve others on a daily basis; I am quick to jump in and help others whenever I can (feminine), but I lack the resources needed to help many. I know what they need but I can’t provide it, because my masculine nature is so repressed. I have never been any good at earning money, or fighting, or even aggressively standing up to others. I am too imbalanced on the feminine end of the scale.

    We either need to work together (with neither dominating the other), or we need to develop an internal balance. Men must become more feminine in their nature, and women must become more masculine…

    Sorry, I’m rambling now. I knew I wanted to respond, and warned that my response was all over the place. Please carry on… lol!

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    1. I agree. Balance is the key. Internal balance is what is needed internally and externally. This world has been masculine for 3000 years or more. Even the sacred masculine is lost.
      The sacred feminine is the Holy Grail. Nature is the living sacred feminine and she has sacred masculine qualities, not masculine qualities. There is no ego in nature and everything about her is perfect. Balanced.

      Great comment Lisa! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  2. I agree in principle with your entire article. However I have a problem with the use of the term “sacred.” What does that mean? Sacred as opposed to what? Sacred according to whom? In what way for example (from a comment) is the sacred masculine different from the plain masculine, or the sacred feminine different from the plain feminine? Isn’t sacred a religious term?

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    1. Sacred is used by religion in its own bastardized version. Just like the word faith. Sacred in its original meaning with the ancients was a boundary of respect of our experience and knowledge of a personal energetic presence. Our ultimate reality. It’s tuff to explain with words.
      Other philosophers will not bring spirituality into wisdom and simply use positive and negative feminine or masculine, but let me give you what I have learned.
      Sacred feminine- enlightened, creative, nurturing, balanced, positive, serenity, valuing others and self, responsibility for self, but not rejecting help and support when needed.
      Sacred masculine- courageous, heroic, protective, self sacrificing, nurturing and loving in the male way, balanced, assuring, quiet and unassuming, true justice.
      Darker sides that are not necessarily bad just need to be used in balance with sacred. We live in a duality.

      Feminine- jealousy, rebellious, domination, fear, anger.

      Darker sides of masculine are all from being unbalanced.

      Masculine- ignorance, power hungry, dogmatism, oppression, arrogance, disregard for other lives and life forms.

      I see sacred feminine as the spiritual and it has the sacred masculine built right in. This is just a summary for a comment, maybe I will do a post. Words can’t do it justice. You either know it or you don’t. I know this world doesn’t have the sacred feminine. In the ancients definition. 😉

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  3. Trying to get a handle on this, now I need to understand who are these “ancients”; who recorded them; and why they should rate a high degree of credibility? I’m willing to travel this path but I need to know about the path makers.

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      1. That does not actually answer my question but I realize it is a difficult, perhaps a personal one. I suppose it’s up to me to choose whom to believe, assuming I’m in the “mood” to actually believe anyone at all (Believe all things, believe in nothing). What “facts”? What “truth”? Some say we live in a collective dream, no actual reality. Some (my take also) claim that this world is entirely controlled and operated by unseen forces now generally called “the Matrix”. If that is so, how can any “recorder” of the past escape the stricture on publication of truth? Censorship on “real” events and our history? Everything I read has to pass a personal “test” for reality, from zero to a full ten. How do I conduct such a test, not having been there? Validation through cross-referencing of other works; common sense allowing for bleed-through of other realities that affects outcomes; past lives remembrances; a lot of “gut feeling” that something is true or its false; history taken with a huge grain of salt; what is expressed through imagination, i.e., how much we can learn from reading fiction and also from imaginative forays into the future (a dangerous exercise). Finally, for me, direct contact with non-Earth entities who possess quite a different outlook on “things” than we do and also knowing when to draw the line between “what matters” (to be pursued) and “what doesn’t” (to be abandoned for the time being or perhaps forever) and what information from all that leads to either self-empowerment or dis-empowerment.

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      2. That’s perfect. Use what works for you. For me it was getting in to all the ancient texts and seeking the unofficial story to our histories. Problem is most don’t have access to anything other than the garbage fed to the masses. Even if one does come across other writings it is usually written in a way to keep the author from being given a bed of hot coals to sleep on or their head cut off by religion. To the reader it is pure nonsense or entertainment.
        In ancient Egypt, before Pharaoh Mamabrah, who is the biblical Abraham, the founder of the patriarch religions, the female was it. The woman had rights and power that Cleopatra would have envied. The same was true for the ancient Celts, Mayans and among many others. They knew balance was the key and they had civilizations far more advanced then us. Just so people don’t find out, stories are made up of how they sacrificed children. We are told they were savages. The world goes right on believing it with out a voice for these ancient civilizations.
        I put out what I find. I don’t care if people believe it or not. I don’t need validation. My work is for the people who want to know. If one wants to believe they have many religions to choose from to feed their belief.

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  4. Wow, what a great article!!
    I’m amazed that people still blindly follow any group that is rife with flagrant decay, such as rampant and sanctioned pedophilia as one particular organization is well known for, and just shrug it off. How is that sane or ‘godly’?

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  5. Amazing post as always…I loved every word..
    Feel free to check out my latest artical written about the same topic but with extra details… ❤

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