The Voice of the Goddess


What I am about to show you is advanced.  Not many will get it and even fewer will believe it, but belief is not needed for something that is true.  Every genius and artist of this world knows what I am about to show you.  Some may know what it is others may not.  Patriarch religions have stolen it and said it is the voice of god and only priests can hear it.  Well, I am about to reveal a huge secret that every religion and government does not want the masses to know about.  I call it……The Voice of the Goddess.  

Everyone of you has pure genius in you.  There are some philosophers who say that the brain’s  ability is like height, you either have it or you don’t.   How do these people even call themselves philosophers?  As far as I am concerned, this way of thinking is no better than that of a small religious mind.  Every patriarch religion has told their followers, at on time or another, that non believers are biologically inferior. Through out history science has backed this garbage.  And people wonder why I have a hard time trusting science now.  This way of thinking is because they don’t know the Goddess.  Because I have incorporated the Goddess into my work, I am considered uncanny and incomprehensible to many. 

Many have called this voice the Higher Self and it is, but as I have shown in previous works, spirit and nature are feminine.  This is why I call it the Voice of the Goddess.  You know that voice in your head that is constantly talking and wont shut up?  The inner dialogue that goes on and on and on.  For most that voice is very negative.  That is the masculine conscious side of your mind.  It is called the ego.  This is the patriarch male god.  It is why this god is jealous and proud of it,  petty, unforgiving control freak, polarized, malevolent, war mongering, misogynistic,  racist, etc. etc. etc.  They are right to call this god a male because he was born from the ego, the masculine side of the mind.  Most people’s ego is like a 2-year-old throwing a temper tantrum in their head non stop.  I have shown how Tolkien used Gollum to describe the ego.  

The subconscious is the feminine side of the mind.  In order to hear her, you have to get the ego to shut up. It is very hard to do.   I have several posts on how to do this, so I won’t go into depth here(see Magic and Depolarization).    As Nietzsche said, “the voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls”.  What I am going to show you is different from synchronicity.  The way to hear the Goddess’ voice will take some work on whatever it is you are trying to find answers for.  For most, the voice they hear in their mind will sound quite like their own.  The mistake most people make is that the ego sounds the same as the Goddess and they think it is her or their Higher Self speaking.  You must be able to differentiate between the two.  This is the major reason why you must get the ego to quiet down.  She will not yell over top of the ego. So if you have chatter in your head all day, you will never hear her.  

The key to hearing the Voice of the Goddess is to get caught up in and wholly involved in whatever it is you are doing or trying to solve.  Have an intensity of awareness or heightened consciousness of your activity.  Deep absorption into your work or the problem.  I can not stress intensity too much.  To talk to her you must have an intense concentration on a problem or activity.  Once you take a break from this intense concentration, you will hear her answer you.  Most call it the lightbulb moment.  Mozart  claimed his inspiration came when he was just walking outside or lying in bed.  Mozart wrote, “Whence and how they come I know not; nor can I force them”.  While you are working on your problem or activity, the conscious side of the mind is giving instructions to your subconscious.  She takes what you are working on, gestates it, then gives birth to the answer.  With the ego quieted, the Voice of the Goddess can now sing to you.  

These answers are coming from the subconscious or female side of the mind.  Some may get answers in their dreams.  Dreams come from the subconscious.  Having intense work and rest and relaxation is the formula.  The key is to not think about it while you are relaxing or better yet, not think about anything.  You must let it go after you have intensely worked on it.   The intense work is giving instruction and questions to the subconscious.  The relaxation provides time for the subconscious to work on it and manifest the answers into the conscious mind.  Again, the ego must be silent.  

Just because she gives you an answer it does not mean your work is over. Mozart had to actually write his symphonies.  There will still be much work to do.  Quite often you will get an answer that may push you to search more.  It is because there is more to discover about what you wish to know or do.  It all depends on the complexity of your problem or activity or the intensity you are putting in to the work.  Every post I have written was given to me in this way.  She gave me some direct answers, but mostly she pointed me in the right direction. I would get the name of an author or title of a book.   Which meant I had to do some more work.  Then the work of writing the post.  This is where Benjamin Franklin got “God help those who helps themselves”.  Franklin was a Mason.  Most will tell you it originated in Greece.  No, they stole it from matriarchy.  Probably Upper Egypt.  You must use the masculine and feminine energies to not only have a good life, but to get your answers too.  

This is a very ancient method that was rediscovered by Poincare.  He called it sudden illumination.  But many artists and genius have known about this for a long time. Plato described  it “as when a spark, leaping from the fire, flares into light- so it happens, suddenly, in the soul, there to grow”.   Patriarch religions stole this from ancient matriarchs and said it was the word of god.  They tell their herd that only priests can do this.  This is a huge lie.  Each and every one of you can do this.  It just takes a little work.  Which is the reason most won’t do it.  

Bertrand Russell states it the best with this:

“I have found for example, that, if I have to write upon some rather difficult topic, the best plan is to think about it with great intensity- the greatest intensity of which I am capable- for a few hours or a few days.  After some months I return consciously  to the topic and find that the work has been done.”

This will fly over the head of most.  But to those who can hear me, use it to help you in your life.  I have a warning though.  Once you hear the Voice of the Goddess, it is life changing.  You will no longer accept any outside authority.  She, your Higher Self, will be all the authority you need.  Enjoy!  


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