Loneliness is the number one reason people decide Magic is not for them.  They think that being around people is the cure for loneliness.  There are so many people today who have not even heard of real Magic and they are lonely.  With Seven billion people on the planet today, why do people feel so damn lonely?  The last thing you need is the company of a bunch of walking zombies.  Loneliness is from our inner emptiness.  You have not met your true self yet.  

People with a strong sense of self know what they want in life and take the action.  People with a weak sense of self have an emptiness inside.  The reason you are feeling this emptiness is because you are growing.  You are becoming aware.  You are waking up.  It is the opening of the door to climb above the ignorant masses.  The masses drift through life in a passive manner.  They always take the path of least resistance and their minds are full of negativity and doubt.   This is why so many of them get involved in religion and politics.  Religion and politics tell them who they are and it feeds their addiction to negativity and doubt.  

The masses do not like to be shown how lazy and ignorant they are, but a world full of emptiness is a world full of individuals who are filled with anxiety.  This is why the media and conspiracy media work so well.  They prey on this inner emptiness and anxiety and give them something they can understand.  The information does not need to be truthful, it just needs to be made so one can understand.  Once one understands what is told to them and it makes sense, the person feels they are back in control.   The world makes sense to them again.  

But the loneliness will not go away until it is taken care of the correct way. It will only go away for a few.   They are the ones who become aware of their inner void.  

The problem is that solitude is painful because one does not have someone to lean on and distract us when we are by ourselves.  We must listen to the inner voice and most do not like that inner voice.  So most see solitude as something to flee from.  I fled from solitude when I started waking.  I immersed myself in work, tried to go to as many social gatherings as possible and started playing sports again. Anything to not feel lonely.  None of it worked.  It is all external.  All I was doing was ignoring the loneliness.  I was lucky enough to find Magic.  This is the point where most will flee back to the masses.  They know something is wrong, but they are scared of the loneliness. So they go back to the ignorant masses and become Pretenders.  They will do anything to become accepted, so they won’t feel lonely.  They will even become someone they are not and feed off the social validation.  

The only true way to get away from the loneliness is to get off the beaten path.  It is the Call to Adventure or The Hero’s Journey.  It must be done alone.  I show in Magic how to quiet the negative inner voice.  You must face your demons alone.  Most don’t even know what their inner demons are, so how could someone else face them for you.  

Nietzsche wrote:   “It is what one takes into solitude that grows there, the beast within included.”

We all have things in our past we are not proud of.  You don’t need to tell someone else to get it off your mind. That is religious crap to control you.  You just need to deal with it yourself.  Forgive yourself.   Realize what you are capable of and control it.  Use it for your benefit.   If you can’t control it then seek help.  

Rollo May wrote in Man’s Search for Himself:

“The human being cannot live in a condition of emptiness for long: if he is not growing toward something, he does not merely stagnate; the pent-up potentialities turn into morbidity and despair, and eventually into destructive activities.”  

I always say look to nature for the answers. Fall in love with nature. Nature has no ego.  Most of us get all caught up in guilt with petty things like a lie, stealing, sex or you have hurt someone.  Nature does all of these things.  It is part of our hominid DNA. I’m not telling you to keep doing these things, I’m telling you to realize it is part of you and forgive yourself. The things that we do that are not in nature are part of our alien gene.  You need to come to terms with this(see Lumurian Magic).  We as a human race are capable of doing terrible things, but we are also capable of very beautiful things.  This world does whatever it can to keep us in the masculine ego mindset.  When you start to have both ego and subconscious working together, that is growth.  You start to outgrow the mindset of the masses.  You are lonely because you have been disconnected from your Higher Self.  You are only living in the past or the future and not making things happen right now.  I have shown many ways to connect with your Higher Self in previous posts, but the key is imagination.  

Figure out what it is you love to do.  What is that?  Only you can find it.  If there was no such thing as money, what would you do?  Do that.  If you are doing something just to get paid, you don’t love it, you love the money.  If you don’t think you can make money off doing what you love, then do it as a hobby.  Just do it.  Make it happen.  Then turn within.  To turn within you must be alone.  When you are in solitude, you are creative.  Face the loneliness head on.  Get away from all the ego in your life.  With the help of Magic, you will bring the ego to atonement. Doing this will make the ego work for you and not against you.  This will diminish our need for social validation.  Each of us is unique and we must differentiate ourselves from the herd. As we strengthen our sense of self, we will become less like those around us.  

Realize that you are infinite and you are a Goddess or a God here to grow and learn.  This fixes your foundation and you will meet the sacred feminine within or the Goddess.   Solitude will be your center.  Everything that happens does not happen to you, it happens for you. You will not turn into a hermit or an outsider that rejects the social world, you will strengthen your relationships and meet people who are not shallow.  You will get deeper connections with people.  You will be free to act with spontaneity, which is one of the most valued human characteristics. Yes, you will lose people in your life, but you will gain a whole new world.  

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